Dreaming of a witch: What meanings?

Dreaming of a witch: What meanings?

Dreaming of a witch: What meanings?

Dreaming of witches is more like a nightmare, as they are beings considered evil. So many people associate a dream with them as a bad omen.

However, it should be remembered that dreaming of a witch is not always a bad thing.

In the general context, dreaming of a witch is a sign that a situation in your daily life has caught your attention, it can be positive or negative.

Now is the time for you to pay more attention to this issue. Then understand the meaning of a witch's dreams.


Dreaming of the wicked witch

Dreaming of an evil witch usually indicates that you may be making bad choices and having attitudes that are harming your life in many aspects: health, work, romantic relationship, friends, family, among others.

With this, you can bond with people who are not good or, then, have attitudes that show contempt for those who are really important to you and want your good.

Step away from the bad friendships you've made now and try to value the real people who really love you.

These bad and fake friends can ruin your relationship with the real people in your life.


Only dream that you see a witch

Curious dream, because dreaming of the image of a witch usually means that you are in a moment of accommodation in different areas of your life.

This can be at work, in studies or in relationships in general.

Focus more on your work, contribute ideas to solve problems in your department, take an extracurricular course, and get together more with friends for fun and chat.

Rest assured that by following the suggestions above, your life will improve and you will step out of your comfort zone.


Dream of witch flight

The broom is the instrument that allows the witch to fly, isn't it? Therefore, dreaming of a witch flying on a broomstick is a good dream.

It usually indicates that positive news will come to you soon.

This news can be a pay rise and promotion at work, financial gains in games or with banking apps, a new love partner (if you are single), invitations to parties and trips and other facts that make everyone happy.

The omens of this dream, however, may take a few months to manifest in your life.

But don't worry, nothing happens overnight. Wait without anxiety so as not to block these good events.


Dream about killing a witch

To dream of a dead witch and you killed her is a warning. This dream usually indicates you need to assert yourself more in some situation.

In other words, you can no longer allow people to make decisions for you.

Talk to those people who have a bad habit of deciding for you. 

Killing the witch means you can stop people from doing things for you.


Dreaming about a witch doing spells

It is a dream that represents someone close to you who is cheating on you and wants bad things to happen.

So, try to identify this malicious person and stay away from them.

Don't share anything about your life with her, because that person could use that information against you.


Dreaming of being a witch

This dream has two meanings. The first is that you may have good attitudes towards yourself and others, which changes their lives for the better.

The second meaning is that you may be acting maliciously.

This is not good at all, because, in addition to harming your neighbour, all the harm you do will one day come back to you twice as much.

However, if your actions are based on bad feelings, having nothing left to do, the Universe will reward you with good events, okay?


Dream that you are talking to a witch

Dreaming of a witch and you talking to her is a good omen.

The dream means that you will soon meet someone you trust with whom you can let off steam and ask for good advice.

Moreover, this new relationship tends to become one of the best friendships of your life.


Dreaming that you are being tortured by a witch

This dream is a warning. Attention! Without realizing it, you may be manipulated or even physically or psychologically tortured by someone.

If you identify that you are being manipulated, get as far away from the manipulator as possible.

If not, talk to him and explain that he is impeding your power to make choices and decisions.



Dreaming of a witch cooking in the cauldron

Although this dream seems to have the wrong meaning, it is a sign, being more of a message than a prediction.

This indicates that you have excellent creative power, and with it you will be able to solve various problems in your life and even help other people's conflicts.

Boost your creative power even more, by doing, for example, a crossword puzzle or a course related to the arts, such as: painting, theater, crafts, among others.


Witch dream and nature elements

As everyone should know, the witch always has a very close and strong contact with the elements of nature.

And what does this dream mean? This indicates that you should also try to get closer to nature, by taking walks in squares, beaches or parks.

Enjoy and leave in your wallet or purse an element of nature, such as a pebble or a leaf.

These elements emanate the force of nature in your life.


Dreaming of a dead witch

Although it is a rather scary dream, its meaning is very good. To dream of a dead witch indicates that you will be able to end the problems in your life that are taking your dream away from you.

However, solving these problems is not magic. Strive to rationally solve each of your problems.

With faith in yourself and in the Universe, your life will once again experience moments of tranquility and peace.


Dreaming of a good witch

Dreaming of a good witch is a dream of good warning.

It usually reveals that if you have a problem in any area of ​​your life, you can count on help and support from well-meaning people.

These good people who will help you may or may not be known. Celebrate, because if you are going through turbulent times, you will not be alone!


Dream that you are taken care of by a witch

Dreaming of a witch and her taking care of you is a good sign.

The dream indicates that you might experience some slight health issues and some unexpected person may take care of you until you feel better.

Seek medical help first, so you know what you have. Rejoice, your health problem may not be serious, but it will require treatment.


Dream about a witch attacking you

To dream of a witch attacking you is a warning.

This type of dream usually reveals that you are not feeling well in your work environment or in your romantic relationship, which causes you to have feelings of sadness and even anger.

Start looking for new jobs or talk honestly with your boss about why you don't feel good in the department.

Another suggestion is to talk to the partner and figure out whether or not it's worth pursuing this relationship.

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