Dreaming of levitating: What meanings?

Dreaming of levitating: What meanings?

Dreaming of levitating: What meanings?

Dreaming of levitation is one of the night visions that seems most real to us when we wake up. It is to feel a kind of elevation that connects us to another dimension. People who wish they had superpowers often dream of them.

If you dreamed of levitating, the surest thing is that you are one of those people who do not give up, who continue to fight to pursue and achieve their goals in real life. This dream helps keep hope alive that everything can be achieved and you are capable of doing it.

Dreaming of levitation or flying are two dreams that induce the same feeling of freedom and fullness. However, you should be careful when in your dream you are climbing too high and out of control, maybe you are announcing a lack of control in your life, maybe you are being influenced by others.

Dreams of levitation and flight are two different dreams. The first is when it rises into the air at very short distances from the ground. The second, in addition to raising you to great heights, your movement is directed, that is, it has a purpose. Both have different connotations.


To dream that you have levitation problems

It means that you have difficulty coping with the circumstances around you. To dream that you are struggling to levitate invites you to look into your dream. You must find the key to what is holding you back from taking control of your life. You need an internal review. Don't let others dominate you.


Dream about falling while levitating

If you dream that you levitate and suddenly fall to the ground, it means that you feel frustrated when you see that you cannot achieve your goals. You feel like the world is coming to you. This dream encourages you to face failures and give them less importance. Keep working and you will achieve your goals.


To dream that you want to levitate and you cannot

To dream that you want to levitate and that you cannot or cannot, is a negative dream that tells you to take control of your life. Insinuate that you must learn to make decisions, good or bad, they will always be yours. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, we all do the same thing.


Dreaming of levitating at night

A transitional stage is approaching in your life. If you dream that you are levitating at night, you may be experiencing a moment of loss of control which can cause emotional instability. You don't pay attention. You should take a break from activities that cause stress to regain control. (See dreaming of the night).


Dreaming that you are levitating objects or things

This dream is directly related to the future. Indicates that new employment or social offers may arise. To dream that you are levitating objects signifies that you are someone capable of solving your own problems. You have very high self-esteem. She feels confident and possesses great strength.


Dream about levitating someone

A close and important person for you is about to start new projects where you will be included. If you dream of levitating someone, luck is in your favor. Take advantage of this moment and build something in your life. Your family and friends will surely be proud of you.


To dream of levitating with someone

To dream that you are levitating with someone, perhaps held by the hands or arms, is a sign that you are someone you feel the need to impress. It can be someone you love or a loved one. Couldn't find a way to get their attention. If he really interests you, propose to conquer him.


Dream that to levitate in pairs

If you dreamed that you were levitating together, it means that you are ready to move forward in your romantic relationship. It is a very positive dream that bodes well for both of you. However, this can cause problems if they don't stay together throughout the levitation.


Dreaming that you are persecuted when you are levitating

To dream of being persecuted while a Levite signifies that you are looking for a way to escape from someone who is disturbing your mental and emotional peace. Try to find out who the person is and don't give them more importance than they deserve. Don't be impressed.


Dream that you are levitating with the help of a device

If you dream that you manage to levitate thanks to some mechanism or device, it means that you will have to use all your imagination to achieve everything you want in life. Nothing is impossible. Just arm yourself with ingenuity and get it. Don't surrender. Do not abandon.


Dreaming about falling when you levitate and get back up

If you dreamed that during your levitation you fell but got up again, it means that you are not getting the support you need at this stage of your life. You will suffer a disappointment from a loved one. You will have to face failures. You have to regain self-confidence.


Dreaming about levitating and being shot

If you dream that you are levitating and someone for some reason is shooting at you, it is a sign that you are surrounded by people who envy you, who do not want you to achieve your goals. There is jealousy around you (family, friends, neighbors) that does not want to see you prosper. If you are knocked down in your dream, it means that your rivals will achieve their goal.


Dreaming of levitating very high

This dream has two interpretations. It might indicate having a very big ego that makes you feel above others. It is a clear indicator that you are not on the ground. You have to meditate on the value that people have.


Dreaming that you are afraid of levitating too high

If in your dream you are afraid of levitating too high, it shows the fears you have about new challenges that have come to your life through your personal achievements. Perhaps you are facing a new economic position. Fears will not help you at all. Set them aside.


Dreaming of levitating very low

To dream that you are levitating very low or near the ground is a clear indication that you feel very satisfied with the type of life you are leading, your accomplishments and the goals you have achieved. This dream is a positive omen reminding you that you are doing it right, you don't need to make any changes.


Dreaming about levitating and you can't get down

If you dream that you are levitating and you cannot descend or descend, it means that you are having difficulty in achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Your projects may have been postponed by external agents. Do not worry, the waters will return to their bed and you will see your goals accomplished.


Dreaming of spontaneous levitation

If you dreamed of spontaneous levitation, it indicates that you are on a spiritual quest. He is someone who feels a great need to discover the truth. You must learn to recognize your spiritual abilities in order to accept them without any fear. 


Dreaming of involuntary levitation

Dreaming of involuntary and forced levitation is indicative of a loss of control in your life. You feel unable to accept what is happening to you, so you lose your balance. You must return to the path that leads to self-mastery. Try to keep your balance at all times.


Dream of levitating to escape

The first thing you should do is ask yourself what or who you are running from. If you dreamed of being levitated by escape, it means that you want to escape from things that you do not accept. This gives you a lot of tricks to trouble. It's time to stop and devote yourself to meditation. Maybe you'll find the answers you're looking for there.


Dream about losing control while levitating

When you lose control of levitation, your dream is trying to tell you that you feel like you are going aimless and you are afraid to make decisions in your life. You must seize the reins of your own destiny. Remember that everyone is building their future and now is the time to start over.


Dream that to slowly levitate

If your dream was about slow and pleasant levitation, it indicates that you have firm goals to achieve. You are someone who struggles to achieve your goals. You always remain firm in your goals. He does not spare himself to find solutions that lead him to obtain what he offers.


Dream of levitating at high speed

Dreaming of high-speed levitation bodes good times in all areas of your life. A large-scale projection on the love and affective level is possible which will bring you a lot of joy. Take advantage of this moment to continue building your future.


Dream about levitating in bed

When you dream that you are levitating on a bed, it indicates the fear you feel about your spiritual abilities. It is a sign of the confidence you have, even if you sometimes feel unhappy with others. It is a very original dream, because it is associated with psychic and paranormal gifts.


Dreaming of levitating above people

If in your dream you see yourself levitating above other people, who are also levitating, then most likely you will be in a leadership position, where you will have to direct the personnel under your command or direction. You must know how to take advantage of this moment to achieve your goals and objectives.


Dreaming that you are levitating in a public place

If you dream that you are levitating in a public place, it means that you are someone who feels at peace with the world around you. It also indicates that you always try to look at things from different angles. However, having so many options does not help you make clear decisions.


Dreaming of levitating above a city

If you are a woman and you dream of levitating above a city, it means that new news will come to you regarding your romantic relationships. You are probably expecting it. However, if you're a man, you might be on a trip you've been looking forward to.


Dreaming of levitating above an airport

This dream indicates that you are about to start a project of great importance. If you dream of levitating above an airport, it means that you are ready to start something new. You feel that you have matured, therefore ready to achieve your goals.


Dreaming of levitating above beautiful landscapes

To dream that you are hovering over beautiful landscapes is a sign that you are feeling satisfied with yourself, your accomplishments, and your life in general. You have remained in control in many ways, but sometimes you have to let go of that negative instinct of wanting to control everything. 


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