Dreaming of a girl: What meanings?

Dreaming of a girl: What meanings?

The symbol of a girl is positive. If you are a man, this dream can symbolize your inner desire for a woman. It could also represent comfort from a mother or sister.


Dream about a crying girl

If the girl is crying in your dream, it means bad luck and misfortune. The role of the subconscious through this dream is to advise you to postpone any financial plans you have. A crying girl in your dream can also (to some extent) indicate that you have seriously hurt someone's feelings.


Dream about a dancing girl

Dancing is a positive dream symbol. So, if you saw a girl dancing in a dream, it suggests that you may enjoy a prosperous period in the future. (See dream of dancing).


Dreaming about a girl waiting

If you dreamed of a girl waiting for you, it denotes a secret love. Maybe you were promised something in the past. Or maybe there's an old crush you don't see anymore. Someone waiting for you in your dream also symbolizes an opportunity waiting for you. However, if you wait too long, someone else might take something important away from you - right in front of your eyes!


Dreaming of seeing a beautiful girl?

As I have already mentioned, the symbol of the girl is associated with comfort, desires, romantic relationships and maturity. However, it is also associated with prosperity, wealth and innocence. The little girl represents the emotions and the sensitive side of the dreamer.

To dream of a beautiful girl symbolizes perception and intuition. Maybe you have good perception and intuition, but you don't use them when you need them. If the girl in your dream was unknown, it means a new approach and a new beginning.

If you found the girl beautiful or attractive in your dream, you may have met someone who left a big impression on you in waking life.

According to some dream books, seeing a beautiful girl in your dream reveals your deep desire to meet someone who will suit you perfectly. Others say you will finally meet your soul mate. However, instead of hoping your dream predicts or shapes your future, shape it yourself.



Dreaming of a girl you know

If you saw a girl you know in your dream, it symbolizes good luck. Spiritually speaking, the girl is the messenger of good luck who tries to predict future positive feelings or experiences.

In ancient folklore, dreaming of a girl is a sign of romance, and seeing an ugly girl in a dream state denotes a difficult time ahead (sorry to say).

Seeing a little girl transforming into something else could indicate that something will be unexpected. A crying girl could indicate money troubles. Instead of making investments, improve your current strategies.


Dreaming about a girl in a dress

If you saw a girl you know in your dream wearing a white dress, it represents momentary pleasure/benefit. If you saw a beautiful and young girl you know in your dream wearing a pink dress, it symbolizes joy, fortune and prosperity. If she was attractive, well-educated and well-dressed, she is synonymous with personal and professional progress.



Dreaming of a little girl

If you saw a beautiful little girl in your dream, it symbolizes innocence and naivety. To dream of seeing an ugly little girl, your dream warns you about an insincere person in your waking life trying to take advantage of you.

However, it could also signify an important and beautiful event that will bring joy and good fortune into your life. Alternatively, your dream is trying to remind you to become more independent and try to stop relying on your friends.


Dreaming of a teenage girl

Dreaming about a teenage girl has many different interpretations. If the teenage girl is someone you know, the dream may represent your feelings about that particular person.

If you are a teenager (yourself) and dream of a teenager, it means your own qualities and attitudes. How you perceived the teenage girl in your dream is important. It shows how you view yourself in waking life.

If you felt unpleasant or dissatisfied when you noticed this person, it means that you are not entirely satisfied with who you have become and want to make changes in your life. A young teenager is also a symbol of feelings, sexual attraction and problems.

As you know, teenagers also symbolize problems and difficulties in waking life.

If you are a child and dream of a teenage girl, it signifies your fear of the future. If you are an adult dreaming about a teenager you know, you are probably reliving all the insecurities, the feelings you had when you were a teenager yourself.

If you saw a teenager of the opposite sex in your dream, it reveals your uncertainty, idealism and vulnerability in romantic relationships.





Dreaming of a blonde girl

Seeing a little girl with blond hair is one of the most common girl dreams. It signifies your mental and physical state. It expresses your vitality. The healthier the girl and her blonde hair appear in your dream state, the better your mental and physical state and vitality. Blonde hair is also a symbol of youth, softness and health.


Dreaming of a brunette girl

Dreaming of a little girl with brown hair is another common girl's dream. It symbolizes an action you enjoy doing, something you feel happy about. Moreover, brown hair is also a symbol of respect. You are a highly respected person and you respect others, even those who don't respect you. You have great authority and most people like you.


Dreaming of a girl with red hair?

If you dreamed of a girl with red hair, it signifies that you lack activity, energy, and spontaneity in waking life. And you know it. Thus, your dream reflects your current feelings and thoughts. However, have you always been like this?



Dreaming about a girl in a playground

If you dreamed of a girl in a playground, it symbolizes happiness, excitement and fun. Maybe you miss these things in your waking life. Or you need a bigger change and you want to feel excited about life again. Maybe you're not living life the way you want.

Playgrounds symbolize childhood, play and active living. Maybe your dream urges you to explore your talents and abilities and use them to create a new life for yourself. It could also suggest that you want to develop a fun and creative idea, something that you have always wanted to achieve since your childhood. Explore your own creativity.


Dream about having a nightmare with a girl 

Now, if the dream was a nightmare involving a girl, it might indicate being upset about a woman in your life. Perhaps you felt uncomfortable in the presence of a woman in waking life.

However, it can also mean that you are afraid to do something that forces you to express your femininity and accept some unknown feminine aspects of your personality.

Ask yourself if you have overlooked certain things about yourself? Sometimes we are too afraid to admit the truth. Once you do this and accept yourself as you are, you will feel free again. Hope this makes sense to you.

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