Dreaming of cat Islam: What meanings?

Dreaming of cat Islam: What meanings?

This type of dream can have many meanings depending on the details of the dream. In this article, we have gathered the main meanings related to the dream of a cat in Islam. Dreaming of a cat in Islam, here are the interpretations all drawn from Ibn Sirin, the greatest specialist in the field.


Islam Cat Dream: What You Should Know

In Islam, the cat is often linked to femininity, but when it comes to dreams it is very important to give importance to the details, because these determine the interpretation of the dream you have had. Here are the main meanings of the cat dream according to Islam.


Dreaming of cat and mouse together in Islam

A cat and a mouse together in a dream is a sign of loss of moral standards and hypocrisy. These two animals are not made to get along even in the world of dreams. Watch your surroundings carefully, because people may not be sincere with you. There may be a decline in your relationship with certain people, whether on a personal level or on a professional level.


Dreaming of a wild cat in Islam

A wild cat, in the Islamic world of dreams, is a sign of adversity and danger. You are going through or will go through hardships. There may be someone conspiring against you in real life. Also watch out for possible signs of betrayal from people around you who may put on a friendly face but are armed with bad intentions.


Dream of selling a cat in Islam

Selling a cat in a dream is a sign that you are squandering your savings and are not careful enough. The more the cat is of a prestigious breed and seems valuable, the more money you spend in real life. Also look to whom you are selling the cat to refine this cat dream in Islam.


Dreaming of Cat Bite in Islam

Attention, the bite of a cat is a sign of illness, you should make a medical appointment to be able to act in time and avoid complications. Biting in dreams is always negative, whether at the level of Islamic dream interpretation or in general. The bigger the bite, the bigger the disease.

The way you react to the injury indicates the abilities you have to deal with the disease.


Dreaming of a cat that does nothing in Islam

You love each other, this dream is clear proof of that. An inactive cat in a dream represents self-love. On the positive side, it's a sign of self-love, but it can also be a sign of a lot of narcissism, which is negative.


Dreaming of turning into a cat in Islam

This dreamlike transformation indicates that you earn or will earn your living through theft and illegal activities. It could be a sign of remorse or fear of being caught for wrongdoings you have caused that could fall back on you.


Dreaming of being scratched by a cat in Islam

A cat's scratch in a dream reveals that you are being betrayed, the extent of the scratch reveals the extent of betrayal in real life.


Dreaming of a Cat Bite That Makes You Bleed in Islam

If one sees blood flowing after being scratched by a cat or losing an eye due to its claws in his dream, there is an urgent need to be suspicious because someone around you is plotting against you and will put you at risk.


Dream of killing a cat in Islam

You manage to defeat people who wish you harm, you come out ahead of conflicts. Killing in Islamic dreams is often positive, as it marks the end of a negative situation and a new beginning.


Dream about fighting a cat in Islam

You are going to live a fight with an illness. If the cat is defeated, then it means that you will come out of it without difficulty, but if the cat triumphs, it is a sign that you will be struck down by this disease.

According to Ibn Sirin, a wild cat reveals a serious illness when it fights with you.


Dreaming of civet cat in Islam

To see a civet cat in a dream means to be a man of contradictions, being able to be of high virtue as well as completely disrespectful to others.


Dream of cat's milk in Islam

Cat's milk in a dream means a mild illness or a conflict leading to impaired relations.


Dream about a cat entering a house in Islam

This is a clear sign that a theft will take place in your home or has taken place. If the cat does damage, then this heist will be successful and the thieves will leave with the loot. The house in dreams reflects your home, which is closest to you.


Dreaming of cat meat in Islam

Eating cat meat in a dream means that the dreamer will learn magic.

Receiving cat meat or fat means he will get money from a thief or get something stolen anyway.

Either way, the dream is very negative and you should keep its ideas out of your mind.


Dream of extracting fat from a cat in Islam

If in the dream you extract cat fat, it means that you will do something illegal. The fat represents the loot obtained as a result of this act.


Dream of beating a cat in battle in Islam

Killing or beating a cat in a dream means triumphing over his enemy in a violent way, perhaps taking his life. It is quite similar to the dream of killing a cat, and the way the fight ends carries the meaning.

For example, if your cat has triumphed, it is a bad omen, but on the contrary, if you have won, it is a clear sign that you dominate your enemy.


Dreaming of a peaceful cat in Islam

A very positive omen, this dream is a sign of calm and tranquility in your waking life. Calm is indicative of your harmony in waking life, which is always positive in the meaning of dreams in Islam.


Dreaming of a cat scratching you in Islam

If a tomcat scratches or bites someone in a dream, it means that he will get sick. The severity of the disease will be proportional to the size of the scratch.


Dreaming of a black cat in Islam

It means that someone close to you is conspiring against you or that an accident is about to happen to you. Black always represents evil in the dream world in Islam.



Dreaming of a white cat in Islam

This means that your possessions are safe and secure, whether it's your money or your home. White, unlike black, is synonymous with good things. It is generally related to peace and harmony.


Dreaming of a yellow cat in Islam

To dream of a yellow cat in Islam is a sign that you are acting selfish with everyone around you. Pay attention to the actions you have that can harm you in your relationships with others.


Dreaming of a red cat in Islam

Red reveals sexual passions that you have within you. 


Dreaming of a gray cat in Islam

Here, the cat represents the heart of a woman who is difficult to seduce.


Dreaming of a blue cat in Islam

It portends a warning of financial and emotional problems.


Dreaming of a Siamese in Islam

The Siamese symbolizes the romantic relationship in which you are afraid to enter.


Dreaming of a dead cat in Islam

Death is negative, even in the dream world. This dream represents feelings of helplessness that you need to overcome because it is preventing you from moving forward. If the cat is yours, then it may be a sign of unforeseen problems.

If you play with the deceased cat, the problems are ongoing and you must solve them.

However, if in the dream you see your cat dying, this is not negative, on the contrary, it is a symbol of renewal in your life.


Dreaming of a Persian cat in Islam

This dream indicates that a person is in love with you in secret, but that love will not be revealed yet.


Dreaming of a cat giving birth in Islam

If in the dream you see a cat giving birth, it is a sign of rebirth in your life, it can be a union, a move in or even a birth. dreams related to birth are always a symbol of renewal.


What conclusions can be drawn?

Dreams are a great help in making good choices in life and not straying from the right path. So take the opportunity to correct something that is wrong or, on the contrary, continue on the path you are currently taking.


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