Stop Snoring: Home Remedies

Stop Snoring: Home Remedies

Snoring is annoying not only for those who suffer from this problem, but also for those who are forced to live with it.

It is a disorder that affects millions of people and over time can lead to many complications. A person who snores is likely to have sleep apnea, the blood is oxygenated increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, but also to develop cognitive diseases and Alzheimer's disease. How to stop snoring? There are several natural remedies to solve the problem, sleep better and improve your health. Let's find them all!


Stop Snoring: Home Remedies


1. Sleep on your side

When you sleep on your stomach, all the tissues relax, especially those of the soft palate which begin to vibrate. Resting on your side is a great solution, as this sleeping position reduces the risk of tracheal obstruction. To do this, use an anti-snoring pillow.


2. Eat little

A light dinner is the perfect solution to stop snoring. A hearty meal indeed requires excessive strain on the stomach, interfering with sleep and breathing. Before going to sleep, avoid dairy products, fries and seasonings, drink plenty of water and a relaxing herbal tea.


3. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a snorer's worst enemy. Avoid drinking it until five hours before bedtime. Beer, wine and cocktails actually relax the tissues of the upper respiratory tract, increasing vibrations.


4. Change the air

Domestic pollution is one of the great enemies of nocturnal rest. To avoid snoring, open the windows wide, promoting air renewal. In this way, you will clean the room of pollutants, promote breathing and lower the temperature.


5. Take a shower

A hot shower or a scented bubble bath is ideal for relaxing the muscles, eliminating the stress accumulated during the day and resting well.


6. Singer in the shower

Want to make the hot shower even more efficient? So while you sing it! In fact, singing tones the throat muscles, improves the quality of sleep and helps us not to snore.


7. Drink sage tea

Sage is an excellent natural remedy to clean the airways and stop snoring. Prepare an infusion by adding a few leaves to a pot of boiling water and letting it sit for at least 10 minutes.

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