Dreaming of a white horse: What meanings?

Dreaming of a white horse: What meanings?

A horse in the dream often symbolizes in dreams the emotions felt and the life situation of the dreamer. But what does it mean to dream of a white horse precisely? In this article I give you the precise meanings of this type of dream.

Knowing the precise meaning of this dream will allow you to understand and act in real life. Dreams are the fruit of the subconscious and do not come to you by chance during the night.


Dreaming of a White Horse: General Interpretation

The white horse is one of the most positive signs in dreams, with white being associated with purity and innocence in the dream world. Generally speaking, this is a sign that you have done well to create the current situation in your life.


Dreaming of a white horse: Special situations

For a truly accurate interpretation of the dream, knowing the details is essential. For this, I present to you the main white horse dreams:


Dreaming of a white horse running

Dreaming of a running white horse is very positive, because the animal in this dream reflects your progress in your life projects and that everything is going well thanks to the actions you have taken to achieve it.


Dream about being chased by a white horse

To be pursued, in the oneiric sphere reveals the fact of not wanting to face a situation. In this case, the white color of the horse reveals that it is a problem related to your intimate or even sexual life that you refuse to face.


Dream about riding a white horse

Riding a horse reveals your ability to manage your emotions and reflects a strong balance at this level in your waking life. This is a very good dream and tells you that you are on the right path.


Dream about falling from a white horse

Here, falling shows that you have failed on an emotional level and that your feelings have taken over. It is generally a disorder in the sentimental life.


Dreaming of a sick white horse

The disease is here the reflection of emotional imbalance in your life, it is not a physical suffering but mental and intimately linked to your deepest emotions. The degrees of illness allow you to more accurately see the level of emotional problem you are currently experiencing.


Dreaming of a big white horse

A large white horse announces something very positive and large-scale in your life. It indicates the level of harmony you feel in everyday life.


Dreaming of a flying white horse

You want to be free and maybe it already is if you are riding the white horse in the dream.


Dream of petting a white horse

You are in a phase of your life with very good times and no difficulty that does not spoil the overall picture.


Dream about chasing a white horse

Running after a white horse shows your desire to achieve harmony in your life, the way you manage or fail to catch up with him in your dream indicates the abilities you have or think you have to achieve it.


Dreaming of a dead white horse

Harmony and inner peace is no longer within you, you have unfortunately lost this flame which is symbolized by the horse in the sphere of dreams. Your subconscious is warning you about this through this dream.

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