Dreaming of Bears: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Bears: What Meanings?

In this article, we are going to discuss some common dream themes about bears and how they relate to our waking life. Here is what dreaming of bears means according to the details of your dream.


Dream about being chased by a bear

When you dream of bears chasing you, it means that you are avoiding or trying to escape your real life problems. You are trying to run away from something that seems stressful and mentally uncomfortable. 

The dream reminds you to stay bold and fight adversity. It tells you to face the fears of waking life and resolve them comfortably. 

Pursuit dreams are symbolic of an escape response. It represents escape, dodging and moving away from something that demands greater attention.


Dreaming of bears in the house

Dreams about bears in the house symbolize the presence of a strong and bold female figure in your enclosed space.

It can represent your mother, your sister, an office colleague you rely on. For a man, it could also mean his loving wife or mother. 

The dream is just telling you to take care of the person in waking life. It symbolizes the importance of family life, love and belonging. It also means protection, shelter and stability.


Dreaming about bear attacks

This dream symbolism denotes your own aggression. When bears appear to attack you in dreams, this is a reflection of your wild self. You are too hostile with someone in your waking life. 

Maybe it makes you unpopular in social circles, beyond your awareness. The dream also represents your sexual urges and resentments appearing in the subconscious.


Dreaming of bears and cubs

Symbolically, bears are extremely loving mothers, they are protective and provide the best care for their cubs among all wild beasts.

So when you dream of bears and cubs together, it symbolizes that you are overprotective of your own child's well-being.

In waking life you always remained concerned for his well being; so that's what's appearing in the subconscious.


Dreaming of friendly bears

If you dreamed of a cordial, loving, friendly bear, it denotes your humble and friendly nature in waking life.

According to Lauri Loewenberg, friendly bears symbolize self-defense, self-confidence and valor. 

Your subconscious suggests using your friendly “me” more often. In some dream charts, a friendly bear also means that you will find a friendly person in waking life who will always help you, guide you through life's journey.


Dreaming of a talking bear

As a spirit animal, the bear symbolizes intuition and knowledge. A talking bear means that the animal is trying to convey a valuable message that is good and great and you need to pay attention to it.

This call or wise advice from your spirit guide will help you through difficult life situations. Following this talking bear also represents your desire to follow this path of intuition and wisdom.


Dreaming about bears outside your house

When you dream that a bear is outside your house, it simply means that a persistent problem in your waking life is difficult to bear and tolerate.

The situation seems to get out of control and you lose your inner serenity.

The dream calls for immediate attention to solve your real life problems. The bear hovering around your house symbolizes imminent danger and troubles coming your way.


Dream about being a bear

When you see yourself as a bear, it signifies change and transition. There is something in your waking life that is undergoing significant change.

It can mean a change of job or the start of a new business, the birth of a child, pregnancy, etc. In another context, dreaming of yourself as a bear also signifies inner strength, power, pride, and independence. It also represents your wise and creative personality.


Dream of hunting a bear

When you dream of hunting a bear, it signifies successful endeavors and goals achieved in waking life. This dream symbolizes that you are looking for something that you desire to possess and achieve in life.

Hunting a bear also means you are looking for something more lucrative and prosperous in life and therefore this dream represents a good omen.


Dreaming of a sick or injured bear

This dream symbolism is a bad sign. A sick or injured bear symbolizes problems and obstacles. You feel caged, confined, or trapped in real-life issues. Some issues in your waking life are holding you back and you are unable to move forward in life. (See Dreaming of Illness).


Dreaming about a peaceful bear

A calm, collected and peaceful bear in a dream symbolizes your bold, independent, serene and authoritative state of mind. It symbolizes that there is no chaos in your waking life.

You live a peaceful life and are grateful and content with everything you have. Thus, a calm bear represents satisfaction and fulfillment.



Dreams about resting bears

A resting bear in dreams can mean that you are thoughtful and introspective. This dream symbolizes your mind that is wise, calm and able to decide well.

Resting bears symbolize deep thought, contemplation, knowledge, and spiritual growth in waking life.


Dreaming about aggressive bear

If you dreamed of an aggressive bear, it means you are angry at something or someone in your waking life.

It symbolizes angst and resentment and this simply manifests in dreams. It shows your annoyance and intolerance for some obstacles that happen in real life.


Dream about killing a bear

Killing an animal in a dream is a sign of victory and success. The dream that you killed a bear symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles and adversities in waking life.

In another dream context, dreams of killing a bear could denote determination and the will to protect you and your family from threats and harm.


Dreaming of a circus bear

A bear in a circus symbolizes a good omen. It means you are going to meet someone nice and honest in your waking life.

Contrary to this, the dream also signifies tamed emotions. You have the power to control your negative thoughts and feelings; meaning tamed animals in a circus.


Dreaming about a bear running away from you

This dream symbolism denotes your tendency to run away from real life troubles and problems. You try to avoid and escape difficult situations rather than face them boldly. The dream reminds you to face these situations boldly.


Dream about hugging a bear

Hugging a bear symbolizes your ability to accept and socialize with not-so-friendly people in your waking life.

This dream denotes a positive meaning denoting good social skills, adaptation, adjustment, public relations in difficult real life situations.


Dreaming of a sleeping bear

When you dream of sleeping bears it represents introspection and inner work in waking life. The dream symbolizes patience and perseverance.

It reminds you to think well, feel well and act well in public situations. A sleeping bear symbolizes introspection and looking within yourself for guidance and support.


Dreaming of a dead bear

When you dream of a dead bear, it represents authority and power. It symbolizes that you are the master of your destiny. You can feed yourself and protect your territory effectively.

As the bear symbol is all about power and inner strength, this dream signifies the end of your mental stamina.

The dream also has a negative impression. He tells you, as if your inner strength had gone with the dead bear. You have become weak and docile to fight against the obstacles in life.


Dreaming about baby bears

A baby bear in a dream symbolizes your child like qualities and innocence. It also means clarifying and understanding your current state in waking life. Sometimes baby bears mean seeking support and protection from others in difficult real-life situations.

This dream also signifies a growing project. Just started and needs more long term support.



Dreaming about bear traps

When you dream of setting a bear trap, it means that you are too excited about an upcoming project. You would want to give it a good shape in due time. Bear traps are enclosed spaces representing fertile ideas and creative endeavours. 

The bear trap symbolism is a good sign representing passion for a new adventure in waking life. If you see yourself caught in the bear trap symbolizes a negative meaning.

This dream represents feelings of being trapped and confined. You may suffer an unrecoverable failure.


Dream about being bitten by a bear

When you see yourself being bitten by a bear, it means danger in real life. The dream represents threat, trouble, lies, and deception by someone in your waking life.

Also, the dream is a wake-up call to review your relationships, perhaps a romantic relationship that is slowly taking shape and blossoming silently.


Dreaming of a pet bear

When you dream of a pet bear, it signifies controlling your emotional impulse. The dream reminds you to keep calm and deal with the situation peacefully. It tells you to control your ups and downs.

You should talk less, meditate more, and observe carefully to better understand the issues in your real life.


Dreaming about bears fighting

If you have dreamed that two bears are fighting, it means that you are fighting an inner battle. Maybe you are emotionally upset and not at peace.

This message is relayed in the subconscious. Fighting bears can also signify your aggressive and wild self.


Dreaming of a group of bears

This dream symbolism denotes problems with others. Your social relationships go through jerks and tremors. Perhaps your personal and professional associations are going down a rough road.

The dream is telling you to rectify your own behavior and focus on your personal growth. Problems with social relationships and communication can be rectified through better control of emotions. The dream is telling you to deal with problems rather than avoiding them.


Dreaming about bears in the trees

This dream symbolizes a good sign. You are in a healthy state of existence. It means that you are physically active, mentally agile, and spiritually tuned in your waking life. It represents balance and prosperity.

You feel good about yourself and your worries are far from you. The dream also represents inner strength and authority.


Dreaming of a bear playing

Seeing bears playing in dreams denounces the fun and pleasure of waking life. This dream represents happy times, fun, frolics and poise. The dream is telling you to slow down and enjoy life to the fullest.

You have to live in the moment and be aware of what is happening around you. You can spend time with your family and friends, go on vacation, etc.


Dreaming of bears and wolves together

If you dreamed of bears and wolves together, it signifies multiple problems coming your way in waking life. The dream symbolizes threat and danger becoming difficult to overcome.

On a positive note, this dream is a warning sign for you to stay careful and vigilant about your daily life.


Dream of waking up a bear

If you see that you are trying to wake up a bear, it means you are trying to wake up some hibernating or hidden side of your personality.

Maybe you are trying to give free rein to your emotions, or even some creative ideas that have lain dormant for a long time.

This dream indicates reviving some hidden item that has been avoided and overlooked. You are committing to reusing and reviving what seemed to be lost forever.


Dream about feeding a bear 

If you dream of feeding a bear, it means that you could start a new business or a new project soon. It represents a new beginning.

The dream reminds you to take risks and put your plans into action. It reminds you to have faith in yourself, to work hard, and to be determined to make things happen.


Dream of seeing a bear

Seeing a bear symbolizes the presence of a dominant female figure in your waking life. It can be your mother, sister, wife, colleague, etc. A bear is a symbol of protection, care and attention.

It represents support beyond imagination. This dream is a reminder to take care of that woman in your waking life. Maybe she is in trouble and is looking for your help and support.


Dreaming of mountains and bears

Bears and mountains symbolize authority, power and courage. This dream symbolizes your ability to stay strong and support your creative endeavors.

This also relates to achieving goals in waking life. On a deeper level, this dream reminds you to fight adversities with courage and never give up on failures.


Dreaming of a dancing bear

Bears are fun loving animals and they can dance very well. You must have seen bears dancing in the circus. To the right? But if you see dancing bears in dreams, it is a bad omen.

The dream is reminding you to pay attention to some imminent danger or threat coming your way. This dream symbolizes obstacles but you have the power to overcome them.


Dreaming of polar bear

The polar bear is white in color and it symbolizes the positive energy of purity, kindness, humility and innocence. The bear represents serenity, simplicity and openness as it can easily adapt to changing conditions.

The white color of the bear carries the message of charity, awareness and spiritual growth. It will help you through the tough times.


Dreaming of a slow bear

The term "lazy" means slow. This bear in a dream suggests that you take a break and slow down the pace of life. A small phase of relaxation in life is essential to revive and rejuvenate your spirit and energize you.

A slow, deliberate pace can help you gain clarity and get you through hardships with ease.


Dreaming of an Andean bear

This type of bear is native to the North American mountains. To see this dream signifies developing your intuition and wisdom in waking life.

The dream reminds you to focus on your skills and talents; to develop them and accomplish your life goals. Overall, seeing this bear is a good sign of growth and prosperity.


Dreaming of a black bear

A black bear in dreams signifies that you have an intuitive understanding of other people's thoughts, emotions, and likely actions.

He tells you to examine the actions of others in order to know them better. Another black bear meaning is your inner strength, power and independence. It symbolizes the bold character of the dreamer.

The dream reminds you to stay strong and resilient during difficult times and to face adversity with courage and determination. Psychoanalysts say that seeing the black bear represents savagery and aggression.


Dreaming about brown bear

The brown bear is a strong totem animal. This animal in dreams symbolizes a new beginning, a good start that can bring good results.

Sometimes this dream theme suggests that you need to slow down and spend time with your loved ones. The dream of brown bears symbolizes patience, protection and transformation.


Dreaming of a white bear

The white bear is the polar bear that generally lives in extremely cold climatic conditions. When you dream of polar bears, it symbolizes wisdom in overcoming obstacles in waking life.

It suggests victory over difficult situations. It symbolizes the power of your subconscious and tells you to realize your strengths and your will.


Dreaming about a gray bear

If you dreamed of a grizzly bear it symbolizes careful observation in waking life. Gray color signifies protection from evil. When you see such a dream, it is telling you to stay open and develop clarity of thought to avoid anxiety.

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