Dreaming about your childhood home: What meanings?

Dreaming about your childhood home: What meanings?

Dreaming about your childhood home: What meanings?

fEveryone feels different than usual when they think of their parents' house. Many people automatically associate this place with their childhood and their own children's room, perhaps the tree house in the garden, with happy times but also sad ones. 

People grew up here, gained experience and were educated. Especially when we still have a good and close relationship with our mother and father in adulthood, our parents' home can always provide us with warmth and security as soon as we return to that place.

This also applies to our dreams. It often happens that in a dream people have been in their parental home since childhood and are overcome by various emotions. But what do these dreams mean, in which we see the parental house? What does the symbol say about us?


Dreaming about your childhood home: The most common dreams


Dreaming of your childhood home in ruins


Dreaming about your childhood home collapsing

An interpretation of the collapsing parental home is possible in different ways depending on the current situation of the dreaming person. For example, if there is a dispute with the parents, it may soon end. In addition, such a dream symbolizes a gradual independence of the dreamer.


Dreams of his destroyed childhood home

If the parental home is destroyed in our dreams, this can be interpreted as a negative, but at the same time positive dream image. It is possible that in the waking world we consciously or unconsciously release ourselves with great effort from certain values ​​passed down to us by our parents. Although this process is difficult, we have probably realized that its outcome is important to us.


Dreaming about your childhood house on fire

If you see a parental house on fire in your dreams, you are probably in a phase of change. The parents' house burns in a dream when there is progress and detachment in the real world. It can be about growing up, but also other stages of the dreamer's life.


Dreaming that your childhood home is sold

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, behind a dream in which someone sells their own parental house, there is a release from bad feelings and experiences that the person felt or had during childhood. If someone else sells the house, there may be people who want to betray their parents. 


Dreaming about the burglary of his childhood home

If it is a dream of burglary in the family home, it is among other things about the unconscious sexual urges of the dreamer. If the sleeper can even watch the person break into their parents' house, they should be wary of false friends in the waking world. These could perhaps also influence his own parents.


General interpretation

As a dream symbol, the parental home represents security. By the time the dream occurs, the affected person may feel overwhelmed in their daily life or have no one to talk to, be alone and lonely. He longs for what his mother and father gave him in childhood, perhaps also the lightness of a child.

In this context, the symbol can also ask to find out what is the cause of his current feelings, what the dream could change in his real life.

In addition, the parents' house also shows values ​​in the dream which have been passed on to the person concerned and which have been firmly internalized until these days. The dream may still be based on the standards and principles exemplified by the parents, so it is heavily influenced by the father and mother.


Psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the parental house is a particularly significant symbol. If (as in most cases) this is a positive dream, it indicates a happy childhood and shows that the person concerned still feels safe with their parents.

Depending on the situation of his own life, however, the person who dreams must make sure to continue to lead his own life. If it is already large, the dream symbol of the parental home invites you to break up to a certain point with the parental influence in order to be independent and sure of yourself and finally to find yourself.

In rarer cases, the parental home in the dream may also represent less positive experiences that the person concerned had in childhood that shapes them in the present. This is especially true if negative feelings such as fear, insecurity, or helplessness are experienced in the dream.

In the opinion of psychoanalysts, the dreamed parental home then encourages them both to face these negative experiences and to accept them. As a result, the dream will be able to detach from it in real life both at the conscious and unconscious level.


spiritual interpretation

According to the approach of spiritual interpretation, the parental house symbolizes in the dream the treatment of the person concerned by his own path of life, with birth and death 

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