Dreaming of blue: What meanings?

Dreaming of blue: What meanings?

To dream of blue is related to feelings of tranquility in your life and may indicate something happening or something you need to look for. 

Depending on the tone that this blue represents, it is possible to better understand the dream.

So, try to remember this detail and discover the message that comes to you through the color blue. 


Dreaming of blue: the different interpretations

As you may know, there are different shades of blue, such as turquoise etc. And, for each of these nuances, there is a slightly different meaning of the dream.

So one must check below what was the shade of blue that appeared in the dream to find out its meaning.


Dreaming of turquoise

To dream of turquoise signifies tranquility in your love life. 

This shade of blue is one of the ones that stands out the most, because it is different from the others. 

Likewise, love issues tend to loom large in the lives of most people who dream about them.

Have this dream indicates that this area of ​​your life tends to improve, becoming more peaceful and pleasant. 

It's a time of change, where the pressure around love no longer counts and you can enjoy your reality. 

In this sense, those who are already in a serious relationship have in this dream the message of better days in the couple, in which they will enjoy each other's company. 

Any single person can take this as a message that it won't be hard to find happiness however they choose, whether it's starting a relationship or staying single. 

Anyway, tranquility tends to appear in your life, which makes it very good


Dreaming of light blue

When the dream shows the light blue color, it means peace of mind when solving a problem. 

The occurrence of this dream occurs in people who are going through a complicated phase in their life. 

This difficulty can be related to any area, but it seems to interfere with all others, because it attracts the dreamer's full attention. 

Thus, there is difficulty in feeling calm, because one is constantly preoccupied with solving what one deems necessary. 

For this reason, this dream occurs to bring a message of tranquility, indicating that your situation will be resolved very soon. 

If you think it's necessary, ask for help, because someone else can look into your problem in a way you couldn't and be very helpful. 

Allow yourself to breathe, look at the problem in a new way and soon you will be able to perceive a solution, to find a much more peaceful phase of your life.



Dreaming of royal blue

To dream of the color royal blue means that you seek tranquility in your social life. 

This shade of blue is related to pleasure, moments with friends, aimed at relaxing and enjoying life.

However, if you had this dream, it is because you take your social life as a task, trying to tell others how much fun you can have.

There is a willingness to perform actions that others find amusing, in order to convey a specific image and interact with certain people. 

Although these actions seem ideal, they require a lot of effort and do not bring you much pleasure.

So, to dream of the color Royal Blue means that you want changes in your life, to allow you to take better advantage of what is available around you. 

Stop thinking about what you're doing, avoid making decisions based on the opinions of others, and focus more on what makes you happy. 

By focusing more on your pleasure and less on others, you can find more peace and enjoy your days with much more quality. 


Dreaming of navy blue 

When the dream shows the color navy blue, it means the tranquility of family life. 

This dream occurs in the face of complicated situations with the family, in which the dreamer is about to give up the search for a solution. 

For this reason, the dream occurs, trying to demonstrate that now is not the time to give up, but to persist, trying different ways to achieve success. 

If nothing has worked so far, think of a new strategy and try to put it into practice.

It will not be an easy task, presenting good and bad times, like the waves of the sea, represented by the color navy blue. 

With patience and perseverance, you will find yourself in a much more peaceful environment. 

Also consider that problems are not just up to you, change is up to everyone involved. 

So, expose your ideas and your desires, but do not consider your fault in case of failure or try to solve everything alone, everyone needs the same thing. 


Dreaming of sky blue

To dream of the color sky blue meansrequired to seek tranquility in general. 

Having this dream means you are putting a lot of demands on yourself, which always makes you worried or anxious. 

Much of what you demand is unnecessary, you seek perfection that is unlikely to be achieved. 

The results of these actions are more related to extreme fatigue than to what you really want to accomplish. 

So, this dream comes to bring a request for tranquility, changing your goals to something softer, like the shade of sky blue. 

It is not necessary to give up what you want, to leave everything aside, but to know how to dose and do your tasks in a controlled way. 

Set yourself realistic goals and break them down into small steps, because that way you can achieve them little by little, without engaging in a lot of activities. 

You will find the balance between seeking accomplishments and having some time to enjoy what you have accomplished.

As you have seen, the meaning of dreaming about the color blue is very positive for our life, so we should not worry at all about anything negative coming from this dream.

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