Dreaming of Henna: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Henna: What Meanings?

A powder can be made from the leaves of the henna bush. In our part of the world, this dye is mainly used to dye hair. In India, henna is mainly used for ritual body painting. Here, in particular, the hands and feet or the soles of the feet are artistically painted.

The colors that can be achieved by applying henna to the skin and hair can range from light orange to dark red-brown.

Let's first see the henna dreams that occur more often than average in connection with the henna plant or color:

Have you dreamed of a hand delicately decorated with reddish-brown henna paste? Such henna images on the hand that look like tattoos indicate a happy and creative phase in the life of the dream. The plans that are currently being made for the future are likely to be successful.

The day before the wedding is traditionally celebrated by many Muslims with a henna party. The color red, mourning and the veil play a symbolic role - have you also seen these dream images? Henna evening in the dream indicates yearning for ancient traditions. These can be tinged with religion, for example if you feel you belong to Islam.

In general, a skin tattoo, which has been painted using henna, refers to the (secret?) desire of the dreaming person to attract more attention. The tattoo is extraordinary - just like the dreamer. But the affected person generally feels like in a flock of sheep in which they are drowning. To stand out and promote his own personality is what he aspires to.


Dreaming of henna - the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the henna dream image as a tattoo in a dream. Therefore, such a henna dream can draw the dreamer's attention to the fact that, on the one hand, he longs for more attention in waking life. On the other hand, such a dream image can hide the desire to stand out for a time from others in order to be able to develop one's own personality.

If you dye your hair with henna in a dream, it may indicate a desire for a change, although this change may not last long. If you have your skin painted with henna in a dream, you can usually expect a happy and successful time in the watch world.

If the dreamer observes the tradition or ritual in which women artistically decorate their hands and feet with henna before marriage, this can be interpreted as a favorable sign. The dreamer can probably hope for luck in love as well as success and prosperity.

If you had a henna tattoo on your face in your dream, you usually want to show features that you may not actually have. It can also show a desire to be more than you really are. Seeing stars with henna decorations in your sleep is usually a reminder to become aware of your own role in life.

If the sleeping person reacts to henna in a dream with an allergy, perhaps with increased itching and scratching, something unpleasant may be in store for him in reality. This will probably destabilize him and keep him busy for a long time.


Dreaming of Henna - The Psychological Interpretation

From a psychological point of view, henna as a dream image contains a reference to the sleeping person. He should face his most personal feelings. These can be positive or negative emotions or memories.

If the henna appears in the dream in an orange hue, it can refer to great vitality and zest for life. A red - brown henna color can often embody the sensual passion of the sleeping person as a dream symbol.

If you painted yourself with henna on your skin in your dream using a stencil or a brush, according to the psychological dream interpretation, you are usually aware of your sexual needs and can express them appropriately. .

In this context, the applied model can also be important for the interpretation. Henna ornaments can refer to the creative power of the sleeper. Maybe he should give her more space in his life. A mandala made of henna in a dream can often make you focus on the essentials. It may also require a restructuring of mental awareness.


Dreaming of Henna - The Spiritual Interpretation

Seen from a transcendent point of view, the "henna" dream symbol can illustrate the dreamer's desire to be part of a certain community.

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