Dreaming of happiness: What meanings?

Dreaming of happiness: What meanings?

Emotions or emotional states are present in dreams and are not "disguised" as in real life. This means that they are a reflection of a person's true feelings in life and can be repressed.

However, it is a feeling or emotional state that is often compensatory in nature if you are sad or distressed in real life.


Meaning of dreams of joy and happiness

Psychological and emotional perspective

Sadness in real life equals happiness in dreams. This may not be consistent with the principle that emotional states are not disguised as dreams and are not symbols of something else.

However, dreaming of happiness is indicative of the fact that all is not well in your life.

You try to compensate for the sadness in your real life when you see yourself happy in your dreams. Pleasant dreams are an attempt on the part of the individual to compensate for unhappiness in real life.

It is a way to achieve balance in life. Your happy dreams can cause you to fall into factors that make you unhappy in real life and provide a solution to your unhappiness.

If you do something in life that your heart is not comfortable with, you become unhappy and do not know the reason for your unhappiness. If you are having difficulties in life that make you cry and stay stressed, you are likely to see dreams in which you are happy.

Despite this feeling in dreams that reflects sadness in real life, you can be happy in real life if a friend or relative in your dreams is also happy. This is the only time your dream of happiness extends to your real life.


Meaning of dreaming of happiness

Happiness is an emotional state that may not be present in real life when you are happy in your dreams. In fact, dreaming of happiness is quite the opposite.

And when you're sad or stressed in real life, that's when you see and feel happy in your dreams. If you feel happy in the dream, it means you are sad, crying or full of sadness in your real life.

It's your brain trying to compensate for sadness in real life by conjuring up happy dreams.

All the joy that you can manifest in a dream can be intended for a thrill. For researchers in the field, this may spell some rather unpleasant news.

Anyway, if you dreamed of being happy in general, it means great success. We can say that it even means a victory and a great achievement on a professional and economic level.

On a sentimental level, this can portend new affections and/or friendships.

In general, dreaming of joy also means sadness, but there are some differences. Joy in a dream also means being indifferent to following orders you are asked to follow. If in your dream it comes from the release of a prisoner or the recovery of a sick person, it means positive changes in your life.

Dreams related to joy are not always related to good news, as we have already seen. Joy in dreams can also be a sign that you miss good times and the feeling of being happy. Your happy dreams can allow you to realize exactly what you lack in life.


Significations positives

Crying with joy in dreams indicates feelings of satisfaction despite your difficulties. These are also signs that you are very stressed and need to let go, cry or be happy for good.

To dream that you are feeling happy can also be a sign that you want to be happy. However, in reality, the dreamer is going through a sad phase.

It is important to note who is happy in your dream. Some people also see strange faces that are happy. They can be your adversaries, smiling in your struggles and sorrows.

To dream of happiness may reflect life situations where you feel good about not having to worry about a problem anymore. Relief, comfort or contentment at the end of a situation. You may feel safe or loved. Alternatively, it may reflect life situations where you are really lucky that something good happened and you feel in love with yourself.


Negative meanings

Negatively, this feeling in a dream could be a sign that you are desperately avoiding facing the truth of a problem or that you are involved in addictive or overeating behaviors.

It may also reflect a tendency to live with the desire for things you can't quite believe you can have. This feeling in dreams could be a sign that you are struggling to face the reality of the situation.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are happy may reflect a tendency to feel too comfortable with ideas or situations that are not right for you. These dreams could also be feelings of other people who were happy to see your flaws.

Happy endings in dreams may reflect positive outcomes that you are currently not confident enough to believe. Negatively, they may reflect satisfaction from bringing others down.

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