Dreaming of fire: What meanings?

Dreaming of fire: What meanings?

Dreaming of fire: What meanings?

Dreaming of fire is common. Fire evokes both positive and negative thoughts in all people: it represents warmth and light, but also danger and unpredictability. For many centuries, man has been dependent on the fire element and drawn to it. In the distant past, humans first had to learn how to make fire; today we only use a match or a lighter to start a fire.

If a fire turns into a conflagration or conflagration, it no longer triggers an alluring feeling of well-being, but fear and panic and flight reflexes. Fire remains a force of nature despite all the human possibilities to control it and take advantage of it. The element can only be controlled by humans to a certain extent.

For this reason, in addition to the burning smell, fire is one of the most important and significant dream symbols. Along with water, air and earth, it is one of the four elements that make human life possible. Dreams in which fire plays a role are therefore of great relevance and should not be underestimated by the dreamer.


Dreaming of fire: The most common dreams

Dream about something burning


The house is on fire

If in the dream either his own house or the house of his beloved parents is burning, this is a sign that he there are emotional worries and problems hanging over the dreamer. The basic structure of the house, which represents the psyche, threatens to collapse during a house fire. 

The dreamer needs to take care of himself and think about how he can better cope with the stresses of everyday life and work. A small, warm fire in the house, on the other hand, symbolizes the protective function of the building; the dreamer is a passionate, emotional and warm person.

Here is my article on the house dream for more details.


Dreaming about a fire in your apartment

Not only when you're awake, but also when you're sleeping, panic can erupt if a fire suddenly breaks out in your own apartment. 

Even if the parents' apartment is on fire in a dream, the situation in the nightmare is dangerous. If family members are in danger, this dream image indicates difficulties with people in real life. Are there perhaps unresolved conflicts that are spreading like slow fire in your relationship?


Dream about fire in the oven

It is interesting to know if the type of fire provided heat and cast calm flames, or if the fire broke out and set the surrounding area ablaze. In the first case, the fire in the dream announces both luck and success, in the second, the dreamer should soon think about whether he really wants to take a promising path in life.


Dreaming about a forest fire

Unfortunately, devastating wildfires occur time and time again, threatening nature, the animals that live there, and nearby settlements - and not just in waking life. Anyone who experiences a burning forest in a dream is unconsciously confronted with his feminine personality. These include particularly deep feelings and empathy. But this dream is not only for women, men can also dream of a forest fire. See Dreaming of Forest.


Dream about a fire at work

Anyone who dreams that there is a fire at work - whether in the office, in a factory hall or in a store, should know that it is a goal of his life and actually affects the professional field of the person. However, if the flames destroy the workplace, the dreamer currently has no no motivation to achieve goals. He feels helpless.


Dream about a burning car

If a car is burning in a dream, the interpretation of the dream depends on the color of the flames: if black smoke appears, then mental pressure and stress weigh on the dreamer. Yes, in revenge, the flames are bright and friendly, success is at the rendezvous. This can be private or professional in nature. If a broken down car is no longer in working order, the dream indicates that the person concerned should start a new phase in their life.


Dream about a burning tree

A burning tree in the dream can give valuable information about the dreamer's world of emotions and life force. Firstly, fire represents the level of energy in life and to tackle problems with energy. On the other hand, if a fire threatens to destroy the tree, so much strength would be lost. Depending on the state of the dreamed tree burning, the current phase of the person's life can also be interpreted differently. (See dreaming of forest).


Dream about a burning roof structure

If a roof of a farmhouse burns down in the dream experience (see "roof dreaming"), the dreamer may be afraid that the whole structure could fall on him and bury him under the fiery flames. A roof on fire symbolically represents the feeling of being at the mercy: now someone or something is missing that would protect the dreamer from the adversities of everyday life. The dreamer should think about what could now provide him with security in his place.


Dream about a fire in the basement

If a fire breaks out in a dream in the basement of a building and one is trapped there in the dream, one definitely experiences intense fear, perhaps even after waking up. The oppressive feeling one experiences can be carried over into the waking world. This shows that the subconscious has perceived an imminent dangert. With a little sensitivity and observation, the problem can finally be identified and eliminated.


Dreaming about fire in the kitchen

A dream about fire in the kitchen may indicate conflicts in the family, the couple or in general in human interaction. These conflicts may stem from the fact that the dreamer does not have his emotions completely under control. Be sure to let others have their say too.


Dream of fireplace on fire

Anyone who experiences a fire in the stove in a dream that does not generate smoke has good family relationships in real life. Relationships with each other are balanced. 


Dreaming of a burning fireplace

The fireplace is considered something positive in the general interpretation of dreams. Quarrel and anger will most likely stay away from household life for the near future. Moreover, such a dream can announce success at the professional level.


Dreaming of fire: What meanings?



Dream about something related to fire


Dreaming of a fire truck

Similar to it in waking life, the fire truck in the dream world represents rescue and help. So when the sleeper sees such a vehicle with blue light, he longs for more support on a daily basis. Perhaps also a certain problem weighs down the mind of the dreamer, which he cannot solve on his own.


Dreaming of a fire alarm

When a fire alarm goes off, it's high time for the firefighters to come. As a symbol of a dream, the fire alarm asks the dreamer to finally implement a plan in the day. He should no longer hesitate or be worried, but act with confidence for his plans.


Dreaming of a lighter lighting a fire

If the dreamer recognizes a fire in the dream, which is lit using a lighter, then the signs of a possibly existing partnership are very promising. According to the interpretation of the dream, the lighter symbolizes the flamboyant passion of the couple. If the dreamer is single, chances of getting acquainted with a promising partner are likely.


Dreaming of firefighters

Firefighters ensure in a dream around a fire that it does not cause any damage. Since the fire in the interpretation of the dream symbolically represents the passions and energies of the dreamer, these aspects of the personality are being extinguished. A fire brigade in a dream also portends worries.


Dream about a firefighter putting out a fire

The firefighter is often the savior when needed, and not just when awake. Also in dreams, he often protects people or animals which also appear as dream symbols. Because the fire symbolizes the passionate feelings of the dream, these are now contained by the firefighter, perhaps also equipped with a respirator. It suggests an outside person who in reality is influencing the dreamer.


Dreaming about an explosion and a fire

An explosion in a dream that is accompanied by fire, hot and threatening flames, and possibly even a dangerous fireball, is frightening. The stress of everyday life can trigger such a dream. The subconscious processes stress through the dream image of the explosion, which illustrates the pressure behind the feelings. The dreamer should try to balance his inner tension.


Dreaming of a reaction to fire or facing fire


Dream that the fire goes out

Anyone who puts out or tries to put out a fire using a fire hydrant in the dream will probably have to struggle with a financial problem. A human loss can also be associated with the dream symbol. If the fire can finally be extinguished, the dreamer also succeeds in difficult areas in the waking world. He will overcome the loss symbolized in the dream well.


Dream about running away from a fire

If you see a fire spreading in a dream, then running away from it shows that you know very well what is good for you. Professional difficulties, which can often be related to the dream symbol "to run away", cause great fears in the dream. The subconscious warns the dreamer of face these fears and seek solutions.


Dream about lighting a fire

Lighting a fire in a dream can have different meanings. If the dreamed fire is a romantic campfire, the dreamer thinks a lot about a certain person. He would like to open up to this person. 

A lit fire, which is considered arson and causes damage to the house and person, symbolizes, according to the general interpretation of dreams, that the dreamer craves attention and recognition.


Dream about saving someone from fire

According to the traditional interpretation of dreams, behind the dream of saving a person from the conflagration lies the desire for a harmonious partnership


Dream of spitting fire

What does the dream of spitting in a fire mean? Basically, according to the interpretation of dreams, anger is expressed with spitting. In relation to fire, these negative feelings apply to one's own passions. The dreamer should ask himself if he shouldn't have reacted better and less emotionally in a recent situation.


Dreaming of fire: What meanings?


The dream according to the properties of fire

Dreaming of a small fire 

If a fire appearing in the dream turns out to be rather small and does not pose a great threat, the dreamer's emotions are rather hidden. The person is not comfortable with outbursts of anger or excessive jealousy. It also makes it easier to extinguish such a fire in a dream.


Dreaming of a big fire

Unlike a small fire, a large fire is dangerous if it gets out of control. In the interpretation of dreams it is said that a big fire symbolizes le very intense emotional world of the dreamer. It is full of emotions, passions and love. He is able to show compassion and has great social skills; however, he runs the risk of offending other people with his direct manner. 


Dreaming of a rain of fire

If a sea of ​​​​flames falls in the color sky blue or gray, the scenario is sure to be threatening to the dreamer. The sky, which symbolizes freedom in the interpretation of the dream, literally "burns". This unusual dream image shows that the dreamer would do anything for his individuality and independence. He is autonomous and needs a lot of freedom in a partnership.


Dreaming of fire with smoke

A fire that does not throw large flames in the dream but burns little with a lot of smoke can still be a danger. Likewise, one should not underestimate one's own emotional world with its intensity: The dreamer is encouraged by the dream symbol to pay attention to his own emotions and also to allow them and not to suppress them. 


The other dreams of fire

Dreaming about the cause of a fire

Can this dream have two different meanings. On the one hand, it symbolizes the destruction et la ruine, which can come into the dreamer's life through their own mistakes, on the other hand, this dream can also be a sign of joy and happiness. Arson as part of an act of terrorism indicates a blockade in the dream: you feel intimidated to enforce your will or achieve a goal. Gather your courage!


Dreaming of fireworks

Seeing fireworks in the night sky in the dream world is above all a symbol of luck. However, this dream symbol can also warn you to exercise caution in dangerous undertakings. The dreaming person should also listen to the opinions and assessments of others.


Dreaming of fire and water

Even though fire and water tend to be seen as opposites in the real world, they sometimes have a similar meaning in the dream world. The two elements symbolize the questions that the dreamer asks about his own feelings. So, if you dream of fire and water at night, you should be aware of your emotions.


Dreaming of fire - the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, fire represents strong emotions and passion, but also your own soul, in which a fire literally burns. At the same time, it is said to have a cleansing effect. In religion, however, it is the symbol of hope. The fiery cross is often associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

Exactly how dreams about fire should be interpreted often depends on the situation in the dream: if it was a controlled, warm and bright fire, it symbolizes creativity and at the same time is a sign of control over his own life. An uncontrolled fire, however, looms in the dream of aggression, danger and destruction.

If you are standing in the dream in front of a wall of fire that is difficult to penetrate, the dream should be interpreted as a clue to persevere in a certain situation. Particularly bright fire is a symbol for a new idea of ​​​​the dreamer in real life: he is moved by this thought.

The burning of passion that has ignited can also relate to a specific sexual aspect or person. However, the danger of fire should not be underestimated, so the affected person should indulge in the new area of ​​​​his life only with some caution and keep his impulsiveness under control.


The "fire" dream symbol can also represent the following:

  • Feeling the heat of a fire, a glow: perceiving strong feelings in a person
  • Lighting or burning a fire, a torch, a campfire: announcing a romantic relationship
  • Burn; Fear of a fire: being afraid of a new chapter in life
  • dancing around a fire: announcing a positive event
  • Seeing people near a fire: warning not to abuse it for your own needs
  • Roasting Marshmallows Over a Fire: You Can Expect the Pleasant Side of Life
  • Being near a fire: experiencing particularly strong feelings
  • Pouring oil into a fire: do not be negligent
  • Seeing a house on fire: heralding a big change in real life.


Dream about fire - the psychological interpretation

Basically, the fire in the dream symbolizes the psychic energy of the dreamer. Even according to the psychological interpretation, it represents particularly strong feelings that the person concerned experiences. He develops a very strong (sexual) passion which fills him with strength and energy.

At the same time, the risk of fire in the dream should not be underestimated here: the dream might run the risk of becoming frustrated and angry, especially if the fire is perceived as negative.


Dreaming of fire - the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of the dream symbol "fire", the emphasis is on the purifying effect of the element. The dreamer attains a new awareness of spiritual power and transformation.

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