How to fall asleep on command?

How to fall asleep on command?

How to fall asleep on command?

How to fall asleep on command? Here are eight tips with quick sleep aids. Do you often go back and forth at night and when you finally fall asleep, you keep waking up? This can have several causes. But you should not take it lightly, because lack of sleep not only makes us tired and moody, but can also lead to obesity, heart disease or type 2 diabetes long term . During night's rest, our body starts many processes that only concern the repair and regeneration.  Here are 8 tips for sleeping on command


How to fall asleep on command? The 8 tips


1- Create rituals

What Helps Young Children Fall Asleep Can't Harm Adults Either: Create Your Own own sleep ritual with which you prepare for the night. Whether evening care, reading something, cuddling with your partner or your pet - calm activities will put you in a good mood for the night. Important: try to follow the same steps every night. Then your body gets used to the rhythm and you tire automatically.

2- Banish problems from the bed

Thinking about our problems can sometimes prevent us from falling asleep. Therefore, problems in bed have no place! If you are thinking, get up and sit in a place in your house where you usually work. There you write on a piece of paper what concerns you. Leave your worries on the table and go back to bed. This is how you tracked, named and recorded all your grief. On paper, these thoughts can wait for you until tomorrow.  How to fall asleep on command?

3- Get rid of the sheep!

Counting sheep doesn't always bring success - because you can always meditate on problems. Better: a more demanding task you need to focus on, such as counting six by six or backwards from 1000.

4- Quiet sounds for relaxed sleep

quiet music, like ballads or classical music, can work wonders. Turn the music so low you can barely hear it. So you have to concentrate a little, and the disturbing thoughts will disappear.

5- Breathe to fall asleep on command

With this simple exercise you can drive away bad thoughts and relax wonderfully: lie on your back and put your hand on your stomach. Focus on your breathing. As you inhale and exhale, say softly « in , outside, inside, outside ». you breathe deeper and are more relaxed, by the way , when you inhale, your stomach rises, then your chest.

6- A little focus

You just don't want to fall asleep? Do not roll back and forth in bed, but stand up. Do a silent task that you can interrupt at any time and need to focus on, such as solving or knitting a crossword puzzle. Do this until you feel sleepy, then go back to bed.

7- Turn off the smartphone

We know exactly how trivial this might sound: but put away your smartphone at night! You will realize later later in bed how harmful the blue screen light of our beloved cell phones, tablets and laptops really is - all sleeping pills are of no use. Because this artificial light Disturb the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes le sleep , making it difficult to fall asleep. But there is still a backdoor: if you don't want to do without your smartphone before going to bed, use an app that puts a red filter on your screen . Studies have shown that people with the red filter wake up half as often per night as with the blue light.

8: Stay cool to fall asleep on command

During our sleep period, the body temperature increases - which often has the effect of sweating at night. But not only: It is possible to suffer from cramps and unpleasant water retention. Not exactly a beneficial combination for a good night's sleep! So keep your cool room. Wear cotton sleepwear and also use cotton sheets. Wool bedding is also very suitable, as wool fiber has been shown to regulate temperature much better than other fabrics. 


How to fall asleep on command? You now have all the cards in hand

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