What music to sleep?

What music to sleep?

What music to sleep?

Do you do everything to music? Many people listen to music at work, at the gym, while taking care of the house, and even while studying. An animated playlist is energizing, but there are melodies that can slow your pace to help you drift off to sleep.


What music to sleep? 

Music can have a soothing effect depending on the style and rhythm of beats per minute (bpm). Repeating slow, quiet sounds helps you relax. A UK group in partnership with therapists has produced an 8-minute song with these characteristics that has been dubbed "the most relaxing in the world" after a study, which proved stress reduction in tested individuals.

There are songs created by neuroscientists who work specifically on rest. The Sleep Foundation in the United States recommends rhythms between 60 and 80 bpm as an alternative treatment for sleep disorders.

Other experts mention jazz, folk and classical music, especially Beethoven and Chopin according to Le Figaro as options for relaxation and sleep. It's important to know that songs from genres you don't like, or that have wide variations in pitch and rhythm, can have the opposite effect, making you more awake and even stressed.

If you can't slow down and have trouble falling asleep, you can try these suggestions. It should be remembered that anxiety, insomnia and other sleep-related issues should be diagnosed by a doctor and treated accordingly.


How to create a ritual with music to relax?

Now that you know what to listen to for bed, create a ritual to calm yourself down and fall asleep effortlessly when night falls.

Find activities that relax you so you can forget about your problems and calm your thoughts. Meditating, taking a warm bath, doing breathing exercises, or just lying down while listening to music are some options. 

Investing in a technological mattress also has advantages for your rest. Sufficient quality aligns the spine, relieves aches and muscle tension at night.


Prepare the bedroom by creating a calm and cozy atmosphere with indirect lights, therapeutic aromas, a zen playlist and sweet dreams. 

Sleeping well is synonymous with more disposition and quality of life. Music can be your ally for a good night's sleep, but only legitimate quality delivers the comfort and benefits you deserve.

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