Dreaming of Death: Meanings

Dreaming of Death: Meanings

Death is feared in all cultures and dreaming of death is often synonymous with nightmares. This very common dream is a reflection of the subconscious that takes on very different meanings depending on the details of the dream.



Dreaming of Death: What Meaning?


Despite the discomfort that death-related dreams cause, it is not a premonition but a reflection of the subconscious that manifests in your dreams. Generally speaking, dreaming of death is a sign of a change in you.

The precise meaning of this type of dream depends on all its details. It is for example totally different if you dream that you are dead or that you see someone dead. The context of the dream and its details are necessary to interpret the dream well.

The feelings present in the dreams are also essential to take into account, and even if you were terrified there, it is not a premonitory dream.

Overall, dreaming of death is positive and indicates a significant change in your life, and thus the death of an old situation which is symbolized by death in the dream.


What does it mean to dream that someone dies?

Dreaming about someone dying, however close they are to you in real life a sign that you have doubts and questions about yourself.

Usually the dream signifies that you have moved away from the person who is dying in the dream and you are worried about him and his life situation.

You wish him changes, a kind of rebirth to reconnect with happiness. 


Meaning of dreaming about someone who is already dead

This person is always present in your mind and in your body, and it causes dreams of this person that the subconscious projects.

This dream is synonymous with a emotional bond still very present with the deceased person but if this one speaks to you in the dream, what it says may be very important and say a lot about your current situation. Everything will depend on what was said in the dream and therefore needs to be understood so that you can take the right actions in real life.

Don't forget that it is your subconscious (90% of the brain) that projects dreams and can provide you with much more important information than the conscious part of your brain alone;

Dreaming of death: Dreaming of a place/myth related to death


Dreaming of a grave or tombstone

In the dream, death may appear in the form of a grave or a coffin, and not necessarily by a person. If you dream of a tombstone or a grave, the negative sensations in the dream make you realize that'it's time for you to leave the past behind and that it's time to move on to get rid of all those negative feelings that you have in you.

If the tombstone has a name that you know the change is related to that person and you want to see their own rebirth.



Dreaming of a cemetery or a funeral home 

Dreaming of a graveyard is a bit different from different dreams. It has in common the fact that'we have to bury the past to move on but also means you have to focus on the future.

In case you bring flowers to the cemetery, it means that you miss someone and you are plagued with insecurities.

If ghosts appear, this is interpreted as the need for support from loved ones.

Current concerns and issues that you are unable to resolve lead to this type of dream.


Dreaming of a funeral

To dream of a funeral symbolizes the fact to bury your current life situation and move on. You have to start from scratch and renew yourself to live the life you want to have.

If you dream that the weather is gloomy, then a difficult period will begin but is necessary for change.

If you are the one buried, it represents a time of confusion and fear.


Dreaming of a coffin or a hearse

The coffin in dreams represents separation from people who are currently part of your life. It's a change of cycle or some of your loved ones will no longer be.

A coffin can also be a harbinger of marital problems. For example, a flowery coffin announces a future marriage or a future development in the relationship that makes you doubt.

The hearse signifies the end of a period, also linked to a change in your life.



Dreaming of death in person

The grim reaper is the modern symbol of death. A mystical entity that comes to snatch people from the world of the living and is frightening and often depicted in horror movies.

If the grim reaper appears to you in the dream with his black hood and his scythe, then rest assured it is not that your time has come but that you have the possibility of completely renewing yourself and turning a page in your life to finally be happy. But you will have to face your fears to achieve this.



Dreaming of La Catrina: what does it mean? 

La Catrina is a beloved person in Mexican folklore and comes from the world of the dead, like the grim reaper.

If she appears in dreams, it is a sign that you have an inner strength and vitality that you fully exploit to overcome the bad times. La Catrina represents the spirit of positive thinking and the desire to continue living, even in the hardest times of life.

This dream is extremely positive because it formalizes the fact that you have great inner confidence in yourself and that you can face any obstacle that comes your way.


Dreaming of the angel of death

The angel even if it is that of death, represents protection. To have such a dream, reveals a feeling of protection in real life. However, its appearance is also the sign of danger that you perceive in real life, and your subconscious made it appear in the dream world as a sign that you must protect yourself from it.


Dreaming about the death of your ex 

Dreaming about your ex dying can have several meanings.

First, the death of your ex may symbolize that you finally move on. His death represents the fact that he disappears from your mind and you can finally think about the future of your love life.

A second meaning, this one being negative represents that you want your ex out of your mind so you can finally move on with your life.

Finally, dreaming about your ex may be a sign that you wish he would let go of you and stop being an integral part of your life.

To find out what the right meaning is, all you have to do is see what meaning matches your state of mind relating to that ex.


Dreaming of your husband's death / Dreaming of your wife's death

The meaning of this dream depends on your current feelings towards your husband or wife.

You could have fear of his death, maybe he/she is sick in real life and you are worried about him/her. The subconscious reflects this worry through the dream.

This dream can also be related to having an argument or resentment towards him/her. In this case the dream informs you, in a very violent way, of what life could be like without him/her, after a breakup. Of course, that doesn't mean you want him/her dead.

You might also have this dream because you are afraid of losing him and his death in the dream is a sign of the end of the relationship you fear.

Finally, if you are in the process of getting a divorce, this dream is a waking life reflection, evoking the end of a period in your life in the form of the death of your future ex-husband/wife.


Dream about the death of an acquaintance

To dream of the death of an acquaintance indicates that some people you see occasionally are going out of your life for good. This dream is not positive or negative, the subconscious just acting as an informant of this estrangement.


Dreaming of the announcement of the death of a loved one

To have this dream is to realize that someone close to you is moving away. You may have, in real life, received information about her, like a distant move or a change in one's life which has been announced to you and which will lead you away from this person.


Dreaming about the death of someone you love

This dream can literally mean 




Dreaming of dead animals

Animals are among the most common dreams, including cats and snakes and even rats, horses and dragons.

Each animal has a different representation in the dream and to know the meaning, you have to focus on the dead animal. The meaning will be totally different if it is a crocodile or a cat for example. In dreams, each animal has a different meaning.


Dream about the death of a bird

A dead bird in dreams is the sad fact that your hopes are gone. The aspirations you had are no longer relevant. It's up to you to revive them.


Dreaming about the death of a dog

A dog that dies in a dream is a warning of a potential problem. Conflicts can be the cause.


Dream about the death of a cat

Dreaming of a dead cat is related to a lack of independence and difficulties in achieving it.


Dreaming of a dead owl

The owl symbolizes wisdom. The dead owl in a dream represents your lack of calm and wisdom to solve your current problems.


Dreaming of a dead fox

If you dream of a dead fox, it represents definite bad decisions and which will not have consequences on your current and future life.


dream of dying

Although being one of the scariest dreams, dreaming of dying carries a very positive meaning, symbolizing the renewal of the new qualities that you develop in the face of the difficulties that present themselves to you.

If the dream continued even after your death, thus becoming observant, then this dream is a sign of people around you appreciating your growth.



Dreaming of his death


There are two distinct meanings here.

If you were apparently dead while remaining conscious, this is a clear indication that you will be able to face the fights that are coming in your life but that the people around you doubt it, especially if in the dream they do not see that you are dead.

The second type of dream being one in which you are dead but where you are not in your body you are in the dream as an observer. In this case, the dream symbolizes renewal for which you put in place the right actions and which will have an impact on everyone around you.



Dream about the death of a pet

It's a dream that represents the imminent end of a phase of your life. It is likely that you are facing a period that is ending and that certain relationships are no longer part of your life.

Animals often represent relationships in dreams. Sometimes separations are necessary in real life.



Dreams of a person's death


Dreaming of an unknown dead person

To dream of an unknown person indicates that a good time awaits you and will also reach the people around you, so take the opportunity to establish bold projects. This is of course not a reason to go to excess.


Dreaming about the death of a friend

If you dream about the death of one of your friends, then this dream warn against a gradual estrangement which can lead to the end of the relationship. Make yourself more present if you want to keep this friendship.



Dreaming about the death of a relative

Dreaming of the death of one of your parents also has two meanings depending on the context of the dream.

First, it may represent the affection you feel for this person and your desire to be more present in his life, despite the demands of daily life.

But also, it can be a sign of a process of renewal and changes that you are putting in place in your current life.


Dreaming about the death of your spouse

This dream is negative, because it represents the lack of connection with your partner. Perhaps you are less close to it or your life plans diverge. Either way, his death in the dream represents that you are moving away from him and he may not be a part of your life in the future.

It is essential to ask yourself the right questions about your relationship.


Dreaming about baby death

It's a terrifying dream, the baby represents the impending end of something that has not yet fully developed, like the baby. Maybe a recent friendship is about to end or a new relationship is coming to an end. This can also concern the professional sphere.

Something important that was still evolving will disappear and interrupt this natural process.


Dreaming about your brother's death

To dream of your brother being dead represents an internal change, a transition phase and advancement in life. Changes are coming and your life will enter a new phase.


Dreaming about your father's death

This dream indicates that you need to be more mature and independent because you suffer from a lack of attention and the feeling of abandonment hurts you. Keep a cool head so you can gain your independence and not worry about the attention you get from others.

Dreaming about your mother's death

The mother is often synonymous with affection and protection in the face of difficulties. This dream tells you that you want to become someone more responsible and take care of yourself. It is essential that you are self-sufficient without expecting attention or support from others. You need to show more confidence and maturity.


Dreaming of a dead person

The first meaning of this dream is the desire that you feel for that person you miss now.

The second is that the problems of the past hinder your current life by making you stagnate. It is necessary to leave the past behind in order to move forward.



Dream about the death of the child

This dream is as terrifying as the death of a baby, but it simply represents a concern and not a bad omen. This can directly concern your children, or rather your teenagers, who are no longer children.

It is necessary to understand that they have passed the age of childhood, and now they are more independent and less close to you.


Dreaming about the death of your best friend or your best friend

To dream of your best friend dying can signify estrangement in real life, whether purely physical or in terms of state of mind. Your relationship may have changed recently and your subconscious is sending you a clear message of an ongoing estrangement with this person.


Dreaming about the death of your man

Here the meanings are the same to those relating to the death of a husband.


Dreaming about the death of your lover

The remoteness of this person in real life is the source of this dream. the distance may be due to an argument or a change in life situation.


Dreaming about the death of his whole family

Dreaming of seeing your whole family die is a sign that you move away from your family and you don't like it. Perhaps a change in your life has caused you to become estranged from your family.


Dreaming about the death of your stepfather or stepmother

This represents the fact that'she walks away from you.


Dreaming about the death of your big brother

You are changing, becoming fully adult and now able to make your own choices and take charge of your life in a fully responsible way without anyone's help.


Dreaming about the death of his grandfather

Dreaming of your dead grandfather can reveal a regret not having been present during his end of life.

If he is still alive, get closer to him because your subconscious warns you that you are moving away from him.


Dreaming about the death of your brother-in-law / sister-in-law

There are some things that you don't don't like your sister's relationship, and maybe it's directly your brother-in-law. You would like to see this situation change or evolve in the right direction.


The meaning is the same if you dream about your sister-in-law.


Dreaming of dead twins

This dream represents the end of a duality and perhaps a new cycle in your life.


Dream about the death of 2 people

The meaning is the same as for dead twins.


Dreaming about the death of a friend's father

Your friend is becoming more mature, you see him evolve as an adult, by his evolution in his personality or by his actions. The fact that his father died symbolizes that he is no longer a child.



Dreaming about the death of his nephew

It means that you try to avoid your responsibilities but your subconscious reminds you that you must bear your daily responsibilities. The carefree period is behind you.


Dreaming of a dead man dressed in white

White is synonymous with purity and innocence, maybe you lost part of it through a life trial or struggle in waking life.


Dreaming about the death of a little boy

If you have a boy in real life, this dream can signal that he has passed the milestone of childhood and has fully entered the turbulent world of adolescence.

The child can also represent you, you are now a responsible adult, your inner child has definitely moved away.


Dream of burnt death

Seeing someone die by fire means that you lose yourself in your ambitions and it will put you in danger. Be more measured to achieve your goals.


Dream of 3 dead

Dreaming of 3 or more deaths is a clear sign that many aspects of your life are coming to an end. You may be entering a new direction in your life or a new beginning is underway.


Dream about the death of a celebrity

You are going through a critical phase in your life and this dream shows you that the current transition phase will allow you to evolve.


Dreaming of rotting death

The decomposition of the corpse is a reflection of the awareness of a change in your life. You see the old situation being replaced by the new. Despite its gloomy appearance, this dream brings good news.



Dreaming of death every night

You need change in your life, to leave behind you a part of your current life, your subconscious reminds you of it every night so much it is necessary for you. So, do what is necessary to leave behind a part of your life that you are obsessed with and that you no longer wish to have in your life.


Rever de mort now

The nakedness in this dream represents freedom of mind. You have freed yourself from previous attachments and gained new peace of mind.



Dream about playing with death

Playing with death is a dangerous game. In the dream world, that means changes don't scare you, on the contrary, you welcome them with open arms and without any fear.


Dreaming of a young dead

This death symbolizes that a phase of your life is over. Many people who have this dream have just taken a new step (entering the world of work, parenthood, etc.).


Dreaming of a dead man on the train

The train, in the dream world, represents a journey. The journey into the world of dreams is metaphorical.

If someone died on the train, this means that he let an old part of his life perish during his evolution.



Dreaming of death: What conclusions can be drawn from it?


To dream of death, regardless of the details, always represents something happening in your life. This is what the subconscious brings to the surface during dreams.

So take advantage of this dream to make the right decisions in relation to its meaning.

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