Dreaming of emptiness: What meanings?

Dreaming of emptiness: What meanings?

Dreaming of emptiness: What meanings?

What does it mean to dream of emptiness? A vacuum is free space devoid of content, people or animals.

It can be to empty a glass, a plate, a gourd, a box, a room etc...

When emptiness appears in dreams, it has different meanings.


What does it mean to dream of emptiness?

Dreaming of emptiness, or dreaming of an empty house, or dreaming of an empty container or an empty box etc. it could mean that you have recently suffered an emotional loss that has left a big void around you, or that you are feeling tired, empty-headed.

Maybe you have a sense of worthlessness, or maybe you feel like your life is spinning in circles.

Emptiness in dreams could represent that your existence is empty, your words cannot be heard and they fall into the void, you feel spiritual emptiness or maybe it is your life in general that is empty .


Dreaming of emptiness: The different meanings


Dreaming of an empty building

Dreaming of being in an empty building, or dreaming of being in an empty house, or an empty room, feeling a strong sense of fear or loneliness, could indicate that you may not have been able to to find a specific purpose in life.


Dreaming of an empty store

Dreaming of seeing an empty store, dreaming of finding yourself in an empty supermarket, etc. it could indicate that you haven't learned much from life or maybe you feel emotional or material emptiness around you.


Dreaming of an empty public place

Dreaming of an empty public place, restaurant, pizzeria, bar, etc. it could be synonymous with melancholy and/or loneliness and problems or, it could be a warning that you will be under a lot of pressure which will force you to act incorrectly or, it could also signal that you are taking serious risks in the field business due to negligent and/or disorderly administration.


Dreaming of empty boxes

Containers, containers, empty boxes, etc. when they appear in dreams they can also represent things that are now over or disappointments.

Dreaming about opening a box and finding it empty, or dreaming about a container, an empty container, etc. it could mean that you have a bad feeling that something unpleasant is about to happen. It could also signal that there is a need or need to get your life or your feelings in order. 


Dreaming of an empty basket

To dream of seeing an empty basket could alert to a lack of ideas or material possessions.


Dream about falling into the void

Dreaming of falling into the void could be a consequence of a stressful, anxious or anxious situation, or it could be caused by fear and insecurity of having to face new situations in life.

It could also be a downfall in morals that your conscience blames you for or it could point to financial failure.

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