Dreaming of an owl: What meanings?

Dreaming of an owl: What meanings?

Dreaming of an owl: What meanings?

Dreaming of an owl signifies good things in general. This animal symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. This is a great sign for your professional life, it means you will be successful in your field.

If I could sum up the owl in one word, it would still be impossible. This animal conveys so many mystical and cultural representations that it is difficult to associate it with a single situation, a single feeling.

Owls are animals extremely charged with representing mystery and wisdom, as they are very intelligent, agile and imposing, capable of conveying a gentle image in the face of so much power.

It is not uncommon to see people, especially children, in love with this cunning bird with incredible gifts. In general, the owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. But what about dreams?


Dreaming of an owl: Generalities

More generally, the figure of the owl refers to the condition of bad omen. These animals carry secrets and mysteries that can be quite complicated or even unpleasant to understand – like death for example.

But the world of dreams is extremely unstable and interpretations tend to change depending on the characteristics of the dreamer himself and the details of the dream. How about knowing some examples of dreams where the owl is the protagonist?


Dream of seeing an owl

When you see an owl in your dreams, it can take two different paths, but know that both represent an unpleasant situation.

The first interpretation says that when you dream that you are looking at an owl, it is a sign that an illness is about to appear, in you or someone in your family. It may or may not be something serious, so it's good to reinforce health care and warn those who live near you to do the same.

The second interpretation says that you may be going through a tense moment in your professional field, such as losing your job, or even a more difficult moment in the company where you work. But do not worry ! Every bad moment has its end time.


Dreaming of an owl flying

As stated earlier, the owl does not only represent negative situations. When you dream of seeing an owl in flight, it means that there is a great chance of progress in your professional life, which could translate into a bonus from a promotion, a salary increase or even a job. a higher position.


Dreaming of a white owl

Owls come in many colors and each carries an important meaning. But there is one owl whose color stands out among the rest: the white owl. White is usually linked to the feeling of peace, but does the same color owl convey the same meaning?

Symbolizing different cultures and books of fiction, the white owl ends up representing a kind of spiritual protection, and in the dream this same mention occurs.

If you dreamed of a white owl, it means that you are about to go through more tense situations, but there will be no worries.


Dreaming of a baby owl

A baby owl has two faces in the dream, like a double-edged sword. In general, the baby of this animal shows that to achieve one thing, you have to go through another.

The things in question are luck and misfortune. If you saw a baby owl in your dream, you might go through a more unlucky phase first to reach luck, or vice versa. 

(See Baby Dreaming)


Dream about being seen by an owl

As much as owls are cute animals, there are people who are afraid of their mysterious and imposing gaze. Dreaming of an owl staring at you basically indicates that you are very distant from people, especially your family members.

As much as you like to be more solitary, and withdrawal is a choice, you might as well try to show your family members that, despite everything, you are always present. The family never ceases to be our base, whatever the differences present in each of its members.


Dreaming of an owl hooting

If an owl hoot appears in your dream, it is a good sign! To dream of the owl singing signifies the end of a troubled phase, the end of a problem, or the resolution of a disagreement between you and someone else.

So use this time to redeem yourself and do what is right, ensuring more peaceful times in the future with the people around you and with yourself.


Dream of several owls

If one owl already has a big impact, imagine several? When several owls appear in your dream, it is a sign of good news, as each owl represents an idea or an expectation that is about to come true.

Several owls together indicate a favorable time to aspire, create and enjoy opportunities in the field of studies, finance and even meet new people and make connections. Your moment of ascension in life has only just begun.


Dreaming of a black owl

The black owl, unlike the white owl, indicates the lack of protection in the face of a tense situation that you are going through. This lack of protection will cause you greater wear and tear, so keep in mind that despite suffering, the phase will pass and you will return to normal.


Dreaming of a brown owl

When you dream of a brown owl, it is a sign that you will come into conflict with someone you love, and it will leave you spiritually drained and hurt.


Dreaming of a dead owl

Seeing a dead owl inside the dream must be painful, in fact, any dead animal inside our dream causes us that feeling of sadness, because death is always a very big loss. However, everyone will go through this process and we are left to accept that everything that begins has a day to end.

(See Dreaming of Death)

To dream of this dead animal, however, signifies the start of a new phase - something death represents in the dream world - or it could also indicate that something you did is making someone sad. So stay tuned on both occasions.


Dreaming of an owl attacking

When an owl ends up attacking you in the dream, your subconscious wants to show you, through this attack, an alert, saying that there are possible traces of lies and betrayal around you.

Therefore, it is good to redouble your attention to the people around you, paying attention to the signals that can be transmitted in a more implicit way.


Dream about an owl landing

Unfortunately, the owl that lands inside the dream indicates illnesses that come to you or people close to you. Therefore, it is always good to pay attention to your habits and try to maintain a healthier life, with good nutrition and regular physical activity. Keeping your health strong decreases the risk of these diseases occurring.


Dreaming of an owl at home

If you dream of an owl inside your house, keep an eye on how your romantic relationship - if you have one - is taken, both by you and by the other person.

The owl in the house represents disagreements within this type of relationship due to abusive behavior by one or both parties. If you are going through a time like this, talk to your partner and try to come to an agreement to ensure your happiness.

(See Dreaming of House)

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