Dream of miscarriage: What meanings?

Dream of miscarriage: What meanings?

Dream of miscarriage: What meanings?

Dreaming of miscarriage is more common than you think. And it's no coincidence that about 15 percent of all pregnancies are terminated by miscarriage.

The reason is that the embryo would not have been viable and nature protects the female body from danger. Since many miscarriages occur at a very early stage of pregnancy and are only diagnosed after a gynecological examination, those affected sometimes do not even notice that they were pregnant.

If the embryo dies at a later time, it is usually a traumatic experience for women. In addition to the pain of losing the child, there are often feelings of guilt.

Because medical progress means that a pregnancy generally takes place without major complications. Dangers for mother and child as well as illnesses can often be recognized early. - The horror is all the greater as the pregnancy ends in premature birth and death.


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Dreaming of miscarriage is more present in women's dreams. Anyone who dreams of a miscarriage is sure to feel great fear or worry about losing something. At the same time, the dreamer is tormented by the feeling that he did not prevent this loss. However, in the dream interpretation behind this symbol there can also be something completely different.

A miscarriage can happen to any woman - even in the world of dreams. Men can also feel in their sleep that they are pregnant and lose their child prematurely. Here is the meaning of every miscarriage dream.


Dreaming of miscarriage: The most common dreams


Dreaming of miscarriage in a car

When you dream of a miscarriage in a car, it signifies your desire to move forward in waking life despite obstacles. Maybe you feel helpless and hopeless that nothing is falling into place and you are worth it. The moving car denotes the flow of life, a journey you must take to be successful. (See Dreaming of Car).

A miscarriage in a car denotes an interruption or breakdown in the progress of the goal. It also reminds you to change your old habits and thought patterns. You should try new ways of handling things. The approach to achieving the goals needs to be modified and changed.


Dream of miscarriage in your house

A miscarriage in your home denotes problems in family life. It implies that you are not comfortable with the current state of affairs in the house. The emotional air inside the house seems to be upscale. Relationships break down and are not fine-tuned.

Symbolically, a miscarriage denotes the collapse of a system. So in waking life this dream reveals the fall of a family system and the breakdown of family bonds and ties. (See Dreaming of House).


Dreaming of miscarriage on the street

When you dream of a miscarriage on the street, you may feel devastated. It can leave you depressed for the rest of the day or even for days. A street denotes an endless unknown journey; thus symbolizing uncertainty about future events.

A dream symbol of this type indicates your fear of the unknown. You may have hidden concerns about the future of the project. Fear of failure in the future haunts you right now.

It may also represent your innate insecurity of being judged, criticized, or evaluated by family members or co-workers. You are afraid that in no time you will become a center of attention and a simple scapegoat in the hands of others.


Dream about having multiple miscarriages

If you dreamed of multiple miscarriages or repeated abortions, it represents multiple failures in your waking life. You must have suffered several setbacks and disappointments in your career, relationships or family life and all of them manifest in dreams.

It also indicates your lack of self-confidence and broken self-esteem. Seeing multiple miscarriages also indicates a loss of faith in the hard work and effort you are putting in. You have started thinking negatively and hidden fears show up in dreams.


Dreaming of miscarriage (For men)

If a man dreams of miscarriage, it has a negative meaning. This represents worries and concerns that need to be addressed in depth. This dream symbolizes obstacles and indicates that things will not go according to a fixed plan. You may experience an unexpected loss or setback in your career or relationship.

Failure can come to you in its worst form and you may not find it easy to accept. The dream could be a harbinger to closely review your goals and its progress. You have to pay attention to the smallest details of everything you're working on and save it from further collapse.


Dreaming about miscarriage in the hospital

When you dream of a miscarriage in the hospital, it indicates that the loss of your physical well-being is at stake. The dream is reminding you to take good care of yourself. You need to stop stressing over things that aren't going well. (See Dreaming of Hospital).

This dream occurs because you are mentally taxed and overloaded with problems. It represents your inability to deal with waking life issues.

In this dream, a miscarriage indicates that you are not taking care of your physical and mental well-being and therefore it is slowly coming to an end. The dream symbol is telling you to slow down and take it easy; never rush with anything to the detriment of your physical and mental health.


Dreaming of miscarriage and no one is there to help

If you dreamed about a miscarriage where no one came for help or rescue, then this dream symbolizes isolation, loneliness in waking life. The dream tells you that you should walk your life path alone, not waiting for help from others.

You have no one to support and help you. On the other hand, this dream represents fear of being cheated or betrayed in real life by your loved ones. The dream theme also suggests manipulation, lack of care and support from others in your waking life.


Dream about having a miscarriage without pain

If you dream of having a painless miscarriage, it means that you will have love and relationship problems ahead. Maybe you and your partner are at a crossroads and the disagreements are big in the relationship.

It breaks down slowly. A painless miscarriage symbolizes hidden problems in a relationship that are slowly and unpleasantly appearing in your life. It can make you feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed.


Dreaming about his sister having a miscarriage

When you dream that your sister had a miscarriage, it may indicate that you are concerned about her health and well-being in waking life. You worry about her health and that of her unborn baby and this fear is transmitted in the subconscious.

This dream also represents major life changes. It denotes your reckless and easy-going attitude to put your health at risk.


Dreaming of a violent miscarriage with pain

This dream symbolizes the worries and stresses of waking life. If you see yourself being beaten, tortured, forced or murdered and leading to a miscarriage, it simply signifies the fear and anxiety related to the failure of an idea or a project that you are working on in your life.

Violence represents your real life threats that prevent you from achieving your goals. An area of ​​your life is not going smoothly as planned. You are on an emotional rollercoaster of stress and violence. Real life events become painful to deal with day by day.


Dreaming about emotional pain during a miscarriage

If you see yourself crying or lamenting the loss a lot after a traumatic event, it could imply anxiety, fear, and worry about a failed project in your waking life. The dream represents flashbacks of past hurts that left you with deep scars.

You are unable to deal with it, as you may feel extremely down and broken beyond healing. This dream symbolizes your inability to prepare for the upcoming difficulties in life. It reminds you to have faith in yourself and gain inner strength and never let go of suffering and mental agonies.


Dreaming about your spouse's miscarriage

If you are a man and dream of pregnancy where your wife had a miscarriage, it just means that you are worried about the changes that will occur in your life with the arrival of a baby. This is a warning about their state of health that you should pay attention to.

Also, this dream denotes your concern for the health of your wife and your unborn baby. In another way, this dream theme suggests a great loss of business, or job loss, failure in relationships, etc. in waking life. It's just the fear of failure and the fear of losing that manifests in the subconscious.


Dreaming about having a baby after a miscarriage

When you dream of having a baby after a miscarriage, it signifies your repressed desire to have a baby. You lament your deep loss and you can't wait to get pregnant again. This dream symbolizes sadness and the setback of not being able to get what you wanted.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you to heal from within and let go of past hurts. Seeing a baby again means focusing on new beginnings. You are reminded to be positive and start things over again. This dream symbolizes a lot of emotional work on your part.


Dreaming of miscarriage before it happens

A miscarriage in a dream is a wake-up call for you to resolve ongoing issues in your waking life. This dream symbolizes fear and worry about the unknown. You are not sure what will happen in your life next. The unstable state of mind set with emotional highs can cause such nighttime fantasies quite often.


Dream about an early miscarriage

An early miscarriage dream can be like seeing the death of the fetus in the first trimester. The dream symbolizes the breaking of your goals or the new ideas you may have formulated in your life. (See Dreaming of Fetus).

If you had a real miscarriage in your waking life, this dream represents hidden worries and fears. An early miscarriage also symbolizes the lack of initiative and the failure of a plan in its infancy.


Dreaming about your mother having a miscarriage

When you dream of your mother miscarrying, it is a bad sign. This dream represents his poor health, physical problems in waking life. Perhaps his health is not in a desired state and as such you are having strange feelings about his well-being.

In some cases, this dream symbolizes a conflict with a dominant female figure leading to the breakdown of the relationship. The mother usually represents an authority figure who poses a threat to your mental well-being.



Being pregnant in a dream and having a miscarriage

Many women have this dream, and not only when they are actually pregnant. Seeing a miscarriage during pregnancy in a dream and having a miscarriage is a indication of a setback in life.

In no case does the dream situation announce a true stillbirth. It is rather the end of a project or abandonment of a goal. What are you currently working on? Try to change course to always achieve the desired goal.

However, if you are carrying a baby and dream about a miscarriage several times, you are probably worried about it happening. The person who has the dream wonders whether he behaves correctly during pregnancy and does everything to protect the well-being of the child.

Usually these worries are unfounded because they stem from a lack of experience. However, if you dream of stillbirth for several weeks of pregnancy, you should confide in your gynecologist.


Not being pregnant and dreaming of miscarriage

If one dreams of giving birth to a child and losing it, even if one is not pregnant in the waking world, this is a reflection of a failure. This can refer both to the professional and private level: the loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship can go hand in hand with this dream image.


Dream about losing twins

If you feel in your dreams that you are pregnant with twins and you lose both children in a miscarriage, your plans in waking life not going as planned.

Perhaps the dreamer foresaw a fresh start, either with a new job or a new partner. It can also mean a new residential area. The symbolic miscarriage of the twins in the dream clearly shows that the subconscious has already perceived the failure of the project.


Dream of miscarriage: What meanings?


Dream about other people having a miscarriage


Dream that a man is having a miscarriage

Men also dream of symbols such as pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage. Not only do they experience miscarriage in a woman in a dream, but also at the level of themselves.

Male dreamers may be pregnant in their sleep and are faced with witnessing the loss of their own child. Often this dream symbol appears when theman tries to ignore his own wrongdoings. 

If one is a woman and one dreams, for example, that a friend or partner is pregnant and has a miscarriage, one suspects problems with this person in the waking world. The image in this dream warns to give this person a helping hand or to have a serious conversation in case of a dispute.


Dream about his sister having a miscarriage

If the sister has a miscarriage in a dream, then quite real grief can be felt after waking up. Anyone who has a good relationship with a sister suffers with her - even if nothing like this actually happened. The dream image of the pregnant sister who has a miscarriage indicates thea deterioration of the state of health.


Dreaming about his girlfriend having a miscarriage

The miscarriage of the girlfriend is often a problem in the dreams of women and men. In both cases, feelings for each other are at the forefront of the dream: you worry and think about the well-being of your girlfriend. The miscarriage expresses a stressful and difficult time for the person concerned.


Dreaming about someone having a miscarriage

Did a person have a miscarriage in a dream who was completely unknown to you? Strangers in dreams symbolize a part of yourself. You are therefore confronted with a personality aspect personified in your sleep. This character trait has caused problems in the past, expressed by the other's miscarriage in the dream. Try to find out what this aspect is to correct it.


Dream about a miscarriage with a lot of blood

Dreams in which blood is seen during pregnancy are common. A miscarriage is also often experienced in connection with blood in the dream event. Fears of failure hide behind this dream image

If you are really pregnant, you unconsciously question your abilities as a (pregnant) mother. 




Dreaming of Miscarriage: General Interpretation

The dream symbol "miscarriage" is a symbol of fear of failure, but it also represents a sudden end or setback . A miscarriage in the interpretation of dreams can be a sign of poor development in life in general.

The dream of a failed pregnancy, however, sometimes also relates to the loss of a job, the failure of a relationship or a project. Perhaps also the dream has an idea, which, however, is not yet fully developed.

The “miscarriage” dream symbol can also be a warning to pay more attention to physical health and personal happiness. Indirectly, the dream can also mean that the dreamer is unsure of his plans and perceives failure.



Psychological interpretation

A miscarriage in the dream - his own or another's - makes the dreamer aware that something is wrong. It can be an unexpected loss or the dissolution of part of his personality.

The dream symbol around the death of a baby indicates uncertainty and change in real life in the interpretation of dreams. If the dream is a man, behind a miscarriage in the dream is often the repressed negative feeling of his own fault.

If women dream of the birth of a dead child, behind this dream symbol there may be fear that a longing will not come true. If the woman has in fact already experienced a miscarriage as an expectant mother, this dream in the dream interpretation is a sign that she has not had enough time to grieve and has not yet dealt with what happened. she knew.

The mental processing of an abortion can also appear in the dream symbol “miscarriage”. In pregnant women, fear for the unborn child is often expressed in a dream with the symbol "miscarriage": does he die because I behaved badly during pregnancy? Was he born sick because of me?


spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the dream symbol "miscarriage" shows a strong fear of loss in the dream interpretation, which in the worst case can even lead to depression.

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