Dreaming of Kittens: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Kittens: What Meanings?

In this section, we will discuss the most common types of kitten dreams. Each dream scenario has a different meaning depending on the types and actions of the kitten and your emotions associated with the dream after waking up.


Dreaming of kittens: Meanings


1. Dreaming of newborn kittens

When you dream of newborn kittens, it means that you feel unsafe, insecure and vulnerable inside. You seek protection and safety from others in waking life.

Such a dream denotes your weak state of mind. Just as the newborn kitten is fragile and helpless, the dream theme points to your weak and vulnerable "psyche." 

Maybe you feel insecure about your current status and it manifests through dreams.

It also means going through a purging process to heal the wounds and scars that make you fearful and helpless and restrict your personal growth.


2. Dreaming of dead kittens

A dead kitten in dreams is a bad sign. It symbolizes you feeling insecure and afraid of a new project in your waking life. (See dreaming of death).

Maybe you've ventured on something that's not right. You fear it will fail. The dream reveals your lack of control over the situation.

A dead kitten symbolizes failure, loss. And disappointments. It indicates that you are pessimistic about some endeavors in real life.

If you see a lot of dead kittens in the dream, it indicates fear of the future. The fear involved in the dream chart is telling you to handle real life issues carefully and to avoid being hasty and indecisive.


3. Dreaming of litter of kittens

If you dreamed of a litter of kittens it signifies your need for independence and freedom in waking life. The dream symbolizes your inherent desire to free yourself from worries and live a peaceful life.

In some dream themes, the dream has a negative meaning and signifies upcoming problems in your life. It warns you of certain obstacles that you must remove to feel confident and independent of yourself.


4. Dream of a cat giving birth to kittens

When you dream of a cat giving birth to kittens, it means a new beginning. There will be many new opportunities that will help you grow personally. Moreover, you will have to take on more responsibilities in the future.

The dream symbolizes a new aspect of life that will be nurtured by you. You are ready to start from scratch, no matter what problems you may face.


5. Meaning of the black kitten dream

In dream symbolism, black cats and kittens represent hesitation and uncertainty. The dream symbolizes your lack of confidence in certain things in waking life. 

Maybe you're nervous because you don't know the ideal way to get through tough times. You have never expected the result of your actions in this way, and therefore you do not know how to deal with it.

Seeing black kittens also means grief, sadness, disappointments, regrets resulting from failure in life.

The dream signifies that you are a superstitious being and channeling your energy in the wrong way to achieve useless things in real life.



6. Meaning of the gray kitten dream

The gray-colored kitten in dreams symbolizes minor troubles and obstacles that may arise in the future and rob your inner content and peace of mind.

Such a dream also indicates psychological pain and agony. You are very stressed by certain real life events.

The dream reminds you to let go of past problems and forgive those who have caused you a lot of pain. It also tells you to be more organized and systematic. 

You need to plan ahead appropriately to remove obstacles and easily achieve your life goals.

Also, if you plan well in advance before executing it, your anxiety and stress will be low. You won't feel overwhelmed and things will be under control.


7. Dreaming of wild kittens

When you dream of feral kittens, it means that you are inhibited and cannot easily express your feelings. Thus, others may misunderstand you and hold you responsible for problems and mistakes that you did not make. 

They will have misconceptions and as such your social relationships will be hampered.

The dream is telling you to open up and express yourself freely without hesitation, inhibitions and worries. Be who you are and make your priorities clear to others.


8. Dreaming of a kitten drinking milk

This dream symbol is a good sign indicating friendship, social bonds and fulfilling relationships. It involves a new bond, perhaps a friendship or romantic relationship where your partner will love and care for you.

It will also help you grow and evolve your social skills. The dream is reminding you to protect and nurture such bonds of love to feel happy and fulfilled in waking life. (See dreaming of milk).


9. Dreaming of abandoned kittens

When you dream of abandoned kittens it represents fear of being left alone, loneliness, etc. You may feel abandoned and isolated in real life and this is just reflected in dreams. It signifies the fears and anxiety of being left behind.

You may feel neglected and ignored by others in waking life. Sometimes an abandoned kitten tells you to be free and independent. You must be self-sufficient and self-sufficient by nature.


10. Dreaming of meowing kittens

To dream of kittens meowing signifies that you are very ambitious and goal oriented in waking life. You are hardworking and are capable and competent to achieve your goals. The dream symbolizes the dreamer's authority, power and leadership qualities. 

If you dream of a kitten meowing at the door, it means that the opportunity will come soon and you will accept it to achieve your life goals. When a kitten meows for food, it indicates prosperity and stability in waking life.


11. Dreaming of crying kittens

Dreams about crying kittens symbolize that you will need to change your perspective and attitude towards other people in waking life.

Such a dream indicates your aggressive attitude and reminds you to become humble, kind, sympathetic and considerate towards others in real life.


12. An aggressive kitten in dreams

When you dream of your aggressive kitten, it symbolizes new possibilities opening up to you and tells you to pursue your life goals aggressively.

You must be passionate about your goals and only then can you achieve them easily. If the kitten tries to hurt you, it means you feel stuck and smothered in a toxic relationship. 

You do your best to get out of it, but you can't in reality. When you dream that kittens bite you, it means that difficult times are coming in reality.

It warns you of some impending dangers and problems that will be unavoidable. So you have to keep your guards ready to save and protect you. 


13. Dreams about fighting kittens 

This dream symbolism indicates hidden enemies in real life. It means evil people in waking life will try to harm you and sabotage your goodwill and reputation.

The dream signifies material losses, financial difficulties and big troubles ahead. The dream tells you to be careful and vigilant about them and not blindly trust strangers.


14. Dreaming of cute kittens

To dream of cute kittens represents joy and pleasure in waking life. The dream indicates that you are able to maintain a good game balance in reality.

You never compromise on the things you really enjoy doing. The dream denotes hard work and a passion to explore new paths and opportunities for personal growth and development.


15. Dreams of white kittens

A white kitten in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, love and affection, kindness and humility. The color white indicates abundant energy which is positive and can bring personal growth and development into the dreamer's waking life.

Your life is imbued with serenity and you are in a peaceful state of mind. Dreaming of white kittens is a good sign for growth, prosperity and success.


16. Dreaming of ginger kittens

If you dream of ginger kittens, it means good news and prosperity. It means that real life circumstances will work in your favor and you will feel happy and blessed.

Ginger kittens mean prosperity. It means that whatever you have undertaken will be successful and beneficial to you.


17. Dreaming of kittens and cats together

If you dream of kittens and cats together, it means two opposite things. The kitten represents your weak, fearful, fragile and innocent self. On the contrary, cats symbolize independence and strength. It denotes self-sufficiency. 

Seeing the two together means you have to let go of your weaker self and start a journey of freedom and independence.

You have to do things on your own to gain self-confidence. As such, your value will improve and you will feel happy about it.


18. Dreams about saving kittens

If you dream of rescuing kittens, it means that you are trying to become free and independent. Maybe you are slowly moving towards self-reliance. You do not wish to depend on others for the satisfaction of your needs, rather you are autonomous in taking care of yourself. 

This dream symbol signifies optimism and new learning. Saving a kitten also means getting back what you lost. You will soon regain your lost power, self-esteem and self-confidence.


19. Dreams of multicolored kittens

To dream of multicolored kittens signifies that many new opportunities are coming your way in waking life. This means you will get much more than you expected.

This dream symbol shows hope and a fulfilling life. It means high social consideration, appreciation in the workplace, professional promotion, etc. Thus, the dream suggests luck and a prosperous life.


20. Dreaming of kittens and puppies

When you dream of kittens and puppies together, it symbolizes your immature nature. The dream foretells various new troubles to come because you are timid, timid and unable to deal with waking life issues.

Such a dream symbolizes your fearful, frightened and weak self. The dream represents your inhibited and submissive nature.



21. Dreams of an injured kitten

If you dream of a wounded kitten, it means that your inner child is injured and stricken with pain. Maybe you still carry the burden of childhood trauma and it bothers you a lot in adult life as well. A wounded kitten is a bad omen in dream symbolism.

It represents your innate fears and sadness. Your waking life is probably plagued by relationship issues or conflicts in the workplace and you are unable to resolve them in reality.


22. Dreaming of tabby kittens

A tabby cat is usually brown in color with dots or swirls all over its body. If you dreamed of a tabby cat kitten it signifies change and transformation for something better and bigger in waking life. 

Such a dream symbolizes good fortune and personal growth, but it reminds you to be careful and approach your task gently, to avoid mistakes and to review your work periodically to get the best results.

Change would be nice but you will have to approach the job in the right way and make things happen.


23. Dreams of dirty kittens

When you dream of dirty kittens with fleas, worms, insects and parasites in the body, it means that you will have many problems and problems ahead in waking life. The dream implies unpredictable problems and negativity.


24. Dreaming of being bitten or scratched by a kitten 

When you dream of being bitten and scratched by a kitten, it means that you may have problems related to a female in your real life.

The theme of the dream can indicate your mother, a friend or your wife, etc. who can support you or create new problems in your waking life. 

If you dream of a bad bite, it means that these people will try to deceive you in some way. Perhaps the harm done to you will be irreparable and you risk falling into a chasm with no respite in place.


25. Dreaming of being attacked by a kitten

If you dream of being attacked by kittens, it symbolizes problems in your current relationship. You should try to resolve the problem as soon as possible, otherwise it could end in a breakup or divorce.

The dream represents fights and quarrels between partners. It denotes a lack of love, mutual respect and understanding that is necessary to develop a healthy bond.


26. Dreaming of chasing kittens

This dream symbolizes your passion for achieving your life goals; as if you were chasing your goals and wanting to accomplish them in reality. They are dream symbols of hard work and passion. You have immense talent that can help and guide you to success.


27. Dreaming of a kitten running

If you dream of a running kitten, it means that you have an independent mindset. You are not dependent on others to meet your personal needs. This dream symbol shows that you are adequate, worthy and self-sufficient.

In some dream charts, a running kitten also means that you are trying to escape an awkward real-life situation.


28. Dreaming of a black and white kitten

This dream scenario is inauspicious because it represents emotional pain and suffering in waking life. The dream shows two alternative situations in life that demand your attention.

You are in a confused state of mind as to how to solve the problem. The dream symbolizes major failures, disappointments and emotional turmoil to come in waking life.


29. Dreaming of chasing a kitten

When you dream of chasing after a kitten that is trying to run away, it signifies that you are trying to get your hands on something in waking life that is soon slipping out of your hands.

Often this represents pursuing a goal or project that is showing red flags and you are trying to fix the problem. 

You're just trying to make sure everything works the way you want. As you can to find the best solution to the problems you might face in real life.


30. Dreaming of a kitten fight

When you dream of kittens fighting with each other, it means that you have many enemies in waking life. They conspire against you and can actually harm you. The dream is telling you to be aware and careful of what is happening around you.

Such a dream indicates bad luck. You will be in an uncomfortable position in real life and may even lose your social recognition, goodwill and reputation.


31. Dreams of kittens with their mothers

When you see kittens surrounding their mother cat, it's a good sign. It symbolizes wealth, happiness and a prosperous life.

The dream represents abundance and healthy connections with loving people in your life. This dream signifies the feeling of being protected, nurtured, loved and cared for by near and dear ones in real life.


32. Dreaming of a kitten without a tail

When you dream of a kitten without a tail, it implies that you are helpless and could be in serious trouble in reality.

The dream symbolizes helplessness, insecurity, vulnerability and fear. It denotes a lack of inner strength and confidence. You feel helpless and as such you can fail in all your personal and professional endeavors.


33. Dreams of a brown kitten

If you dream of a brown kitten, it is a good sign. The dream signifies wealth, good fortune, success and achievement of goals. It also means that you will make immense progress in your career and work related endeavors which will be fulfilling and can change your life forever.


34. Dreaming of a kitten drowning in water

When you dream of a kitten drowning in water, it means your sense of independence and personal freedom is at stake. You are feeling emotionally uneasy because of someone or something. in waking life and it is reflected in dreams. (See dreaming of water).

Kitten drowning indicates that you are deeply drawn into negativity and despair and are striving to get through difficult times. (See dream of drowning).



35. Dreams of holding a kitten in your arms

This dream symbol is a good sign. It means fulfillment of wishes, success and achievement of goals in real life.

The dream means that you will have a fulfilling life because you are happy and satisfied with everything you are doing in your waking life. This dream also signifies that you have successfully overcome long-standing struggles that you faced in reality.


36. Dreams of undernourished kittens

When you dream of an undernourished kitten, it is considered a bad sign. It means that a person or a group of people, however trustworthy at first impression, will end up tricking you and harming you.

They will turn out to be dishonest and wicked. The dream foretells emotional pain that can break you from the inside.


37. A playful kitten in dreams

A playful kitten symbolizes joy, happiness and fun. It means that you are happy and satisfied in your real life. Sometimes this dream also has a negative meaning, indicating betrayal and deception by someone in waking life.

There are hypocrites around you who can play tricks on you and harm your goodwill and social reputation.


38. Dreaming of a kitten with red fur

Dreaming of a kitten with red fur is not a positive dream. This means that in the future you will meet opponents who will try to put you down in every way possible.

You may feel weak and helpless in front of them. This dream symbolizes the fear of failure, loss and disappointments.


39. Dreaming of a scared kitten

A frightened kitten in dreams symbolizes that you have been cornered by your adversary or enemies in waking life. The dream indicates feeling helpless, weak and fragile, as if you have lost your inner strength.

You will have many problems to deal with in real life and even more suffering to come. A frightened kitten also indicates your insecure and vulnerable self.


40. Dreams about looking for kittens

If you hear kittens meowing somewhere near you and you are trying to find out, then such a scenario signifies your desire to achieve independence and personal freedom.

If you are looking for kittens and cannot find them, it means that you feel emotionally and physically dependent on others in real life. You are unable to find your freedom that can harness your soul towards a life that is rightful for it.


41. Dreams of killing kittens

Dreams about killing kittens are a negative sign. The chart indicates that you are trying to kill your innocence and childlike qualities because you are under immense pressure which leads to such an undesirable change in your nature. Such a dream symbolizes a transformation you never expected.


42. Dreaming of buying kittens

Buying kittens is a dream symbol of minor inconveniences and little troubles in waking life. It means you are inviting small issues to creep into your real life and rob you of inner peace. The dream indicates minor relationship issues, work-life balance issues, etc.


43. Dreaming of a kitten as a pet 

A pet kitten in dreams shows your kind and loyal side. It means that you are a helpful, compassionate and loving person in reality.

Seeing a kitten as a pet signifies that you are able to have a loving relationship with the people around you. It means social recognition as people like you because of your polite and humble nature.


44. Dreaming of finding a kitten on the street

This dream shows your conflicts and disagreements with someone in waking life. The dream has a negative meaning. It means that you secretly harbor resentment and hatred for someone in reality. 

The dream reminds you to let go of those negative feelings because it makes you arrogant and less forgiving. It is a sign of inner weakness.

You must keep your intentions pure and forgive those who have hurt you in any way, in order to live in peace.


45. Dream of adopting a gray kitten

Adopting a gray kitten in a dream means bad luck and disappointments. It also symbolizes grief and sadness related to certain incidents in waking life. Maybe you're overloaded with work that you can't really handle.

The dream reminds you to relax and unwind; otherwise, the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotions will last a long time.


46. ​​Dreaming of many hovering kittens all around you

Dream imagery where you see a lot of kittens around you means that many small troubles will surround you in reality.

There will be unfavorable circumstances and negative events that will occur from time to time in waking life. You may feel helpless and anxious about what to do or how to solve problems in reality.


47. Dreaming of petting a kitten

This dream symbol means that those you helped and supported in real life did not repay your kindness; they were rather ungrateful and used you to satisfy their personal interests. The dream signifies lack of gratitude from important people in waking life.


48. Dreaming of a sleeping kitten

When you dream of a sleeping kitten, it means you are in a harmonious state of mind in waking life. You have succeeded in unloading your daily problems and obstacles. Now you are at peace with yourself and are content with your current state of existence in real life.

The dream implies good friends and happy family ties. It means success at work, career growth, increased wages and a prosperous life.


49. Dreaming of Persian kitten

This dream symbolizes that there is a person in your life who completely depends on you. You can make him feel safe and protected. This particular breed of kitten signifies education, care, protection, etc.


50. Siamese kitten dream meaning

To see Siamese kittens in dreams signifies that there is a person in your real life who still appreciates you and inspires you to become your best self. It can be a caring parent, a loving partner, or even a passionate friend. 

This dream symbolizes trust, compassion and dependence. It also shows your gratitude and humility to the people in your waking life who are always one step ahead in helping you achieve your life goals.


51. Dreaming of a yellow kitten

A yellow kitten in dreams is not a good sign. This indicates jealousy and resentments towards certain people in your waking life.

Maybe there is someone close to you who is jealous of your success. Thus, they may try to harm you in the worst way. It can be a friend, a partner, a colleague, etc.


52. Dreaming of feeding a kitten

If you dream of feeding kittens, it means that you are a caring and helpful person. You are a kind and compassionate person and can understand the needs of others. You are always ready to help others who are in need. The dream signifies a happy, peaceful and contented life.


53. Dreaming of a kitten chasing a mouse

When you dream of a kitten chasing a mouse, that is a good dream symbol. The dream represents that you will always persevere in difficult times and be confident in yourself; even if the people around you lose their trust in you. (See Dreaming of Mouse).

This dream symbol implies that you will soon achieve a great success that you have been waiting for a long time. Your hard work, dedication and sincerity will pay off for you.


54. Dreaming of lots of cats around your leg

To dream of many kittens hovering around your legs symbolizes that there are many people in real life looking for an opportunity to use you, or manipulate and harm you in some way.

The dream tells you to be careful about where these people are. It represents minor issues that are still bothering you in waking life.


55. Dreaming of beating a kitten

This dream symbolizes success and the victory of virtue over vice. It implies that you will surely defeat your enemies or competitors in waking life. The dream signifies overcoming obstacles in life. It means that you will succeed in acquiring things that belong to you

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