Dreaming of paper: What meanings?

Dreaming of paper: What meanings?

Dreaming of paper: What meanings?

To dream of paper signifies different responsibilities and potentials that need to be achieved and pursued. You are living proof of your hard work and you keep track of your expressions and actions.

Be careful what you do with the paper and what messages may be on it, as they could give you clues to important details of waking life.

Dream about signing papers

Signing papers in dreams signifies that you will be offered a new job, a contract, or the opportunity to take part in a serious project. You are devoting your resources and your time to something.


Dream about folding or wrapping paper

Folding or wrapping papers in the dream signifies that different phases of projects will be achieved. You will have the freedom to mold things into whatever you want.

Take it slow and try to follow the steps, as any mistakes you make can leave permanent marks on the final goal.


Dream about receiving papers

To receive papers in a dream represents ideas that need to be accomplished. You receive a set of standard procedures that you must follow.


Dream about tearing paper

Tearing up papers in dreams represents frustration or shame that something isn't working. You want to destroy all evidence that you have even tried and tried something.

If the paper tears when you see it, it portends that you will inherit big trouble at work or school, you will have to cover others.


Dream about losing paper

Losing important papers in the dream suggests that you lack the confidence or resources to help you achieve your goals. You will lose important data and be convincing enough to others about your ability to perform.


Dream about eating paper

To dream that you are chewing or eating paper in your mouth, warns that you are involved in strange and risky affairs. You may have to pay an exorbitant price for your decisions later on, which can be very uncomfortable.


Dream about burning papers

Burning paper in the dream is a harbinger of misfortune. You will face many problems and anxieties, the dream predicts that you will have only one chance to leave everything and be reborn in the fire.


Dream about buying paper

To dream that you are buying paper suggests that you are getting ready to try new ideas that have not been realized. You are at a very early stage of planning your plans. Maybe you're running out of ideas and don't have anything concrete.


Dream about giving paper

Giving blank paper to others in the dream is a sign that you want others to be more communicative with you.

However, if the paper is written in words, it's a sign that you're creating expectations about how you want to communicate.


Dreaming about writing, working or making paper

Seeing yourself working in print is a sign that you want to express yourself in some way. You find it difficult to speak directly to people, so you will have to use alternative methods.


Dream about removing the paper

Removing paper from a file or a book suggests that you will choose to retain certain ideas or feelings. You have doubts about saying or expressing certain opinions.


Dream about destroying papers

Shredding paper in the dream means that you want to destroy all traces of a certain past. You are ready to give up and lose your plans.


Dreaming of a homework

To see a paper homework in the dream points to an upcoming beneficial project. You will have the freedom to experiment and test your ideas in a controlled environment.


Dreaming of cut paper

The paper cut in the dream foretells that you will experience minor inconvenience for not being careful in handling sensitive information.


Dreaming of oars or stacks of papers

Seeing stacks or reams of paper denotes overwhelming responsibilities and stress for you to accomplish and file. Maybe you're taking in more than you can handle.


Dreaming of a paper airplane

Seeing paper airplanes indicates your frivolous activities. Your hobbies can only remain hobbies and are unlikely to turn into profitable businesses.


Dreaming of paperwork

You dream of paperwork or paper forms like for the tax return. Emphasizes the need for thoroughness in documentation.

Someone will ask you about your records in the near future, and you will have to present them.


Dream of pen and paper

To see a pen and paper together in the dream suggests that you need to organize and record some aspect of your life. You may soon have an adventure worth living.


Dreaming of a paper boat

To see or drive a paper ship in the dream indicates that you will soon be emotionally tested.

You will go through difficult times that will test your perseverance. Being ready to complete your task at the risk of sinking, you may need to act quickly.


Dreaming of a paper questionnaire

Seeing or answering a printed question or poll suggests that others really want your opinion on some issue. However, they may not take your opinions seriously.


Dreaming of a simple white paper

If you dream of blank white papers, refer to the potential possibilities you possess. You will be easily influenced by outside forces. But nevertheless, you will have a fresh start in life.


Dream about crumpled paper

Crumpled papers in dreams symbolize abandoned ideas. You will need to go back to the drawing board for your plans.


Dreaming of old papers

Old papers in the dream reflect old memories from the past. Perhaps you forgot important messages and lessons from the old life.


Dream about dirty paper

Dirty papers in dreams symbolize contaminated ideas or a backdrop to move forward. Either you messed up or you have to keep working on someone else's problem.


Dreaming of wet paper

To dream of wet paper indicates that you are getting too emotional with your tasks. You may find it difficult to understand it because of your emotions.


Dreaming of carbon paper

To see or use carbon paper in the dream is a sign that there is nothing to fear from the words of your beloved partner. He or she means it and soon they will prove their words with actions.


Dreaming of blood on paper

Seeing blood on the paper indicates certain messages or thoughts that could be harmful. Soon he will be confronted with hard truths and information.


Dreaming of blue paper

The blue paper in the dream predicts good luck.


Dreaming of brown paper

Brown papers in dreams predict good fortune, you can do profitable business or transactions.


Dreaming of black paper

The black paper indicates that there will be troubles between you and your friends. You may need to come in other shapes or colors to let others know how you feel.


Dreaming of green paper

Green papers in dreams indicate happy times in your life.


Dreaming of pink paper

Dreaming of pink papers predicts that soon you will fall in love and receive love letters.


Dreaming of yellow paper

Yellow papers in dreams predict that someone from your past will ask you for help.


Dreaming of golden paper

The gold paper in the dream represents luck and fortune. You might get some decent money that you didn't think was worth it.


Dream of silver paper

A silver leaf in dreams predicts that you will overcome health problems.


Dreaming of red paper

Red papers in the dream suggest that you will soon receive very good news.

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