Dreaming of black dog: What meanings?

Dreaming of black dog: What meanings?

Dogs in dreams are often associated with positive, but be careful, because black is a color often associated with negative in dreams. So what does this dream mean? Here is everything you need to know about the black dog dream.

At first, I will give you a general interpretation of this dream, but above all I will give you right after the different detailed meanings of this dream.


Dreaming of a black dog: General interpretation

Dreaming of a black dog indicates problems with loved ones such as illnesses or times they are going through. It can also be about your own feelings, currently negative but which will also be linked to someone close to you and often to betrayal on the part of people around you.


The different meanings

Here are the different meanings of dreaming about a black dog.


Dreaming of a friendly black dog

This dream is positive, because if darkness is present on the dog, the fact that he is friendly shows that you accept a negative part or even better that you know it is there and how to get rid of it.


Dreaming about a scary black dog

There is change in your life, unfortunately this one is negative and reveals difficult moments which are reflected in this dream by your subconscious that has detected them.


Dreaming about a black dog watching you

This dream indicates that you have fake friends who do not wish you well and your subconscious brings it out in this dream. Possible betrayals could appear on their part.


Dreaming about a black dog approaching you

Problems approach you in real life, they can come from the professional world or the private sphere. The speed at which it approaches indicates how close they are to you.


Dream about being chased by a black dog

You are fleeing a problem with a loved one, which can usually be due to guilt or fear. You may have bad thoughts towards them.


Dream about being bitten by a black dog

The bite by a black dog in the dream demonstrates a conflict with someone close to you.


Dreaming of a black dog swimming

Dogs swim but hardly and this dream shows that you are in trouble and you can't get out of it right now.


Dream about playing with a black dog

This dream is unfortunately also negative because it is simply the fact that you are not aware of the negative things close to you in life, hence the fact that you are playing with a threat in the dream.


Dreaming of an injured black dog

Right here, betrayal is the center of the dream and the hurt shows how difficult this betrayal can be for you. Again, the conscious side may not have noticed it but the unconscious brings it out through the dream.


Dreaming of being a black dog

Here it is you who are the danger to your loved ones and the dream is a sign of correct this harmful attitude for those around you.


Dreaming of a group of black dogs

The group increases the effect of the dream tenfold, here it is not one of your relatives who may want to hurt you but many of your relatives.

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