Dreaming of a cat: What meanings?

Dreaming of a cat: What meanings?

Dreaming of a cat: What meanings?

 To dream of a cat often represents negative things in life. This animal is for example often linked to betrayal in the world of dreams. A cat dream is linked to subconscious thoughts mostly related to betrayal.

Although very beautiful and very popular with humans, cats have a mysterious aura and have often been revered by men for powers attributed to them. These dreams can thus be the a sign of bad things in the future, which your subconscious is warning you about. 

But to make it a really possible analysis, knowing the exact interpretation of the dream is fundamental, here is everything you need to know about the interpretation of this dream.


Dreaming of a cat: What you need to know

The cat, in the dream world, is always elevated to the rank of symbol because of its intelligence and its cunning. These animals also have the ability to sense negative energies and influences. Dreaming of a cat thus reveals a hard-to-swallow truth about something that happened in your real life.

But be careful, because to get a precise meaning, it is vital to know the details of the dream well in order to make a specialized interpretation.

So here are all the meanings related to this dream.


Dream of a cat chasing a mouse

There are disagreements in your life and problems to solve with your loved ones. Your subconscious makes you aware that you have to settle all this to find an inner balance. (See dreaming of mice)


Dreaming of a sleeping cat

The sleep of the cat is a sign of your peace of mind and a good state of mind. You don't get overwhelmed by your emotions. This is the most positive cat dream there is. The more the sleeping position is related to relaxation, if the cat sleeps on its back for example, the more positive the sleep.


Dreaming of cats and kittens

Problems in your life are represented by this dream, your subconscious indicates betrayal or cheating in your life from someone close. Fighting cats and kittens represent open conflict in real life.


Dream about fighting with cats

Depending on how the battle unfolds, this dream can be positive or negative, if you have the ascendant pat example, it is a sign that you are successfully managing the obstacles in your life, and vice versa. You can see my article on battling dreams to get a clearer idea.


Dreaming of a sick cat

Poor health shows in the dream a trouble staying grounded in the present moment, your thoughts are not properly aligned. The sicker the cat in the dream, the more your thoughts lock you into a straitjacket.


Dreaming of a cat without a tail

You don't feel whole, as if you depend on others for your business and you want more independence.


Dream about a cat running after something

You are looking for something in real life, and this dream shows that you try to achieve your goals. According to the cat's abilities, your own abilities are revealed.


Dreaming of a cat attacking

A cat attacking you is indicative of a disagreement with relatives and fear and worry overwhelms you about it. The way you defend yourself in the dream reveals the confidence you have in yourself to get rid of this problem.


Dreaming of cats giving birth

Birth in dreams, whether human or animal, always signifies a new stage of life, it is generally positive and in most cases represents an evolution.


Dream about rescuing cats

You are regain your independence and control of your life and more capable than you have ever been. You have found your inner strength and are now able to move forward in your life.


Dreaming of a dying cat

The dying cat represents a loss of personal freedom and independence due to a situation in your life. The subconscious tells you through this dream to react to this.


Dreaming of cats at home

The house in dreams represents what is closest to you and having a cat present in that part of your life. The cat in the house is a sign of lack of clarity in your inner world.


Dreaming of a stray cat

He is the symbol of your loneliness and shows that you don't have enough support around you. 


Dreaming about a cat jumping on you

Your vulnerability is exposed through this dream. Some aspect of your life is out of control, the way you react to this in the dream shows the abilities you think you have to solve it all.


Dreaming of a drinking cat

Your emotions are gradually overwhelming you and people around you may play with your emotions.


Dream about playing with cats

You are in harmony with your immediate environment, whether it's your family or your friends.


Dreaming of a mischievous cat

You have an attitude to stay in the moment and don't take life too seriously. This is one of the only positive cat dreams.


Dream of selling a cat

Here your subconscious indicates through this dream a financial loss and that you mismanage the financial aspect of your life.


Dreaming of a screaming cat

It's the typical dream of betrayal and deceit of someone close of you and who acts behind the scenes to harm you.


Dreaming of a white cat

Whiteness is positive in dreams. It is a symbol of true love and a cat of this color is either linked to a new love or to the consolidation of an existing love.

The only thing to be wary of is not to make this love the only center of your life and to abandon all other aspects of it.


Dreaming of a black cat

Although being stigmatized animals throughout the Middle Ages, black cats are signs of power and fertility. . In fact, the beautiful and powerful goddess Bastet, associated with the sun, was one of the most important in the Egyptian pantheon. Its form: a black cat (when it is not a mixture of cat and woman). I have dedicated an article on black cat dreams with much more detail.

In the dream world, black cats often carry bad news in professional life and reflect concerns you have at this level. You might even be afraid of the black cat in the dream itself due to its traditionally unlucky appearance.

If the black cat is calm, then the dream is positive and reveals your calmness in the face of a bad situation.


Dreaming of a kitten

It is a dream of renewal and rebirth. You're picking up things you've let go of and finding a new way of looking at life. Thus, dreaming of a kitten reflects purity and charm, suggesting the dreamer to rediscover the beauty of small things.


Dream of killing a cat

This dream may seem awful and very negative but is actually a sign of strength, of the ability to overcome the trials of life and to always persevere, even if obstacles have always stood in your way. Killing in dreams is often very positive.


Dreaming of a dead cat

There also the dream is not what it seems to be, being very positive. A dead cat in the dream world symbolizes obstacles and enemies that are overcome by the dreamer. This is a very promising interpretation.

So do not be worried about this dream, which in the end is very positive.


Dreaming of a cat: What meanings?


Rêver d'un gray chat

Gray is a neutral and fairly bland color, being able to represent routine through dreams.

It can also be a warning against diseases or betrayals. 


Dream of many cats

Several interpretations can be made of this dream.

If the cats are restless, then it's the sign that you live in excess, that you don't take time for yourself and live at 100 an hour. Dreaming of cats is a response from your subconscious to these exaggerations.

On the contrary if the cats are soft, then it is that your life is far too boring.


Dreaming of cat and dog

This is a dream that may seem positive but actually represents strong tensions with loved ones. These two animals, which do not like each other naturally, represent these tensions. (See dreaming of dog).


Dreaming of a cat biting

It is a clear sign of betrayal or conflict. If the bite causes you no pain, then this attack does not affect you in real life, either materially or spiritually.

In the opposite case, the wound indicates the damage suffered in real life by the betrayal. The deeper and more life-threatening the wound, the greater the conflict. Any bite in a dream is related to this problem, whether it is a cat, a dog or a snake.


Dream about attacking a cat

You dare not act and remain inactive for fear of doing things wrong. The gaze of others and pressure are factors in the cause of this inactivity.

It is therefore necessary to take the right actions in hand to get out of this situation that you do not appreciate and that you suffer.


Dreaming of an injured cat

To dream of an injured cat signifies a change in your life, whether it's your lifestyle or your personality. Although the wound is negative, in the dream it is positive and represents the sacrifices necessary for this change.


Dreaming of a meowing cat

A meowing cat represents gossip, talking about you, and the dream shows that you suffer from this gossip. The fear of gossip must be put aside for the suffering to end. Sometimes certain people need to get out of your life for a healthier relationship.


Dreaming of cat's eye

Cats eyes are beautiful and dreaming about them can be confusing. But be careful, because eyes represent fear in real life, whether it is physical or mental danger, such as betrayal or an attack from someone close to you. (See dreaming of eyes).


Dreaming of a scratching cat

A scratching cat in the dream is the sign of anxiety about the near future. It is a dream which however is not so negative because it warns you that the future should be better prepared and that you do not take wrong paths.


Dreaming of a Cat: General Interpretation

If we meet a cat in a dream, this aspect often raises questions. The personality sub-domains inherent to us, consisting of indulgence and independence, are often in conflict and are reflected in our dream world.

Cats also very often represent wisdom and luck and the seven lives they would have.

The mystery of life, death and rebirth is often associated with cats. A dream of a velvet paw can signify a sign of fertility or the prospect of a new beginning.

If the dreamer is afraid of the cat, it may indicate that he is in conflict with parts of his personality. On the other hand, the interpretation of dreams speaks of the reflection of one's own strength, if one has a positive attitude towards the petty thief.


Dreaming of a cat - the psychological interpretation

A dream about a cat may indicate subconscious processes, which deal with the dreamer's egocentrism. The search for individuality is often evident in nocturnal dreams. As a symbol of hug and tenderness, a dream interpretation is also allowed, which indicates the sensitive world of emotions. The desire for closeness and flexibility merges into a dream.

The playful nature of the purring cat is in turn often associated with sexuality. It symbolizes the need for tenderness. The passionate character of sexuality is largely hidden here.

As a representative of the female side of the human being, the cat is assigned an interpretation of sexual dreams. It creeps on velvety paws and then grabs its prey with sharp claws. It may represent unconscious wishes that come to light in the dream. Instinct, which has not been admitted in real life, is revealed in the form of a wild cat.

If men dream of a cat, it can also be related to the desired woman one would like to have sexually.

A wild lynx in a man's dream represents the desire to have an independent, freedom-loving partner by his side. The dreamer likes his solitary lifestyle and would like to keep it in a relationship as well. A puma represents the wild character of the dreamer, his downright animal courage and his strength. This usually has a very attractive effect on potential partners.

In general, we speak in the interpretation of dreams about the warning character of such dreams. They are meant to protect against deception and lying and emphasize paying attention to your intuition. It is not for nothing that it is often said in everyday language that someone pretends to be a cat. Which means you're dealing with a liar or a hypocrite.


Dreaming of a cat - the spiritual interpretation

The Egyptians combine a dream of the symbol of the goddess Bastet with something demonic. Usually something sinister is associated with such a dream. In the Arab world, these dreams are always associated with a thief.

If you fight the animal, you defeat an opponent. If someone is injured in battle, it means sickness and grief.

In European countries, the symbolic animal embodies resentment, envy, ingratitude and slyness. If you hunt the animal, it is to escape misfortune.

In general, however, one must always interpret all the symbols in a dream and how they relate to each other in order to understand the dream as a whole. Negative aspects that a cat might symbolize in a dream are often absorbed and softened by other positively related dream images!

In the interpretation of spiritual dreams, feelings are also connected with the animal as a symbol of future-oriented events. Cats are closely related to the moon, which is attributed to the female principle. The connection to mother earth is to be interpreted symbolically for the subconscious and illusory.


Dreaming of a cat: What conclusions can be drawn from it?

Dreams are signals sent by the subconscious and can be of great help in making the right decisions in real life.

The next time you dream of cats, you will know exactly why and how to act!

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