Dreaming about drugs: What meanings?

Dreaming about drugs: What meanings?

Dreaming about drugs: What meanings?

Dreaming about drugs is a very curious experience that ends up occupying our imagination throughout the day. Drugs have a direct representation with what is subversive and evil, while representing feelings of ecstasy and deep pleasure.

Thus, within this duality, dreaming of drugs indicates a hidden desire, a desire to judge one's own reality and insecurity regarding the opinion of others about one's own life.

Certain conditions in the dream bring new possibilities and layers of meaning that can be added to the overall interpretation of the dream. So, check out each of these terms and their meanings below.

Dream that you are using drugs

To dream that you are using drugs indicates that you feel guilty for a recent action or decision. For fear of repression and judgment from others, you hid these decisions from people.

So, even if you manage to keep this situation under control, you realize that something is wrong and therefore you feel guilty. And this perception of guilt is manifested in the dream by the act of taking drugs. Therefore, do not be afraid of the judgment of others, because the opinion of the other should not be taken into account because of your privacy.

Yet, the dream also indicates that you are having a problem that you cannot solve. Even in the midst of difficulty, you do not want to ask for help and continue to suffer in the most discreet way possible.

Hence, this dream is a manifestation of your desire to escape this reality of suffering and have a moment of relief and rest. So don't be afraid to face this situation and get rid of it, you will overcome this problem.

Dream about using drugs for medical purposes

The meaning of dreaming that you are using drugs for medical purposes is that you are doing something that many people consider wrong, but which you think is necessary at the moment. You consider that you are living in an atypical situation and are forced to make certain decisions deemed controversial and drastic.

Therefore, it is always good to reflect on our actions and check if we are really right. Therefore, try to talk to more people to get their point of view, because advice is never enough and can be useful to you in the future.

Dream about selling drugs

To dream that you are selling drugs indicates that you are wary of people approaching you. Your instincts tell you that you cannot blindly trust the people you have just met and that you are currently surrounded by dishonest and malicious people. Don't be quick to judge people and remember that looks can be deceiving.

That said, see if you are relying on your own biases and try to be unbiased in your analysis. It is good to protect yourself from people who suddenly come into your life. Until you truly understand these people's intentions, keep your heart safe and don't completely give in to your feelings.

Dream that you are buying drugs

To dream that you are buying drugs indicates that you are receiving bad influences. You have been warned of your bad decisions, but you are not paying attention to the right people. These new influences come from both new friends and the type of content you've consumed recently.

In this way, the consequences and the pressure of family and old friends leave you feeling guilty and divisive. Therefore, you will have to make a humble effort to acknowledge your mistakes and apologize to the people you have hurt in recent days.

Dream that you are carrying drugs

The bad omen brought by dreaming that you are carrying drugs indicates financial or physical loss in the near future. Look for friends to help you through this difficult time. Trustworthy people can be the key to your recovery, just as bad people can make things worse.

Moreover, the dream also means that you are putting up with some people and situations, but you are already reaching your limit. So you're planning some kind of escape or revenge, which you know you can't achieve. Therefore, be careful with your attitudes; if you are negligent, you can harm innocent people you care about.


Dream about hiding drugs

Hiding drugs brings a thrill of adrenaline and constant danger. To dream that you are hiding drugs indicates that you are cheating on someone and hiding something under lock and key. You are afraid of people finding out your secrets, so you always stay aloof and vigilant to protect yourself.

So this permanent state of alert kills you and consumes your affective and professional relationships. With this in mind, try to share your secrets and ask those close to you for help. But be careful who you share your secrets with, because the wrong people can use it to humiliate you and manipulate you to their advantage.

Dream that you are offering someone drugs

To dream that you are offering drugs is a good omen and a sign of good opportunities along the way. With your help, some people are able to achieve a lot. These people will begin to show their gratitude, and for this you will have nice surprises. So, continue on the same path.

Also, the dream indicates that people are suspicious of you, even though you haven't given the reasons. Soon everything will be clarified and these people will become good allies. So let everything happen naturally.

Dreaming about drugs in your house

Medications at home are brought by close and trusted people. To dream of drugs in your house indicates that you believe you are being betrayed by someone you trust. Due to some recent events and your own insecurities, you are afraid of being abandoned and of old traumas reoccurring.

Suspicions are, in most cases, the result of our own projection, and distrusting someone for no particular reason eventually erodes good relationships. So speak up before you get too suspicious.

Yet, the dream also signifies that you are going through a turbulent time and due to various problems you are suspicious and estranged from your good friends. So don't let your problems spill over to your friends and family. The strength you put into protecting them will make you more prepared to solve your own problems.

Dreaming of marijuana

To dream of marijuana indicates the desire for tranquility and peace. You are coming to a phase of stability and you want to spend time taking care of yourself and your family. During this period, you are naturally more flexible and tolerant of yourself and others. So look for what brings you inner peace.

Moreover, the dream also has a bad meaning when associated with crime and trafficking. In this case, you are suspicious of someone, but you do not want to pursue this suspicion further to avoid unnecessary friction. In this way, you run the risk of being betrayed or caught off guard, because you avoid a direct confrontation with the person who has been with you for so long. Given this, it is recommended to have a frank conversation with this person to move forward in peace.

Dreaming of cocaine

To dream of cocaine indicates total focus and very high concern for your current plans. The unexpected has happened and it takes your peace in a negative way. With that, look for a moment of rest to put your ideas in place, and focus again on the possible solutions.

Avoid despair as much as possible, which will only take away your sanity and prevent you from finding solutions to your problems. Anyway, all situations pass in life, including the worst problems.

Dreaming of crack

Crack has a very strong symbolism of loss of identity. To dream of crack indicates that you cannot recognize yourself. Your life is so chaotic right now that you can't make decisions and deal with your problems.

So you need help and the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. So, seek advice and help from your own family, take time for yourself, to pull yourself together. If you keep ruminating and trying to figure it all out on your own, it will bring more problems for you and your loved ones.

Dream about drug dealing

To dream of drug dealing indicates that you are paying too much attention to people who don't care about you. You make a lot of bad decisions that hurt you. Even after several mistakes, you do not realize that the cause of this problem is the advice and this new philosophy of life that you have assumed.

For this reason, review your concepts and try to put aside what has held back your development. Don't be afraid to change your mind and seek new perspectives. It's never too late to admit mistakes and start over.

Dreaming of a large amount of drugs

Large amounts of drugs symbolize the bad feelings and disappointments that occupy your mind. To dream of a large amount of drugs indicates that you are now suffering the consequences of your past decisions.

In this way, due to lack of care and maturity, you ended up preferring an easier path and, therefore, you did not obtain the results you expected. It is important that you get rid of these toxic feelings as soon as possible. For this you will have to work hard, because you know that you will not be satisfied until you achieve your goals.

Dreaming about drugs and the police

To dream of drugs and the police indicates that you are in a more critical phase, looking for a way to adapt old habits to new contexts that appear. Because of this, you have a sense of constant policing and are visited by remorse again and again.

This inner struggle will continue for a long time, until you find a moment of inner balance. So try to find something or someone that gives you advice on reorganizing your life.

Moreover, the dream also indicates that some people will seek you out of self-interest, so you must be ready to face lies and hypocrisy which will be their weapons to get what they want. Therefore, the size play will be fundamental at this time for the defense, while you keep the situation under control.

Dreaming about drugs and a lot of money

To dream of drugs and a lot of money indicates that you will soon achieve unexpected success. Your business luck will help you achieve things you won't be able to do for a few years. Because of this luck, some people will suddenly appear to take advantage of you.

So stay alert and count on your family for special protection. Also, close friends will be able to identify who has bad intentions and save you from harm and scams.

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