Dreaming of his aunt: What meanings?

Dreaming of his aunt: What meanings?

Dreaming about your aunt has positive meanings, mostly suggesting that you need to focus on staying close to your family, paying special attention to the children, as well as your uncles and aunts who are your closest relatives. closer, and who share or have often shared the same accommodation as you.

In order to cooperate in your understanding of this important channel of communication between you and your subconscious, this article brings a wide variety of meanings of dreaming about an aunt, involving several different situations, which always generates a change in meaning for the dream. .


Dream about seeing your aunt

When you dream of seeing your aunt, it means that you recognize her importance in your life and you feel her absence. However, this meaning can extend to any of your aunts and not just the person you saw in the dream. Some additional information from the dream can make the message more specific to a person.

Aunts are often present in their nephews' lives from birth, helping their sister in the days immediately following birth. This intimate relationship grows stronger as the child develops. Thus, dreaming of your aunt means that you should not forget these emotional ties.


Dream about talking to your aunt

A dream in which you appear talking to your aunt means that you have doubts about how to solve a certain situation, and it sends a message to you to look for someone you trust to give you advice. advice, or for you to proceed calmly without emotional pressure.

The aunt, in this case, represents that need which is yours and symbolizes the person you trust, even if she is not the one helping to solve the problem, because she has already helped with the inspiration for the resolve by participating. So, having dreamed of the aunt, a question that seemed difficult to solve can be solved without further inconvenience.


Dream about kissing your aunt

A dream in which you kiss your aunt symbolizes the purity and authenticity that exists within you, thus showing your importance within the family group. Also, dreaming of kissing your aunt signifies approval from your family, as well as your subconscious, regarding your consistently consistent and lucid attitudes.

Thus, dreaming of kissing your aunt appears as an incentive to never deviate from the just and wise way, which promotes understanding and harmony within the family. Of course, this is a dream that provides a calm awakening with a great feeling of comfort and well-being.


Dream about holding hands with your aunt

Holding your aunt's hands during a dream can indicate that you will soon meet a person who will awaken the love in you. This can translate into a new phase in your life, with the blossoming of new and as yet unknown emotions that you will experience in this relationship.

Although the dream brings good news, relationships to be successful require sacrifice and responsibility, as well as mutual respect between partners. So control the euphoria and enthusiasm so as not to scare the person and prevent him from predicting your dream


Dreaming about your aunt taking care of you

When you dream of your aunt taking care of you, it indicates nostalgic memories of times when she often did. Moreover, it shows that you miss her presence in your life, because she was always ready to support and encourage your projects.

Dreams have paths that are not always well understood by the dreamer. So be sure not to show ingratitude to your aunt and try to rebuild the bond of trust that has always existed between you. Thus, the ideal is to call and make visits whenever possible.


Dreaming about arguing with your aunt

A dream in which you seem to be arguing with your aunt would require a better description of the argument, as well as the emotional state of the two of you during the dream. However, in the absence of this information, you can take it as a warning about rash attitudes in important decisions.

So, you may have made a decision that your aunt would not agree with, or you may need some guidance in deciding on a relevant issue. A closer look at the dream, as well as your current situation, will put you on the right track to decipher the dream more accurately.


Dreaming that you miss your aunt

To dream of missing your aunt could indicate a need to vent about what you are going through at this point in your life. You may be going through a phase where you need shelter and protection, and your aunt appears as if to symbolize that need.

It is a dream that highlights the importance of the aunt in the family structure, since many of them acted as caregivers for their nephews during the first years of life. However, do not exclude the possibility that the image of the aunt represents another person who played the same role in her life.


Dreaming of a smiling aunt

To see your aunt smiling at you in a dream signifies your approval of your good behavior and the results are coming. It is a sign of positive changes that will happen soon and will bring improvements in every way in your life thanks to your dedication.

It is certainly a dream with a very stimulating and symbolic content, where a simple smile from someone you love and trust symbolizes your own self-confidence. In this sense, make sure that things continue at the right pace and in the right direction, so that you can build a solid and exemplary future.


Dreaming of a crying aunt

The aunt crying during your dream sends a message about an unresolved situation because you insist on postponing it. This situation is a source of suffering and concerns issues from the past that you do not want to touch, although you know that you must solve it once and for all.

The dream symbolizes other people being affected and suffering with you, which justifies sending the message and the urgency to erase hurts, forgive mistakes and lighten the past, so that you can continue the journey. life in a better state of mind, peaceful and productive.


Dream about an angry aunt

A dream where one of your aunts appears angry with you symbolizes bad attitudes and irresponsible behavior of all kinds. Soon you may be careless with your health, your job, or even your family. All these actions would be condemned by your mother and your aunt.

Then your unconscious chooses the figure which symbolizes authority and respect towards you and sends this message. It is up to you to understand your dream and change the course of your actions before it causes more trouble, and so you no longer dream of your angry aunt.


Dreaming of a pregnant aunt

When you dream of a pregnant aunt, the meaning is possible pregnancy in the family, but not necessarily your aunt. This is because the aunt can simply be a symbol of motherhood or motherly care closest to you. A quick search will reveal who the dream refers to if it is not an aunt.

This dream might also reveal a secret fear that even you might not think you have, which is the fear of losing your aunt's love for someone else who is important to her, either during pregnancy or nope. So, make an unbiased analysis and see what meaning corresponds to your pregnant aunt dream.


Dreaming of his sick aunt

A sick aunt in a dream could indicate your estrangement and lack of attention to your family. The family group, with rare exceptions, is their main point of support in difficult times and must be valued above all else.

However, many people only remember their family when they are in a difficult situation, and this is what you often did, which made you dream of your sick aunt. The dream warns for a change of attitude and for you to participate more in family activities, before they get tired of you and your selfishness.


Dreaming of his dying aunt

To see your aunt dying in your dream signals a loss of attention that you think you are feeling. A feeling of isolation from your family and friends, but which is actually the result of a camouflaged selfishness that makes you want to be the center of attention.

The dream warns of intimate reformation that promotes a friendlier relationship with your family members that includes greater collaboration on your part. So you have to give more of yourself instead of always wanting to receive. Start by connecting with people in a more spontaneous and selfless way.


Dreaming of a deceased aunt

Dreaming of a dead aunt sends a message about where your life is headed, with the involvement of fake friends you don't want or can't keep away. Maybe you need people who can support you right now, and the image of an aunt has come to alert you.

You have to be aware of the pitfalls of bad friendships, which always have a hidden interest behind their approach. So try to establish more constructive friendships, as well as a bond with family members who may have moved away because of your new attitudes.


Dream of visiting an aunt

A dream in which you are visited by an aunt signifies the need to remake the family unit, which may be shaken by the influence of people outside your family group. The aunt symbolizes an intervention by someone who enjoys the respect and admiration of all, or most, of the members.

Harmony within your family is a decisive factor in the individual development of each member, which is why group unity is so important. So, you who dreamed of your aunt's visit, you may have been chosen to promote this harmony.

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