Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?

Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?

Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?

Did you dream of a pregnant woman? Well know that this is one of the most common dreams. Whether it's giving birth yourself or a sister, a mother, a stranger in real life or even another woman who is completely unknown to us in the dream.  

The interpretation of the dream you had, however, depends not only on the pregnant woman but on the details of the dream, in this article, so i will give you a general interpretation and then give the most common meanings so that you can have the exact meaning of your dream.


Dreaming of a Pregnant Woman: General Interpretation

Dreaming of a pregnant woman is a sign that you have to stay alert to things to come and that some things will change in your life, generally positive and of large magnitude.

This dream is usually very positive and is often synonymous with well-being and renewal in real life. But do not forget that depending on the details of the dream, the meaning of such a dream can be totally different.

To dream of a pregnant woman indicates that a milestone in your life is about to end and a new one begins, very important, symbolized in the dream by pregnancy.

This positive aspect is present in this type of dream because a pregnant woman is the representation of renewal, the cycle of life and blessing.

But as I told you before, dreaming of a pregnant woman will have different meanings depending on the details of the dream and you will have to take into account the entire dream to be able to understand the message that your subconscious sends you by doing it.



Dream that your daughter is pregnant

This dream is not premonitory even if it may seem extremely real and consistent with reality. If your daughter is pregnant in the dream, it is obvious that it gives you strong emotions.

Having this dream is often a sign that you want to be a grandmother or a grandfather. Your subconscious reflects this desire embedded deep within you by causing you to have this dream at night.

Another possibility is that you have life projects that you want or have already started and that really matter to you.

Whether in the first case or the other, having this dream is very positive and shows in you the desire for there to be an evolution in your life, whether family or professional. (See dreaming of his daughter).



Dreaming about a pregnant woman you don't know

To dream of the pregnancy of a person who is completely unknown to you is synonymous with doubts. It is very likely that you are reaching a very important stage in your life. This step is worrying you and you will need to stay calm to be able to complete it successfully. An unknown person is often the representation of oneself and of doubts represented by this unknown person in the dreamlike sphere.



Dream that a member of your family is pregnant

Dreaming about someone in your family who is not your daughter being pregnant is a sign that your subconscious mind is sending you about the fact thatsomeone needs your advice or support.

She does not know who to turn to to solve her problems and you can provide her with valuable help to help him turn the page.



You dream of the pregnancy of a girl you do not have

This type of dream means that you are going through a tough time in your life and need emotional support. You need to be vigilant with this and muster your strength to get through this stage and come out stronger.

You can seek emotional support or professional help to get through this painful time.



Dreaming of a pregnant loved one

Do you think this person made a good decision in their current life? and which will help him to advance towards new horizons. It can be a man or a woman and a member of your family or friends.


Dream that your girlfriend is pregnant

If you dream about the pregnancy of your girlfriend, the meaning is very positive. Dreams always reflect something about your current life, being a product of the subconscious.

In this case, the dream is positive and means and that you will go through all the stages of your couple necessary to obtain the expected changes.

You will achieve the desired success at this level and you know it deep down, hence this dream.


Dream about being pregnant with twins

Here, the dream can represent the presence of opposing emotions, synonymous with personal transformation and can also represent a duality in you, as a kind of inner conflict. Emotions felt are usually joy and fear in waking life if you had this dream and are linked to a change, there too. (See dreaming of twins).



Dream about being pregnant with a boy or a girl

Dreaming of expecting a boy is related to the need for take care of your male part, including strength and determination.

Dreaming of waiting for a girl expresses the need to reconnect with her neglected femininity and pay more attention to those emotions.



Dream about being pregnant and losing the baby

To dream of being pregnant and losing your baby is very negative because it reflects a situation in which you are anxious and where you no longer have control or at least the feeling of not having it.

The subconscious reflects your current fears about an evolution in your life and an ongoing change.

You can find out the meanings of dreaming about baby for more details about these dreams.



Dream that a friend is pregnant

Here the dream indicates changes in your environment. Generally, the changes are positive and represent opportunities for your non-family environment.



Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?


Dream about an interrupted pregnancy

An interrupted pregnancy in the dream is related to a project that could not be completed et so the change will ultimately not take place. The more the woman was in an advanced stage of pregnancy in your dream, the more the project was also advanced. (See dreaming of a diaper).



Dreaming about an unwanted pregnancy

To dream of an unwanted pregnancy represents efforts that are not high enough to achieve what you want reach. You must show more determination and more discipline to achieve your goals and achieve the desired evolutions. The changes are therefore undergone.



Dream about a pregnant woman in pain

You have opportunities which arise but which are not without difficulties. Remain determined when these present themselves in order to be able to fully exploit them and face the obstacles.



Dream about someone telling you that you are pregnant

This is the wish to be a mother, father, grandfather or grandmother, even if the person in the dream is completely unknown to you. You do not see pregnancy here, so the change is exceptionally unrelated to this dream.

Dream about being anxious about pregnancy

The subconscious here reflects your daily anxiety related to a new event or a new step of your life. You need to stay calm to complete this step successfully.

Dreaming of being pregnant while actually being or wanting to be

Here the dream of being pregnant is very common and simply represents the desire to see your child come into the world

Dream that her man is pregnant

Here the dreamer I wish her man was more responsible on a day-to-day basis, her pregnancy represents the change she would like to see in him. It is time for him to understand that he can no longer lead his life as a child.

Dreaming about your pregnant mother

To dream that your mother is pregnant is related to the fact that you are grateful for everything she has done for you. You are grateful for the fact that it allowed you to evolve. Dreams related to the mother are often very positive.

Dreaming of a pregnant woman with several children

Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets... If you dream of a woman who is expecting many children, it means that many changes will occur in your life and that they are positive.


Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?

Dream about talking to a pregnant woman

You want changes in your life and you are ready to do what is necessary to carry them out while remaining a positive person.

Dream about a woman giving birth

The birth that takes place represents your goals that have finally been achieved in your life. Dreaming of childbirth is extremely positive for you because everything you are doing has finally paid off, your subconscious is clearly telling you.

Dream about a pregnant woman crying

You are currently in a difficult situation and you are sad inside. This moment is hard to get through. The meaning of crying in dreams can give you more details about this situation.

Dreaming about being pregnant without wanting it

This dream represents the irresponsibility you have shown and the excesses you had. You are now suffering the consequences.

Dreaming about a pregnant teenager

A pregnant teenager in the dream is a sign that you make hasty decisions that lead to negative consequences in your life.


Dream about kissing a pregnant woman

This dream indicates that you are ready to welcome change with open arms. Maturity and the ability to seize opportunities are among your deepest character traits. (See dreaming of kissing).



Dream about a pregnant woman in pain

Your current life does not suit you and a change is necessary, especially at the relational level even if it goes through many obstacles.

Pay attention to those around you and do what is necessary to make your social life healthier.



Dream about being pregnant without knowing the father

This dream means light relationships are weighing on your mind and you now want more lasting relationships.



Dream about touching a pregnant woman's belly

If the pregnant woman is close to you, then touching her belly is a sign that you must be patient with changes that you operate in your life. This is all the more important if she is not happy with this gesture;

Finally, touching the belly of his pregnant girlfriend in the dream signals a positive development in the couple, not necessarily a child but the crossing of an important milestone.

Hitting the belly of a pregnant woman in a dream reveals that you wish keep a secret buried and out of sight and avoid the changes it would cause in your life if you revealed it.


Dream about sleeping with a pregnant woman

To dream of making love with a pregnant woman is synonymous with a change you appreciate with passion.

If the pregnant woman is your girlfriend, these changes are linked to your couple and they give you immense joy.


Dreaming of two pregnant women

Dreaming of 2 pregnant women is a symbol of success, you are one. determined person and you know how to dedicate yourself to the things you love the most.

Your success will only be a matter of time, but it will mainly concern the material side of your life.


Dreaming of two pregnant sisters

This type of dream is related to the desire to reconcile with someone. Being afraid of rejection or having too much pride does not allow you to achieve this. It is necessary to do what must be done to bring about this reconciliation.


Dream of three pregnant women

Three pregnant women in a dream mean patience. You know that the perseverance and patience will allow you to obtain the changes which you wish and which are materialized in the form of this dream.



Dream about a pregnant woman losing her baby

Your projects seem to escape you and you fail to achieve your goals that are crumbling before your eyes. 



Dream about a bleeding pregnant woman

Bleeding in dreams highlights the difficulty achieving what you want in life and the effort you put in to achieve your ends.


Dreaming of a pregnant woman: What meanings?


Dreaming of a woman pregnant with her husband

Your couple is the test of time, you go through all the stages with ease and your love is stronger and stronger over time


Dreaming about a woman pregnant with a boy

The boy represents masculinity, ie courage and strength in dreams. If you have this dream, values ​​you would like to have in your life in the future.


Dreaming about a woman pregnant with a girl

Sweetness and intuition are the symbols of women in the dream sphere, if you have this dream, there are values ​​you want to develop at this time in your life.


Dream about seeing a pregnant woman fall

If pregnancy is a subconscious sign of changes in your life, such a fall is a sign that a obstacle stands in the way of your projects.

If she gets up in the dream, it means that you have the necessary qualities to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

The opposite indicates concern about your ability to overcome this problem.


Dream about a pregnant woman dying

You are convinced that your projects are definitely dead and your subconscious tells you through this sordid dream.


Dream about a pregnant woman giving birth

Childbirth is a current project of your life that is finally coming to fruition, it is an important thing, whether private or professional.

If childbirth is painful, then it is a project that required effort to succeed and you had to show a lot of perseverance to make it succeed.


Dreaming about a dead pregnant woman

This dream reveals two things:

Firstly your change project has failed or you think so very strongly. And on the other hand this real or supposed failure has put you on the ground and you are both exhausted and exhausted.

I advise you to read the article dedicated to death in dreams for more details.


Dream about a pregnant woman at work

This dream portends changes in your professional life. 


The causes given for this dream

Dreaming of a pregnant woman is so common that many intellectuals have thought about the meaning of such a type of dream. Here are the main interpretations that have been made by big names in psychology:


For Freud

For the famous Austrian philosopher, dream of pregnancy is linked to the desire to have a child with his father. 

If a man has this dream then it means according to Freud, there is a problem with masculinity.

Freud's interpretation remains relativized, because he built a large part of his thought on sex, except, the latest research seems indicated that he gives it too much importance in his thought.


For Jung

For Jung, the dream of pregnancy or of a pregnant woman is associated with the continuation of life and the taking of new stages at the unconscious level, here, unlike Freud, this type of dream is extremely positive and related to self-development.


For Miller

For Miller, this dream is linked to a change in circumstances. For example, for a rich man it will be the sign that ruin is approaching, unlike for a poor man, for whom it means wealth.

On a personal level, this is linked according to him to a separation in the couple.


For Artemidorus

For this philosopher, this means the sign of a fortune to come, in other words, that you will receive large amounts of money



Dreaming of a pregnant woman: The final word

Dreaming of a pregnant woman is very different depending on who the pregnant woman is in your dream and the events of the dream. But know that every dream has these explanations. So memorize the meaning of your dream well, so that it can help you move forward in your life in the right way. 


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