Dreaming of a toilet: What meanings

Dreaming of a toilet: What meanings

Dreaming of a toilet: What meanings

Wee and bowel movements have been taboo subjects since the beginning of time, and can trigger feelings of shame and are rarely discussed in everyday life. The exception to this may be a visit to the doctor, when a fecal sample must be given. When it comes to toilets, we generally value hygiene; a dirty toilet and the odor that accompanies it repels many people.

Nevertheless, this place is an important dream symbol, especially nowadays.

In dreams, it is possible that the toilet is also used for dressing. And it's not uncommon for people to dream of using a toilet at night.

Although the body's own waste is eliminated and the toilet is therefore associated with filth and disgust, it should still not be evaluated negatively in the dream: instead, the person concerned must break with social norms and taboo subjects for interpretation. dreams and toilets.


Dreaming of toilets: the most common dreams 

A toilet has many names. The place where people usually dispose of urine and feces is often called a toilet or WC. 

Nevertheless, all the terms have something in common, because they represent the toilet, which, as a dream, refer to the release of emotional weight. 

Anyone who uses the toilet during dream events wants to cleanse their soul and make room for the finer things in life, away from problems. However, it can also be a matter of feelings of guilt that bother the dreamer.


Dream about finding a toilet

The search for toilets in the dream world usually occurs when the sleeper feels a strong inner desire to break free from daily burdens. 

It may have a big impact on his motivation and mood. At the same time, the symbol of looking for a toilet can refer to the fact that the dreamer longs for more peace: spending time alone again and doing whatever he wants.


Dream about not finding a toilet

The unsuccessful search for a toilet can, as a dream situation, mean that the person concerned lack of time for herself and to put behind a burden.

The inability to express feelings can also be the reason for the occurrence of this dream. 


Dream about sitting on the toilet 

Get rid of everything that weighs you down and influences you negatively, this thought is often behind a dream about going to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom and emptying your body can symbolize a act of freedom; the dream creates space for new things. An old problem can be solved and treated. 

Sitting on the toilet bowl for a long time symbolizes the development towards mental balance, this process takes time.


Dreaming of a toilet: What meanings


Dreaming about everyone looking at you

Usually, the toilet is an intimate place made for being alone. Sometimes a family member or friend is standing in the bathroom when you relieve yourself.

Anyone who dreams of an open toilet without a door or walls visible to the public feels unprotected and vulnerable in the real world. The dreamer is also very open-minded and naive, reveals a lot and makes himself vulnerable. Instead of being reserved, he also trusts strangers. Public toilets and processes such as urinating in public can, as dream images, warn against too lightly accepting new and strange things.


Dreaming of a toilet full of feces

The toilet bowl in the dream is symbolic of a release, so it is considered a positive sign. Luck and success especially await the dreamer when feces can be seen in the dreamed toilet bowl: feces promise an even easier and faster elimination of mental overwork. 

The objectives become tangible again and the financial situation improves. Worries and difficulties diminish or are at least perceived as less tragic. If the dreamer falls into the toilet bowl, it is a rather disgusting dream, but in fact portends benefits in the waking world.


Dreaming of dirty toilets

Experiencing a smelly and disgusting toilet in your dream is rarely pleasant. A very dirty toilet that one does not like to use in the dream world indicates that one does not can overcome the difficulties of reality only with great difficulty. 

Often the person feels overwhelmed. A burden hangs heavily on the shoulders of the dreaming person, perhaps a goodbye is also difficult. Dirty toilets in the dream warn of an internal imbalance that causes problems for the sleeper.



Dream about cleaning a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet in a dream can be stressful and difficult to unclog. In a dream, the visual of a clogged toilet, sink, or pipe may suggest some sort of blockage in your waking life.

It may suggest that you feel like you have no power in a situation or that someone is interfering in your life and you don't know how to tell them to stop.

If you see yourself cleaning a toilet in a dream, it may suggest that you want to improve some area of ​​your life, but you may not know where to start. It can also present as a desire to get rid of any stressors currently in your life.

A clogged toilet is usually symbolic of your emotions, and if you were trying to fix it with your bare hands in your dream, it suggests that you are not approaching a problem in your waking life the right way. It may suggest that you need a different approach or that you need outside help to deal with the problem plaguing your dream.

If you dream that a plumber is trying to unclog the toilet, you may find that your plans for the future will not work out as you hope. A toilet in a dream is related to our emotions, and if you find a clogged toilet in your dream, it suggests that you need to take a look at what is bothering you. You may be worrying for nothing.


Dreaming of a broken toilet?

A more modern interpretation of a broken toilet dream symbolizes that help will come from the places you least expect. Sometimes it's an idea to take a step back and proceed.

A broken toilet suggests that there is something in your life that needs fixing - or some things that won't be in place. It can apply to relationships – maybe someone you were close with will try to rekindle your relationship, and this dream suggests that it will end badly.

To dream of a broken toilet also reveals that you are dealing with regrets from the past, to move on to what the future has in store for you. A broken toilet can also reveal emotions that impair your judgment or decision-making.


Dreaming of a toilet without doors

Toilets in dreams can signify your ability to process or express your inner feelings. This dream might suggest you don't know where to start to solve a current emotional problem, or a problem that you know will have emotional fallout.

Maybe you know it's time to cut the wrong people out of your life and you don't know how to approach it. A toilet without doors in a dream may suggest that you feel your privacy has been violated in waking life. Your dream may be a warning of a betrayal of trust or public embarrassment.


Dreaming of a clean toilet?

Toilet cleaning is probably not one of your top ten things to clean. It's unpleasant, and even a clean toilet smell isn't exactly something you want in a candle (see also candle dream meaning). It's a necessary evil to keep our living space clean and livable.

If you see a clean toilet in your dream or you are cleaning a toilet yourself, this dream has an important meaning. As toilets can represent our emotions in dreams, you need to clear your mind of anything negative.

You may be thinking negative thoughts, or your life is more dramatic, or people are tiring you right now. Free yourself from anything that doesn't serve you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by problems, in which case you need to overcome them, get rid of everything that makes things more difficult.

If you find yourself cleaning a toilet with bleach in your dream, it reflects your waking life where you are trying to get rid of something negative.


Dreaming of people queuing to go to the bathroom?

It's awful, isn't it? Waiting for the toilet to be free while feeling the pressure of your bladder is difficult. You can count the people in front of you, mentally wanting the person in the stall to hurry already! To dream of this situation suggests that in some area of ​​your life, or perhaps overall, you are not putting yourself first.

Putting others before yourself can lead to burnout, and contrary to what some people may think, we are all responsible for our own burnouts before they happen. There's always a warning sign that tells you you're exhausted and need a break.

It's fine to help others, but there's a line where you also have to take care of yourself. This dream can also be a warning. While it may warn you to be patient and that your turn for good things will come, it may suggest that you need to look for other ways. Maybe there's an opportunity among you that you haven't considered, a "dream bathroom" that no one else is lining up for. 



Dream about a clogged toilet

To dream of a clogged toilet suggests that something is preventing you from living your best life. It could be something minor or something much bigger, but it's a good warning to have. Not being able to move forward in your life is a frustrating place.

If there is anything you can do to prevent yourself from being in this situation, now is the time to act. For any problem or project, a good approach is to break it down into the smallest chunks possible. You'll feel more accomplished with every part you tackle, and before you know it, you'll be done with it!


Dream about trying to unclog a toilet 

Trying to unclog your dream toilet reveals how hard you've worked to shape your life the way you want it to be. Never give up what you want, but be kind to yourself. You are your best friend and you will be fine. It might not be how you imagine it, but it could lead to better things.


Dream about clogged public toilets

This particular toilet dream is probably the most vivid of them all. We've all visited a restroom where you regretted going in the first place! To dream of a public toilet where the toilet is blocked indicates a lack of self-respect or self-esteem.

Maybe there was a difficult situation that shook your confidence in your abilities. In dream interpretation, a representation of low self-esteem is your subconscious telling you that you are more powerful and capable than you believe. The potential is unlimited.

Relying on yourself is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. This dream is telling you to trust your potential, your ability to adapt and do good. It may take a little time to make the necessary changes, but you'll be glad you put in the effort.


To dream that your toilet is clogged

Dreaming of a clogged bathroom only makes things worse when it's yours! A spiritual interpretation of this dream suggests that you have encountered a problem that you cannot solve.

If you feel stressed in this dream, you need to make time for yourself. You may be making a problem much worse than it should be. It may just be your perception of the problem that makes it unsolvable. It's time to cultivate a positive attitude. Trust that things will work out.


Dream of several clogged toilets

The only thing worse than a clogged toilet is more than one clogged toilet. Unusable toilets when you have to go, sometimes it's like the world is against you! It may represent any negative feelings currently affecting your decision-making abilities.

It may suggest that you have pushed your feelings away to focus on something else, which will only delay them for a while. In older dream interpretations, several clogged toilets bode badly for the future.

On a positive note, several clogged toilets in your dream can suggest that you will have several problems which you will soon know how to solve. This testifies to your determination and your abilities.


Dreaming of a smelly, dirty and clogged toilet 

What a beautiful dream you had! Not really. The effect is the same as if you had just used a horrible toilet in your waking life. A wrinkled nose and an irrepressible urge to take a shower (see also shower dream meaning).

To dream of a dirty toilet or a clogged toilet suggests that you need to change something in your life immediately. It could be depending on how you approach your needs.

Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right things? Do you take time for yourself, away from a screen? It may be time for a new venture. Try making your favorite takeaway meals yourself.

Stop postponing that yoga class. A clogged dream toilet suggests that you need to unpack your emotions and find another way to deal with them, because your current method is not working. 


General interpretation of the dream

The dreamer in real life separates from unpleasant burdens and creates space for himself. Negative emotions can also represent feelings of guilt, which the dreamer manages to detach from.

The situation is similar with the room in which there is a toilet. This piece symbolizes emotional release. If you go to the toilet in the bathroom in a dream, this indicates a double release.

Since the toilet is also an intimate place that is most often visited alone and without company, this place in the dream can also symbolize a need of the person concerned to have more privacy in real life. Perhaps he feels here that he rarely pursues his own desires and cannot live out his feelings. A pot symbolizes the help the dreamer depends on in detachment.



Psychological interpretation

Also on a psychological level, the dream symbol "toilet" represents an act of inner "cleansing", the detachment of negative emotions, the dream symbolically frees itself from emotional ballast. In reality, this burden can actually be felt in the stomach, with (seemingly) inexplicable stomach pains.

If the toilet is blocked or faulty in the dream, it signifies an emotional blockage or mental imbalance of the dream according to the psychological interpretation.

The same goes for very dirty toilets. If the person concerned cleans them in a dream, then he has recognized his problem in real life and frees himself from his tense attitude. Anyone who visits a foreign throne is aware of how a certain situation will play out in their real life.

Moreover, according to the psychological interpretation, the toilet dream symbol also represents an aspect of the dream's own sexuality: it is the carrier of sexual desires and repressed instincts, which it would like to release and live.


spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of the toilet dream symbol is similar to the other interpretative approaches: here too the toilet represents a symbol of inner cleansing. The dreamer frees himself from all negatives by means of the toilet and thereby removes personal ballast.

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