Dreaming of peeing: The different meanings

Dreaming of peeing: The different meanings

When you dream of peeing, your subconscious is telling you that you are at the point where you want to get rid of the problems in your life. You want to turn the pages and start a new chapter in your life.

It is very likely that you are immersed in a tedious situation that bothers you a lot. It impacts your state of mind and asks you to feel the need to change drastically.

But not all dreams of peeing are exactly the same because their meaning changes depending on the details of the dream. In this article you will find out all the meanings of this dream.


Dreaming of peeing in a toilet

A toilet is the place to urinate and if you have dreamed that you pee there, then the subconscious tells you that you want to cleanse yourself of certain toxic things that are part of your life.

You need to make a decision to get rid of your problems.


Urinate in an inappropriate place

If you have this dream, it means you want to solve something in your life and you can't. You have taken the wrong path and that necessarily leads you to failure. Think about your actions because they won't move you in the right direction if you don't change them.

If you have dreamed of peeing in the room, for example, the problem is at the family level, the house in dreams representing the home. It can be problems with the children or your spouse for example, the bedroom being the place of married life.


Rêver de faire pipi and public

In a desire to be very spontaneous, you forget to exercise discretion and perhaps show a lack of discretion that can harm you if you tell all your secrets to the wrong people.

Think before you speak to avoid saying too much to the wrong people. In the dream, see if there are people you knew while you were urinating in public to make a more accurate interpretation.


Dream of drinking urine

Very strange dream, isn't it? This dream simply means that you are in the process of understanding the gray areas of your life you are looking for answers. You want things to improve in your daily life. (See dreaming of drinking).


Dreaming of urinating with difficulty or pain

You find it difficult to free yourself from the emotions that constrain you and you want to let go of the negative memories that you still have in mind.

You are locked into your current mindset and want to change it quickly. But you can't get out of your current state and so you close yourself off to change.

The emotions that overwhelm you are a real burden for you.

It is also possible that the opinion you have of yourself is keeping you in this situation. So start a process of change if you want to free yourself from this current state. 


Dream that you urinate blood

You experience situations that make you anxious and overwhelm you. This anxiety prevents you from moving forward and keeps you in a situation of immobility, preventing any change from appearing.

This dream also signals to you that you are facing a bad environment where confrontations are common. Your personal relationships are not in good shape and communication problems worsen this situation.

You will need time to heal from his mental wounds and be able to move forward or to be able to restore harmony in the relationships with those around you.

You can also have this dream because of overwork which is causing you stress and affecting your health. A break becomes necessary to restore mental balance.

Blood dreams will be able to give you more details if you had this dream.


Dreaming of a peeing baby 

You are concerned about children around you and you will need to implement the right actions to be able to help them effectively. There too, you can interpret the dream in more detail, with baby dream meanings.


Dreaming of wetting your bed

Urinating in bed is a sign in the dream world that you need to get rid of some things that weigh you down in your life. You have to leave the past in the past at the risk of not moving forward in life by being stuck in the past.

It is also possible that this dream is happening because you behaved inappropriately in public.

Finally, if you were not ashamed to urinate in the dream, it is a sign of detachment and maturity that will allow you to evolve without worrying about the gaze of others.

You can read this article, which will give you more details about having a bed in your dream.


You dreamed of peeing and really wet your bed

You have in you one physical or emotional disorder which leads you to reproduce the dream in reality. It is high time to free yourself from the weight of your thoughts and to take charge of what is necessary to keep your life moving forward and not fall prey to this emotional deluge.


Dreaming of someone peeing in the bed

This dream reveals a way of seeing and evaluating people. If in the dream you were laughing, then you are an insensitive and indolent person. 

The reaction that you in the dream towards this person reveals a personality trait very ingrained in you. at present.


Dream about peeing on your clothes

This is a clear sign that you have no control over your real life.  You act according to your intuition and without thinking before acting. Your words can sometimes hurt those around you and also negatively influence your work environment.

By having this dream, your subconscious leads you to change your mental mode of operation so that the balance on the private and professional level is restored.



Dream of urinating a lot

Your subconscious tells you tostop excesses that are not good for you and your health.

These excesses are not necessarily related to food, tobacco, or other substances but may represent overwork. You live your life at 100 per hour but unfortunately you need to take breaks and also sleep more if necessary.

And this uninterrupted flow acts on your blood behavior and which must be rectified at all costs.


You see urine

The urine represents the past you can't forget and which haunts you even in your dreams.


Dreaming of seeing someone urinate and you feel disgusted

You are going through a situation that is not appreciated by those around you and you feel rejected. This situation may be professional or private.

Emotions related to this rejection are reflected in dreams of someone urinating.

It doesn't have to be a bad lifestyle choice, it can also be related to your behavior that is not appreciated by the people in your life.


Dreaming of seeing someone urinate and you feel sexual desire

Very strange but also very evocative. This represents your feelings for someone you've been dying to declare your feelings to.


Dream that your urine is cloudy

You have health problems and a medical consultation should be done.


You wanted to urinate without being able to do so

You meet great obstacles you cannot overcome. You are exhausted and cannot find a way to unblock this situation.

It is important to be less impulsive in solving the problems you are currently experiencing.


Dream about someone urinating

Someone in your life is very influential and probably has manipulative behavior that annoys you.


You smell urine in your dream 

You treat your health badly and your subconscious is letting you know, so pull yourself together and know that better habits will only do you good.

In addition, it is also advisable to make a medical appointment.


What conclusions can be drawn from this dream?

Dreaming of peeing or urine in general is a signal from the subconscious that you need to fix something in your life.

Dreams are a sign that your subconscious is doing to you, much more important than the conscious, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the signals it sends you through dreams.

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