Dreaming of eyes: What meanings?

Dreaming of eyes: What meanings?

Dreaming of eyes: What meanings?

As the popular saying goes “the eyes are the window to the soul”, and indeed they are. It is through the eyes that we perceive ourselves in the world, we see what surrounds us, we appreciate life. The eyes are essential tools for existence. This is what it means to dream of eyes according to the details of the dream.

Dreaming of your eyes


Dream about seeing his eyes

Henry Ford used to say "Obstacles are those dangers you see when you take your eyes off your goal" associating the eyes with attention. To dream that you see the eyes is related to the demand for perception and concentration. What do you need to see - literally or figuratively - to change the direction of your life?

Try to reflect on your own existence, your choices and the paths you have taken. Be aware of yourself, because in some way it is necessary at this time. Perhaps you have dropped something very important unnoticed. If necessary, put aside pens, a pad of paper and write freely and spontaneously until you find answers.


Dream about losing an eye

Although the act of seeing is not limited to the eyes, after all we are able to see in other ways - the visually impaired, for example, see with their hands - to dream that you are losing an eye is a symbol that you do not not see the details of something very important.

It is possible that there are cynical friendships or malicious people in your life. Therefore, in these times, stay more attentive to those who share your experience, even noticing how - those around you - speak and act in relation to others. After all, if someone speaks ill of others, why not speak ill of you?


Dreaming about an eye injury

When you dream that you have injured your eye, chances are that you have mistaken someone's intentions, either positively or negatively; that is, you may have thought that someone was acting in bad faith with you, but maybe they just didn't realize what they were doing.

Therefore, try to avoid making big judgments for a while and observe people more before jumping to conclusions. Paulo Coelho said: “It's one thing for you to think you're on the right path, another to think that your path is the only one. We can never judge the lives of others, because everyone knows their own pain and renunciation.


Dreaming that you only have one eye

Even though a person with one eye is adapted to monocular vision, even acting as if he had two eyes; dreaming that you only have one eye brings back the symbology from before the adaptation process, that is to say: you have difficulty making a value judgment in relation to the people around you.

Routine, anxiety and fatigue interfere with our critical sense, so robotic routine generates stress and exhaustion and this delays the act of correctly perceiving people. Therefore, a good resolution is the search for sensitivity: read a book with a good theme, attend a conference; meditate. A recommendation is the book "Learn to Live Now" by Nuns Coen.


Dream of seeing a person with one eye

To dream that you see a person with one eye means that someone is misanalyzing you. Although it seems painful to dream of something that carries this message, it is part of the human condition to have gestures, speeches and choices misinterpreted by someone else.

The purpose of the dream is to make you understand that if you come across something unpleasant, do not destabilize yourself: you are the only person who knows you deeply and knows your story. Don't let the opinions of others destabilize your peace.


Dream about losing your sight

When you dream of losing your sight, it means that you are not at a stage where you can make choices, criticize and develop resolutions. The decision you are making now is most likely wrong; so take a break. The present moment is to preserve introspection in the search for your "eyes" to come back to you.

A good recommendation is to take a weekend to relax. You don't need to think about anything, at least not at first, try to relax, focus on something else. How about watching a relaxed movie? The time spent away from everything, everyone and their problems will help you return to true consciousness.


To dream that many eyes are watching you

To dream that many eyes are looking at you indicates that you are being watched and judged by those around you. But calm down, judgments are not always wrong. If you are in a good phase of your life and you feel positive energies emanating from your work, the tendency is for those around you to make positive judgments.

Otherwise, if you feel in a bad, chaotic, unbalanced phase; judgments about you are likely to be negative.

So the best way to handle all of this is to remember that you are the one who knows your story; therefore the only person capable of analyzing your behaviors and motivations is yourself. Do not get carried away by the opinions of others and take advantage of this dream so that you can look at yourself and perceive yourself too.


Dream that you can't open your eyes

When you dream that you cannot open your eyes, it indicates that you are letting your heart take over your mind. In other words, in life it is difficult to evaluate with a certain wickedness the people we love, to identify the negative influences that they can cause us.

So bring some rationality to your thoughts: Just because the person you love is failing you in some way doesn't mean you have to stop loving them. With this in mind, also recognize that imperfection is a human condition and allow yourself to assess those around you.

Only then can you open your mind's eyes and rest your heart-influenced vision for a while.


Dream about having a third eye

In the Hindu tradition, the third eye is related to intuitive ability; Therefore, dreaming that you have a third eye is a sign that your intuition is being tapped and you are able to intuitively distinguish between good and evil.

From there, stimulate your third eye by carrying the stone of Ulexite with you, it is associated with the sixth chakra - the frontal chakra -, facilitating the vibration of the energy of this field, bringing out increasingly intuitive abilities.

Another tip is the use of sage essential oil sage which, according to chromotherapy, also stimulates the frontal chakra, developing sensitivity and perception.


To dream that the eyes are turned inward

To dream that your eyes are looking inwards is a literal message that uses the metaphor evoked in the image, that is to say: you need to look inside yourself.

These dreams usually occur when there comes a time when a self-analysis is not being performed, assessing behaviors, orientations, relationships, and choices. It is recommended that you set aside time, preferably before bed, to write about yourself, what you have done, and what you have done that makes sense.

It is possible that you will end up dreaming of other symbolic figures after this exercise and the proposal is precisely this: to be more connected to spirituality, mysticism and their religious beliefs; such behavior will help you notice traits that you may not be able to notice on your own, and dreams serve this help as well.


Dream about having something in your eye

When you dream that you have something in your eye, it is important to be aware of the sensations. Does something in the eyes bother you or convey a positive emotion? If the thing in the eyes is bothering you, it means that something you are actually witnessing is causing you discomfort and the dream translated these feelings with such a metaphor.

However, if you feel good about the sensation of your vision, chances are your third eye is activated, so your intuitive ability is on display and you are able to know which path to take and which choices to make.


Dream about gouging out someone's eyes

When you dream of gouging out someone's eyes, there is an indication that a speech or attitude on your part has changed the direction of a person's authentic perception. The dream came as a warning to be careful of the interference it makes in observing someone, after all what we have as truth is not always true.

A good exercise is that while the other observes and describes your thoughts, you practice your listening and only share what you have thought about in the middle of it, if there is a request from the person.


Dream of beautiful eyes

To dream with beautiful eyes is a call from the universe to enjoy life, that is, to try to see situations in a more pleasant way, to see the beauty of small things.

Sometimes we get caught up in the rut and start replicating our existence without even realizing it. However, you must always leave a small exit door open, that is to say, look for the highlights of your day to get out of the toxicity of a robotic life.

What would you say today to reserve a time to stay at the window? Feel the wind, listen to the sounds from the side of form, breathe deeply, look at the clouds. The dream asks you to show up every day with everything beautiful and subtly within your reach.


Dreaming of having someone else's eyes

When you dream of someone else's eyes, it is a sign that you want to "look through the windows of that person's soul"; that is, you are looking for a more intense and intimate exchange with someone and your subconscious has translated it through this dream.

Therefore, if you don't have someone in particular who would like to have this exchange, look for kindness as a tool to bring people closer. Sometimes the rigid and distant posture ends up creating barriers in the process of connecting with others.

If you already have a person in mind that you would like to have this exchange with, have a little patience, because what has to be will be. Spontaneity is also essential for everything to flow. Wait and time will tell how deep you can take this relationship.


Dreaming of animal eyes


Dreaming of fish eyes

The fish is an animal very linked to the unconscious, because the waters represent the deepest parts of the being. So added to the sense of watching; to dream of fish eyes is a request that you enter into a meditative process on yourself.

For some reason, the universe needs you to set aside time and space for yourself and immerse yourself in your being, perhaps not necessarily looking for answers, but for the feeling of to be in deeper contact with your emotions. Do it and you will see how much better you will feel.


Dreaming of cat's eyes

The cat carries energetic cleansing as one of its meanings. So dreaming of cat's eyes is asking you to use your perception of yourself to define the parts of your being, your life, or your relationships that you need to spiritually cleanse.

Dreaming about eyes of different colors


Dreaming of brown eyes

In color therapy, the color brown is related to strength and support, therefore dreaming of brown eyes is the need to feel welcomed and supported. People with eyes of this color usually transfer the feeling of confidence and stability, and your spirit may have translated this desire to feel this through this dream.

There is also another possibility of interpretation in the middle of this night reverie: the universe has hinted that through a process of evaluation and observation on itself, you will find the support you need to make facing the adversities of life.

In summary, evaluate these possibilities and see which suits you best. Intuitively, you'll find the answers and strategies you need.


Dreaming with red eyes

Although when it comes to red, associations of passion and seduction come to the fore. Red in these dreams is close to the meaning of hunger. Your soul craves intensity, reflection, perception and observation.
Therefore, it is very likely that you are being careless with yourself because of your self-absorption needs.

Feed your soul with meditative processes or self-analysis. If possible, set aside pens and paper and write down how you feel and how your life has been; then put in place strategies to overcome certain negative points, in search of improvement and personal growth.

You will find that you will feel more fulfilled by yourself: any feeling of emptiness will disappear.


Dreaming of gray eyes

In chromotherapy, the color gray is associated with stagnation, coldness and discouragement. When you dream of gray eyes, it is therefore possible that it is a message about the apathetic way in which you have managed life and with yourself; thus resulted in nocturnal reveries.

Dreaming of green eyes

That the color green refers to nature, everyone knows it, what few people know is that this color balances the body and the spirit; thus, dreaming of green eyes signifies that you are probably going through a balancing process or that you need time to balance some area of ​​your life.

If you are still seeking this balance in areas of your life, you can achieve this through the energy of nature, where you will feel empowered to shape what you need to shape in the context in which you live.

So plant a flower, water your plants, play with the soil, and you'll see how energized you'll feel to get what you need: whether it's balance or something else.


Dreaming of black eyes

Black, according to chromotherapy, is closely associated with the process of introspection, in addition to being used to treat insomnia, panic and trauma. So dreaming of black eyes asks you to deal with your traumas in an introspective context, where you can look inside yourself and know what exact issues need to be addressed.

Once these issues have been explained to yourself, consider taking this to therapy and if you are not in counseling, write down all of these issues in your diary, so that you can one day communicate them to a professional.


Dreaming of blue eyes

It is already common sense that blue eyes refer to angelic eyes; nearby is the meaning of dreaming of blue eyes. Blue is related to tranquility and peace; then dreaming of blue eyes means you are looking for peace.


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