Dreaming of a spider in bed: What meanings?

Dreaming of a spider in bed: What meanings?

Dreaming of a spider in bed: What meanings?

Modern brain research validates what our bodies have known for a long time: the brain often cannot tell the difference between what is real in the outside world and what is real in the inside world. If there's a huge spider on your chest, you'll roll out of bed! 

So don't feel too silly with this kind of spider in bed dream, you were doing what anyone would do... and maybe, in the meantime, you got a taste of how the unconscious can influence your behavior…

But you are probably wondering what this spider was doing in the dream. 


Dreaming of spider in bed: What does it mean?

Spiders are certainly archetypal symbols: that is, they have deep symbolic roots that stretch across cultures and across time into the human psyche. 

Perhaps encoded somewhere in our human DNA, the spider image evokes the ancient feminine, mothers and the mother complex. That the spider is huge suggests that something related to this archetype is looming in your life these days; and that it landed on your chest and “woke you up” suggests that it seeks your true attention.

Since the spider appeared in your bed, I would ask the following questions: does your mother linger in any way in your relationship with you? Is your partner's mother in bed with you?

These questions are obviously not to be taken literally, but… in a sense they are. Consider how your own mother, or your subtle relationship with your mother, can influence your romantic relationship. This dream image of spiders in bed is a very common image in dreams, it has something to do significantly with how some type of energy or confusion, maybe bewitching, maybe mesmerizing , can relate and mess move them.

If you find spiders in your bed in your dream, spend some time noting your emotions and the chaos in your life. Evaluate especially your romantic relationships and relationships with the mothers in your life.


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