Dreaming of hen: What meanings?

Dreaming of hen: What meanings?

Dreaming of hen: What meanings?

Dreaming of a hen can symbolize confusion, disagreements, anxiety and fear. We made this article to help you decode these meanings. Also, you will know the future omens for your life. You will learn the meaning of dreaming about hen of different types in different contexts.



Dreaming of a black hen

If you dreamed of a black hen, you knew that is a sign that you might feel heavy. The energies may really not be good for you or around you. It could be a sign of waves of pessimism, loss and despair.

To get out of it, change your energy. Your mind gives you signals that the psychic and emotional state you are in is not good and that is why you need to connect with feelings of joy to improve your life.


Dreaming of a white hen

To dream of a white hen signifies that you want changes in your life. It also means you feel the need to connect with the spirit world. Dreams of a white hen bring the omen that you want to be rewarded, blessed.

This means that you are more connected to the energy of action and therefore you may feel tired of having to solve everything and want to rest. This is the perfect time to seek spiritual enlightenment and let yourself be taken care of. So let your ego get a little out of control, relax more.


Dreaming of a brown hen

To dream of a brown hen signifies that you have been feeling wronged lately. The omen is that you could suffer some ingratitude from your loved ones, witness scenes of inequality, others of cruelty and everything related to injustice.

Disconnect from feelings of hatred, anger, or the urge to seek justice through revenge. Get in touch with your inner discernment and faith so you can do well in these situations and connect with movements that value the betterment of the planet in general.


Dreaming of a red hen

Dreaming of a red chicken portends a busy present and future, but at the same time it brings fatigue and mental exhaustion. To dream of this red-colored animal signifies that you need to renew your positive feelings about your work.

It is a sign for you to seek inner peace in your work. You can also start new projects. Beware of the competition. Connect to your most intimate and beautiful principles to have good results at work.


Dreaming of a yellow hen

To dream of a yellow hen signifies that you want to take better care of yourself. So make time for your physical vanity. Take care of yourself, go to the hairdresser or hairdresser, buy new clothes or use a good perfume.

The yellow hen speaks of the lack of admiration. You don't feel admired by the people around you, but instead of focusing on validating others, validate yourself. Build your self-confidence, celebrate your body, so negative omens tend to fade over time.


Dreaming of a hen scratching itself

If you dreamed of a scratching chicken, be careful! The act of scratching refers to being ignored. Perceive by your intuition how is the environment around you. Surely your heart has already indicated who tried to harm you.

Moreover, the omen is of injustice and ill-being. To avoid being hurt, be open to resolving feuds, walk away from mean people who you think are not on the same page as you, and be true to yourself.


Dreaming of a hen pecking

Dreaming of a pecking hen is unusual. Have you ever dreamed of it? Know that even if it may seem strange, it is not! This type of dream refers to new challenges at work. Maybe you need to double down on your work and dedicate yourself.

It symbolizes the need for new courses and improvements. Get out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges! It is a dream that means the person feels apathetic at work and feels lazy, but it is time to change this situation.


Dream about chicken attack

To dream of a hen attacking means that the dreamer felt irritated, misunderstood and tired. The hen symbolizes all the emotions you have been suppressing lately. The omens of this type of dream are for worse times in the future.

You can change your reality if you listen to your inner self. Try to enjoy nature, do physical exercises, see life with a more calm, peaceful contemplative and meditative gaze. Stress is the greatest enemy of attacking dreaming chickens, so calm your heart daily.


Dreaming of a hen running away

To dream of a hen running away signifies that the dreamer feels uncomfortable taking on responsibilities. It is a sign of emotional immaturity and personality. It symbolizes childishness, ingratitude and the difficulties of facing life as it is.

The omens of this type of dreams depend on the strongest. Only you are capable of changing your feelings and your trajectory. Focus on self-development so you feel safe and dense to take on your responsibilities and help the people you love most.


Dreaming of a chicken flying

Dreaming of a flying hen is not good. But, it is a positive sign for you to renew things around you. This type of dream brings the message that people reach your emotional field, but before you feel wronged, it is worth thinking about your friendships.

Have you lived in the midst of bad friendships because of lack? If the answer is yes, treat your deficiency. Always question yourself! For now, try to focus on your studies and work and stay away from bad people.


Dreaming of a sleeping hen

To dream of a sleeping hen signifies that betrayal or gossip may occur. Pay attention to your friendships and listen to your inner voice. The sleeping hen also symbolizes vulnerability and innocence on the part of the dreamer.

So always be aware of the people who come into your life. Be smarter, try not to go to places you know aren't right for you. Stimulate your personality to become stronger and stop focusing on pleasing everyone.


Dream about a hen laying eggs

To dream of a hen hatching eggs indicates that you want something new in your life because you are stressed. So be emotionally mature and strong to handle the extra situations in your life well from now on.

Also, dreaming of a hen hatching an egg signifies that you want to connect with your fertility, but your libido needs have been overlooked and not prioritized. Pay attention to this part of your life so that your creativity is stimulated and your stress is reduced.




Dreaming of being among many chickens

Dreaming that you are among many chickens is not very positive because it indicates false friendships. Furthermore, it also signifies feelings of not belonging, anxiety, sadness, inner emptiness, and feelings of being lost in the world and in oneself.

The omen of this type of dream is negative, as it indicates disappointments. To get out of it, you need to belong to environments that make you happy and to befriend people who really mean something to you!



Dreaming of a farm full of chickens

Dreaming of a chicken farm is not good. This type of dream symbolizes that the dreamer has an aimless job and is listless. In this context, dreaming of a chicken farm signifies feelings of inertia, sleepiness, discouragement, sadness, and lack of self-esteem.

The omens are of bad luck, agony and end of cycle. As much as the meanings are negative, you can think of a new way of looking at life. Also, create new projects for yourself, have fun!

Dreaming of a chicken coop

Dreaming of a chicken coop is a good sign for you, do you know why? Because dreaming of a chicken coop means security, care, family and even flirtation. Know who has been interested in you lately, it can be a friend or a stranger!

Dreaming of a chicken coop also means that you can welcome new members into your family, it can be an animal or a child. So note if a person is pregnant in their social cycle, or if they have pregnant women around them, as this is likely to happen.


Dreaming of a plucked hen

Dreaming about a plucked hen can be considered a nightmare or a bad dream. This dream means you are scared and feeling scared and in awe of something bad that happened in your life a long time ago or a short time ago.

It could have been a movie or some bad news that made you feel negative emotions. They also signify traumas trying to become aware. It's an omen that you should take care of your emotional health and let off steam with the people you love.


Dream of eating a chicken

If you dream that you are eating a chicken, it means that you are anxious. It also symbolizes the lack of courage to start a new love life, it means imprisonment in the past. It is also indicative of people who only want to live hedonistically.

It's a harbinger of a disorganized, blurry future filled with love needs and problems, but you can choose to be your best version! This dream symbolizes that the dreamer needs help to radically change his life!


Dreaming of a dead hen

Every dream of animal death should be viewed with care, but dreaming of a dead chicken, even if it sounds scary, is a positive sign as it symbolizes your victory over those who try to harm you! Moreover, it symbolizes the end of a bad cycle that you have been through.

This means that the dreamer wants to leave behind feelings such as pain, resentment, fear, and anything that refers to their past, including people, situations, and objects. You can rearrange your house, buy new furniture and clothes for this new cycle.


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