Dreaming of Breast: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Breast: What Meanings?

Dreaming about breast is not a very common occurrence, so it usually provokes as to its true meaning. However, dreaming of a breast is linked to good omens, feelings of well-being and abundance.

However, the true meaning of dreaming about breast varies depending on the elements present in each situation. So, dreaming of breasts is linked to wishes for prosperity and fertility, as you may be going through some changes.

Very related to childhood desires, because it is a reality of babies, the breasts in the dream can also represent this desire in adult life. So, if you want to better understand the meaning of dreaming about breasts, stay well with us.

Dreaming of breasts

Dreaming of breasts usually relates to the relationship between mother and child, functioning as a synonym for protection. Although they also have sexual connotations, breasts in dreams usually indicate good omens, so expect good news.

This type of dream also represents abundance and wealth, in the sense that the abundance represented in this dream concerns you in the social sphere, in relationships and especially in your professional life.

Dreaming of the left breast

A dream about the left breast shows the inner strength you have, and somehow this inner strength ends up being linked to some healing power you have. Not necessarily a physical healing but, above all, a spiritual healing, in the sense of contributing to its evolution.

In this sense, dreaming of a left breast also indicates how you relate to others, from a family relationship to a relationship with friends, children, and anyone else.


Dreaming of the right breast

If you dreamed of a straight breast, it is a sign of all the potential that exists in you and often becomes a hidden aspect of your personality. This dream is telling you that something needs to be explored, a quality that you have not yet been able to develop needs to be emphasized.

The right side is related to the rational domain, so it works with qualities and skills that you can develop over the years. Don't rush to succeed, just focus on exploring that side.

Dreaming of big breasts

Dreaming of big breasts is related to feelings of abundance, which can appear in various areas of your life, including the financial sector. In that sense, if you're expecting some money or something, now's the time to do it.

Dreaming of big breasts can also reveal a great desire to become a mother, while bringing with it a feeling of vulnerability. Indeed, the breasts are related to the protection that a mother gives to her child.

Dreaming of large breasts

A dream with large breasts is a positive sign. This good omen comes to you to tell you that you will soon live a great love story, which will add a lot to your life;

This true love comes to you without any interest and its intensity may even surprise you. So be still and feel all the positive things it brings to you. Allow yourself to love and be loved.


Dreaming of small breasts

Unfortunately, this is a bad omen, because dreaming of small breasts reveals that you will go through difficult times, which you will soon overcome. Faced with this, it is normal for you to feel a little anxious and even withdrawn, but try to stay calm to get through it.

In this sense, try to stay focused and learn from unexpected situations that end up bringing you great lessons during your walk. Feeling unprotected is normal, so the watchword is to concentrate on clearing up this confusion.

Dreaming about breasts of different sizes

To dream of different sized breasts is to say that you feel incomplete. If you are in a relationship, it is a difficult and troubled time, revealing that your partner does not value you in the right way. Try to get closer and bring dialogue to solve this problem in the life of a couple.

This dream also announces that you are going to go through quite hectic and troubled times. Now is not the time to give up or surrender. Take advantage of the external and internal conditions that you have and overcome this phase.


Dreaming of swollen breasts

The duality of this dream presents itself according to the way in which the swollen breasts are. If you dreamed of swollen breasts, it is a sign that a prosperous period will come, bringing economic stability.

However, this dream is also indicative of times marked by illness, accidents, and the bad elements around you. Be aware of this period and remain discreet in your relationships.

Dreaming of withered breasts

It works as an announcement that someone will come back to you soon, if you dream of withered breasts. Someone you haven't seen in a while comes back into your life and it can impact you, either positively or even negatively.

This return present in the dream can also come from any other feeling, such as a feeling that you are cultivating, a habit and even an addiction. Be aware of the signs present in your dream to find the best solution.


Dreaming of firm and upright breasts

If you dreamed of firm and erect breasts, it indicates that you will be surrounded by a lot of money and health. This time is marked by realizations that occur after good opportunities come your way. Be open to this time and try to enjoy all the benefits of having a comfortable financial situation. Try to be close to close family members, such as parents and siblings.

Dreaming of sagging breasts

The dream of sagging breasts turns out to be a bad omen. If you are a mom, this dream works as a warning, indicating that your child will be affected by a very serious disease or that he is in danger, going through difficult and almost irreversible situations. In this sense, try to calm down so that things clear up and you can think of an effective way to protect your child's life.


Dreaming about hairy breasts

When there is a manifestation in the dream with hairy breasts, it indicates all the difficulties facing you. If you are a married woman, this dream represents the possibility of becoming a widow, because your husband's health is weakened and fragile.

Although it represents difficult times, this dream also testifies to your ability to reinvent yourself and face adversity. Stay willful and focused and your difficulties will be overcome.

Dreaming about dirty breasts

To dream of dirty breasts indicates an awkward moment in a romantic relationship or even with friends. In this sense, a very strong disagreement will require some effort on your part to try to resolve the situation, which at first glance seems almost irreversible. This dream also indicates the presence of some people pretending to be friends who only think about hurting you. Stay away from such people, who have nothing to add to your life.


Dreaming about artificial breasts

The symbology of dreaming about artificial breasts comes as a warning not to get carried away by appearances alone, as they can deceive you about people. Try to stay close to those whose trajectory you know, and know that common interests can take you down paths never before explored.

In this sense, the suggestion is to pay more attention to your surroundings and try to really know who your friend is and who loves you, in order to avoid any kind of bad surprise that could end up harming you.

Dreaming of bruised breasts

To dream of bruised breasts alerts you to bad news that is coming to you sooner rather than later and has great potential to shake your physical, financial, and emotional stability. The moment calls for a little more caution in order to avoid excessive wear and tear. Remember this is only a phase and will pass soon.

However, the dream also indicates a possible crack in a relationship with a very close person, which could be a friend, a family member and even a partner. In this sense, be a little more flexible to be able to meet the needs of the other.

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