Dreaming of Carpet: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Carpet: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Carpet: What Meanings?

Carpets give our apartments or houses a feeling of intimacy and comfort. The knots are placed on the ground or hung on the wall as an ornament. Carpets are not only an expression of your own taste, but can also convey prosperity to other people and visitors, as long as the carpets are valuable carpets like a Persian carpet.


Dreaming of carpet: The most common dreams

Dreaming about an old or new carpet

Try to remember which rug you saw in a dream. Was it an old carpet with flaws and stains, or a new one? A broken and dirty carpet sometimes represents a financial failure in the general interpretation of dreams. You could make a miscalculation or strike a bad deal.

On the contrary, the new and beautiful carpet represents a profit. Incidentally, these interpretations do not necessarily have to refer to expensive money; after all, new friendships are also an asset!


Dreaming about the color of the carpet

The interpretation of the color of the carpet from a dream experience is interesting, because each color has its own symbolism.

A black carpet embodies the dark, cryptic and problematic aspects of the dreamer's own life. There may be character traits that are difficult to deal with other people - now the dreamer "stumbles" on them and becomes aware of them.

A white carpet, on the other hand, shows the innocent and pure side of the person concerned. At the same time, the white color symbolizes vulnerability. If the white carpet is dirty, this sensitive soul should only be touched with extreme caution.

Blue is the color of calm and peace. Anyone who sees such a colorful rug in their dream has a balanced mind and is at peace with themselves. You can count on this person because they always try to be as honest as possible with others!

The green carpet shows in the traditional interpretation of dreams that the sleeping person is in a phase of spiritual growth. On the positive side, he is reaching a new level of maturity and personal development. This allows for new ways of looking at things and new perspectives.

Dreaming of a red carpet relates in the search for the dream above all to the lifestyle of the person who dreams. She probably lives and loves with a lot of passion and temperament. Because this emotional way of being can be exhausting in the long run, regular breaks are important. If you also see this in connection with the "Hollywood" dream image, you should generally be aware of your own desperate pursuit of something unattainable.

Yellow is above all symbolic for light and the sun, therefore for the bright and joyful sides of life. At the same time, there are negative associations with color, for example, envy and greed. A yellow carpet unites these aspects: the dreamer appears carefree on the outside, but may have hostile feelings on the inside. It is best to search for them.


Dream of washing a carpet

In a dream event, did you see an old, dirty carpet that needed urgent cleaning? Washing a carpet symbolizes in the dream analysis that the core is cleaned; the dreamer can break free from ballast or overcome inhibitions. A wet carpet shows in the dream world that letting go will soon be a problem.

The situation is different when knocking out the rug in the dream: A visit might be announced which one would prefer to skip. However, one should not run away from this person, but allow unpleasant conversations.

You can get dirt off a carpet not only with water, but also with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming a dirty carpet symbolizes a problem in reality. If the carpet is tangled after vacuuming, there are everyday worries that plague the dreamer.


Dream about doing something with a rug

Selling a rug: Who dreams of it, who can blindly rely on friends and family. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, rolling out a carpet on the floor indicates that the dreamer is a pleasure-loving person. He prefers to enjoy the present moment - and does not like to think about tomorrow. However, sometimes it is necessary.

Putting away a carpet in a dream and moving it means that one is basically satisfied with his life as it is.


Dreaming of an event with a carpet


Dreaming of a carpet on fire

A carpet on fire stands in the interpretation of dreams as a symbol of the passionate creativity of the sleeper. The warm energy emanating from the object in the dream can also be transferred to the emotional world of the dreamer: he or she has deep emotions and is able to express them.


Dreaming of a magic carpet

Like in "Arabian Nights" They are on a magic carpet in a dream? It must have been a great feeling to use such a magic carpet. If a magic carpet flies safely and smoothly through the dream world, the obstacles of waking life can be overcome. A wild and uncontrollable magic carpet, on the other hand, represents emotions that spiral out of control, such as very strong jealousy.


Dreaming of a corpse in a carpet

A corpse, rolled up and hidden in the carpet, is a familiar image from detective films or novels. If you also experience in a dream how you or another person covered up a murder in this way, then a mistake made must be hidden. Blood on a carpet in this context is a sign of a positive outcome!


The general interpretation

In general, the rug is a symbol of your own life. The pattern, as well as the quality and style of home accessories can express how the dreamer feels about his life.

Sometimes, however, the dream symbol can also warn you to literally "stay on the mat", that is, not to get too arrogant and always appreciate others.

In addition, there are concrete dream situations that can mean different things:

For example, knotting, but also seeing a beautiful carpet, indicates a (financially) successful future. The affected person manages to build a solid foundation in real life and will be able to achieve their goals and more on this basis.

He can also count on the support of his friends. The same applies if a rug is bought in a dream or passed over it. If you leave a mark while running on a carpet, you'll probably soon discover something new that will encourage you to perform at your best.

If you see a particularly colorful rug in your dream, you can expect turbulent times, but in a positive way. The real life of the dreamer is very multifaceted, exciting and varied, he will never be bored. Selling a carpet also symbolizes future adventures: the person affected will have the opportunity to go on a great journey.

Only the smashing or cleaning of a carpet or a doormat is interpreted negatively according to the general opinion: It could announce an unpleasant, unpleasant visit. "Close your eyes and through" would be the best advice here. You can of course keep the door closed, but the visit can return unexpectedly.

Removing carpet with a spatula can be a dream come true for future efforts and the toil you will have to put behind you before you succeed.


The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol may reflect the desire for wealth, prosperity, and luxury. Additionally, a rug can also inspire you not to expect too much and be happy with what you have. The dreamer should not set too high and unattainable goals, but rather focus on what he has already achieved.

One who rolls out a carpet in a dream is, according to the psychological point of view, often a pleasure-loving person who does not look too far into the future, but rather enjoys the present moment and is basically satisfied with himself and his his life.

On the other hand, however, cleaning and vacuuming a carpet in a dream can warn of a problem in real life: a carpet that is not spotless, perhaps even felted or ugly, shows that the dream is having difficulty with something in its daily life. life, his life is certainly not perfect.


spiritual interpretation

The carpet may be a sign of part of one's own memory in the interpretation of spiritual dreams. Certain experiences are linked to it, which the dream does not want to miss.

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