Dreaming of Angel: What meanings?

Dreaming of Angel: What meanings?

 Angels are messengers of God. They protect us, guide us, or perform other celestial tasks. Therefore, angel dreams symbolize a greater force watching over us, which directs us, protects us or tries to show us something important, which is hidden. 

The dream can be a shared joy of something divine that has happened, a blessing of good things to come, or a warning of something you need to be prepared for.


What does it mean to dream of angels?

To interpret our dream, we must pay special attention to angels.

  • What were the angels wearing? What is the color and texture of their wings?
  • What were the angels wearing?
  • Is there one angel or many angels?
  • Are our dream angels male or female?
  • What were the actions or expressions of the angels?


What were the angels wearing?

The color and material of the angel's clothes and wings are part of the message they convey.

  • White clothes and wings indicate purity, peace, blessings and rejuvenation. We can be at peace with ourselves and our life. Alternatively, the white angels can tell us that to achieve inner peace we need to seek greater spiritual support, we need to be purified and focus on purity in our actions.

  • Colorful clothes and wings suggest playfulness and joy. We may be waiting for something joyful and hopeful in our future, which could be a new relationship, a new job, a promotion, an inheritance, or some other good fortune.

  • Black clothes and wings signal some kind of warning. Our physical or spiritual well-being may be in jeopardy, we may be weighed down by sin or guilt, and we may need to take steps to heal ourselves.

White clothes and wings indicate purity, peace, blessings and rejuvenation.


What were the angels holding?

The objects held by the angels or carried on them will also have a great importance. You need to carefully examine each object, explore what each of them symbolizes, as well as what they each mean to you.

  • Knowledge items such as a book or scroll, indicate greater clarity for the future and greater confidence in your actions.

  • Items of war such as a sword or staff, signal that you may experience inner turmoil in your life or disturbances in your soul. You may have to fight to regain our spiritual balance.

  • Objects of love and peace such as an olive brand or a dove imply hope, attention, devotion and self-sacrifice. You may have a difficult journey ahead of you, but you have faith in a better future.

  • Food and drink suggest that you need spiritual nourishment. You may feel exhausted and tired from your daily struggles. The angel can tell you that you need to take time for yourself and refocus on your inner self and your spiritual well-being.

Objects of war, such as a sword or a staff, signal that you may feel unusual disturbances in our soul.


The number of angels

  • A single angel indicates purity of purpose and action. We need to get rid of distractions and focus on what's most important to us.

  • Three angels signal harmony, fullness and the divine. Indeed, the triad or trinity is a powerful symbol with deep roots in culture and history. In Greek mythology there are three Fates, the triad also plays a central role in Celtic religion, and of course there is the Holy Trinity. Therefore, a message carried by three angels is very powerful and can involve our whole body and spirit.

  • Several angels suggest good fortune, divine support or spiritual strength. Angels watch over us and guide us. Therefore, having several angels watching over us is a sign of great protection, and also an indication of a bright future.

If we are one of the angels in our dream, then probably, we have done something good and pure, we are planning to embark on a spiritual journey, or we are planning to do God's work.

A single angel indicates purity of purpose and action.


male or female angels

  • Femininity is associated with the symbol of Venus, which captures love, beauty, prosperity and fertility.

  • Masculinity is associated with the symbol of Mars, which represents war, savagery, guardianship and manhood.

The masculinity or femininity of angels in our dreams is also part of the message they convey.


Actions, expressions and environment

A calm expression indicates that we may need some protection from noise and everyday activity.

Finally, actions and expressions are also important. What did the faces of the angels convey, and how did we feel in their presence?

  • A calm expression indicates that we are looking for some peace and quiet. Our life can be hectic right now and we may need some protection from our daily noises and activities. We may be looking for sanctuary, time for reflection, or spiritual comfort.

  • A happy expression indicates that we are confident in our present and our future. It can also mean a recent positive achievement or the expectation of imminent good news.

  • A sad expression suggests future challenges and perhaps heartache. However, we have a guardian angel watching over us, so we will eventually triumph.

  • An expression of anger implies a mistake, wrongdoing, or sin. We have to admit our mistake, make amends and try to do better in the future.

Likewise, the actions of our dream angels are also meaningful. An angel who wields a sword in warning will have a different message than one who holds out his sword to us or one who stands still with his sword pointing downward.

If we are given something, we may need to complete an important task or go in search of our spiritual well-being. The nature of the task or quest will depend on the item given to us.

On the other hand, an angel standing with his sword pointing downwards can protect us from something. Perhaps we need to be vigilant, check our spiritual defenses, and watch out for sinful temptations that can lead us astray.

Actions can also indicate the immediacy of the message, specifically, whether we need to deal with it very soon, in the near future, or NOW!

The environment that surrounds our angel is also important. An angel standing in the middle of a storm signifies spiritual turbulence, while an angel standing in a calm puddle signifies peace and relaxation.

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