Dreaming of apple: What meanings?

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Dreaming of apple: What meanings?

In general, dreaming of an apple is related to the figurative meaning of harvesting this fruit, as it symbolizes that you will reap what you have planted in the near future, that is, your attitudes and the choices you have facts will have consequences with which you will have to deal, whether positive or negative.

However, this dream is also associated with other meanings such as wisdom, as the apple is considered the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It also refers to gaining or losing something considered heaven, correlated to Adam and Eve, romance and relationships, or even a warning to be careful of appearances which can sometimes be deceiving.


Dream of red apple

The red apple symbolizes passion, intensity and sexual attraction, and when this fruit appears in a dream, it reveals that you are in a state of denial about your problems, because at the moment you do not know how to solve them. or believe that ignoring them is the best way to deal with them.

If you are committed, this is a warning not to get carried away by passions or you will end up falling into temptation. The red apple also indicates that you repress your desires, either for fear of being judged and misunderstood, or for fear of not being able to live out your fantasy.

It is important that you think about postponing the resolution of your problems, because it can worsen the situation and its consequences can be greater and more serious. In the case of a relationship, think about its importance in your life and whether it is worth ending it or jeopardizing it to have an affair.

If possible, improve your relationship with something new so that it does not fall into routine, because fulfilling your fantasies with your partner is a way to keep the flame alive and to live new experiences, without having to give up your relationship.


Dreaming of green apple

Unlike the red apple, which is the most common, the green apple has a slightly sour taste and when it appears in a dream, it also means that you will experience "not too sweet" moments in your life in the near future. This means that there will be many arguments and disagreements that may arise within the family, at work or in your circle of friends.

Keep in mind that this nebulous moment will pass, so in order for it not to get worse, you must remain calm and avoid making tempers more elated, minimizing the confusion and conflicts that will occur.

In addition, the green apple is considered a "younger" version of the red apple and represents your need for maturation, both personal and spiritual, because thanks to it you will be able to face future crises with calm and balance. . So take advantage of this moment to grow.


Dreaming of candy apples

Juicy, very sweet, and beautiful in appearance, a candy apple in a dream represents that you have the basic optimism to face any obstacles that come your way, in addition to having gained a self-confidence that does not allow you to to discourage you. In this way, these very positive characteristics will be invaluable in making things work for you, after all, thoughts have power.


Dream of ripe apple

Ready to be eaten and enjoyed, the ripe apple is a good omen when it appears in a dream, as it means that you will reap the fruits of your efforts, which will assure you of the realization of your plans and an improvement in your financial situation. life in the future.

Therefore, to dream of a ripe apple represents your personal maturity and how you strive and dedicate yourself in the present, which tomorrow will reflect positively, resulting in your prosperity and success.


Dreaming of a rotten apple

As in real life, the rotten apple in a dream represents that something is wrong, spoiled, imperfect, and inappropriate. The attitudes you have taken and the choices you have made can lead you to a very bad and dark situation, and can even be the cause of your entering a state of very great negativity and sadness.

It is a moment of reflection, because dreaming of a rotten apple reveals that you will reap what you sow and the harvest will bear very bad and bitter fruit. Analyze your actions and try to remember what is right and what is wrong, without putting your principles aside to achieve your goals, because the price you will pay for it will be too high.

It's time to realize that the path you are following will lead to a twisted fate, so don't hesitate to change your posture and seek to fix what is wrong. After all, the sooner you take the right path, the less the damage will be.


Dream of bitten apple

The bitten apple represents the temptation and sin committed by Adam and Eve, who could not contain their desire to taste the forbidden fruit. In a dream, it is also related to desire, as it expresses that there is someone who is attracted to you and they will try to win you over, but be careful, because if you are compromised, it reveals that you will be tempted to give in. advances and put your life in danger.


Dream of seeing an apple

To dream that you see an apple is a reminder that everything that is cared for with care grows and becomes strong, solid and promising. So, continue to trust in your abilities, to devote yourself to your plans and dreams for the future, and be patient, because romantic relationships, as well as professional and personal projects, need time to mature and prosper.


Dream of eating an apple

Eating an apple in a dream is connected with sins. You are going through a time in your life where you make many mistakes, give in to temptations and forbidden desires. However, deep in your consciousness, you know that this path can lead to your loss.

Remember that all actions have consequences. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience pleasure and to explore one's sexuality and one's desires, however, when the search for satisfaction involves infidelity and makes the other person suffer, it must be kept in mind that this what we did can turn out and turn your adventure into something very unpleasant.


Dream that you are planting an apple

To dream that you are planting an apple reveals that you are feeling very sorry for something you have done in the past, which you consider a big mistake. This feeling of guilt and the regret with which you remember it reveals that you understood that you had to change and that you understand what your faults were.

It's time to let go of your past, because the lesson you had to learn has already been understood and assimilated. So make the right choices so that their consequences are reasons for happiness and success, not remorse and regret.


Dream about picking an apple

Picking apples in a dream has the same meaning in real life. You have sown your projects well, and by dint of perseverance and patience to wait for the right moment to arrive, you are ready to reap the fruits of your efforts.

Therefore, when you dream of picking an apple, get ready to benefit from the positive results that come from all that you have worked for, which can be related to family, friends, work or personal projects. The important thing is to enjoy it and keep in mind that you deserve all the good that will come your way.


Dream that you are picking an apple

To dream that you are choosing an apple represents that you have also decided to make a choice in real life - even if you are unaware of it, related to your current lifestyle. You feel the need to slow down and live more peacefully, whether at work or in your personal life.

The serenity that such a change will bring will bring balance and harmony to the most varied aspects of your life. So do not be afraid to choose to live more serenely, because the results that will come from it will be very positive.


Dream that you are buying an apple

If in your dream you buy one or more apples, pay attention to the things and projects in which you spend energy and trust, because even if you put in the effort, the results are not seen.

To dream that you are buying an apple signifies that something is missing in your life and you are not able to support yourself. So, analyze what is causing you to stagnate and the best thing is to change the strategies you adopt or put aside something (or someone) that does not correspond to the efforts you are making.


Dream about receiving an apple from someone

The meaning of dreaming that you receive an apple from someone is that someone you already live with, or someone who will come back into your life, will test your senses and your limits. It will happen because such an individual will offer you something that will tempt you very much, something attractive, seductive or extremely pleasant.

This dream is an omen of a relationship, an idyll or a sexual adventure that will be able to seduce and rock you, but it will cause an emotional conflict in you, forcing you to think about your next steps so as not to fall into a trap.


Dreaming of a giant apple

The giant apple in a dream reveals that you have repressed passions and desires and that somehow it gets you into trouble. If the giant apple knocks you down, it means that these problems will get worse, and may even affect your work environment.

If the giant apple changes in size as you approach it, it is a sign that despite the confusing and hectic moment, you will know how to remain calm, show wisdom and face the calm necessary for the situation.


Dreaming of apples in a fair or a supermarket

Here is a dream that indicates a good omen. To dream of apples in a fair or a supermarket indicates that you will have a good financial phase, because something will have a positive impact on your budget. However, be careful and control spending so that this abundance does not turn into debt in the near or distant future.


Dreaming of an apple tree

The apple tree is considered the tree of knowledge and when it appears in a dream it symbolizes that you will have prosperity in your endeavors if you keep striving, using what you know in your favor to achieve your goals. goals and improve your skills.

To dream of an apple tree laden with beautiful and dazzling fruit indicates that your victory will come and that, at the right time, you will have the much-desired success. So don't be discouraged and keep striving, because the fruit will be delicious.


Dream about an apple falling from the tree

Apples falling from the tree in your dream represent opportunities that you are missing due to procrastination. By procrastinating, rehashing plans that can make your dreams come true, not solving problems to avoid conflict, and not fulfilling obligations out of fatigue, laziness, or any other reason, you are missing out on a lot. things, whether personally or professionally.

Leave procrastination behind and go into battle, because the moment can pass and when you realize it, the opportunities will also have passed. So, do not allow yourself to postpone your victory and your achievements, because your success depends on your commitment.


Dream about an apple full of bugs

There's a problem bothering you and you don't know how to fix it, get rid of it, or how to move on. This is the meaning of dreaming of an apple full of insects, because, as in reality, it causes disgust and discomfort.

People or events from the past can resurface, disrupting the order you have in your life. If the animals consume the apple, you will face a family conflict related to the financial issue, which could be the division of property or the distribution of an inheritance.

The apple full of insects also represents a strong sense of guilt. Therefore, if something you have done bothers you deeply, think about what you can do to correct your mistakes and correct, or improve, what you can, for keeping a clear conscience will soothe the remorse you feel and allow you to continue in your life. 


Dreaming of lots of apples

Dreaming of many apples demonstrates that keeping things or people unimportant, and which add nothing positive to your life, can be harmful, turning into a burden, afflictions and worries in the near future.

What you keep, don't resolve, and allow to accumulate is lodged in your subconscious, causing you anxiety, sadness, and stunting your progress and evolution. If the apples are scattered, it indicates that later events will force you to face things that you have ignored

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