Dreaming of pigeon: What meanings?

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Dreaming of pigeon: What meanings?

In our society, pigeons can be a sign of peace and prosperity. However, when it comes to dreaming about a pigeon, the scenario can change a lot. Every detail present in pigeon dreams can mean something, but overall these dreams reflect your own consciousness, especially if you are impatient.

Want to better understand what pigeon dreams mean? So keep reading to find out and actually interpret what your dream means. 

Dream about flying pigeon

This type of dream can bring two distinct messages. The first is great for those who want to expand their family. Dreaming of a flying pigeon can mean that a new member is coming and the family is growing.

The other meaning it can have is also positive. If you are going through a troubled time, this dream comes to reassure you, as it might indicate that everything will be fine.


Dream about a landing of pigeons

Contrary to the above, dreams of landing pigeons may not be a good omen. This kind of dream is more like a message of attention. Depending on the form of the landing, the direction may change.

In general, this type of dream indicates that a troublesome person enters your life or is already there. No matter what it is, it's important to take a step back and pay attention to the people around you so you don't get disappointed.

If the pigeon lands on the glass or on your shoulder, the meaning of the dream becomes positive. In the first case, it indicates good luck, in the second case, that you are surrounded by good people and friends.


Dream that pigeons are pecking

Again, we have a kind of dream that serves as a warning to the dreamer. In this case, dreaming of pecking pigeons indicates that something is wrong in your life and you do not notice or understand.

The act of pecking is like the pigeon trying to sound an alarm, causing you to wake up to visualize the problem. At this point it is important to stop and analyze everything that is happening, to be able to move forward in a balanced and correct way.


Dream about being attacked by pigeons

It may seem scary to dream of an attacking pigeon. However, despite the momentary fear, this type of dream is a message from your subconscious that you are confused about your spiritual side.

This is the time to seek greater knowledge to attain the clarification you need. Books, mantras and songs are great ways to research and find the life philosophy you need.


Dreaming of pigeons incubating an egg

If you dreamed of pigeons incubating an egg, you can be happy, this is a good sign. In general, this dream is totally related to the financial field of the dreamer.

The eggs hatched by the pigeons mean that you will be able to reap good fruits from your labors and have a good financial life. However, it indicates that it will happen later, serving you to give yourself a boost and not give up.


Dream of holding a pigeon

Pigeons are not easy animals to catch. But as in dreams everything is possible, so holding a pigeon in your own hands is also possible. This kind of dream is also a very good sign.

It means that the dreamer has a great desire to achieve their goals and the good things that life has to offer. So don't give up on your dreams, fight for what you want and soon you will be rewarded!


Dream about feeding a pigeon

Feeding a pigeon while dreaming indicates an important moment. This means that the dreamer will go through a maturation stage, which will bring you good and important experiences. Seize the moment and acquire all the knowledge you can, because it will be very beneficial.


Dreaming of pigeons in the nest

Pigeon nests are like a home for humans. The dream about them represents his feeling of love for his family, and especially for his children. Moreover, it means that you cherish a house full of affection with all its members.


Dreaming of pigeon eggs

To dream of a pigeon's egg is synonymous with prosperity. This indicates that financial success will soon emerge in your life. Do not confuse it with the pigeon hatching an egg, as it is something related to the future and the dream of eggs, in particular, is related to the present. So get ready to receive the good news!


Dreaming of pigeon droppings

Pigeon droppings are not something much admired by humans, on the contrary. Dreams don't convey good feelings either. They indicate that the dreamer is anxious and suffers from anticipation.

This type of dream conveys a stressful feeling that something in life is holding you back. At this stage, be calm and avoid suffering in advance. Everything will work !


Dream of chasing a pigeon

Dreaming about chasing a pigeon may not bring you very good feelings, but rather it is a dream that expresses how you really feel, so it is important to be careful.

This type of dream reveals feelings of guilt for not achieving your goals or for not making the right choices to do so. A self-critical analysis can be very useful at this stage.


Dream about killing a pigeon

It may seem unusual, but dreaming of killing a pigeon is related to the romantic relationship of the dreamer. If this is your case, prepare yourself, because this dream indicates that great conflicts are ahead. At this stage, it is important to stay calm and not rush. It's worth asking a friend or trusted friend for advice before making a decision!


Dreaming of a white pigeon

White pigeons are always related to peace. In the case of dreams, this does not change, but it goes further. This dream is related to your spiritual growth, which will consequently bring you peace.

It also indicates that you are looking for that inner peace through the upheavals that are taking place in your life. But once that moment passes, you will find yourself strengthened and peace will emerge.


Dreaming of gray pigeon

This kind of dream unfortunately does not bring good news. The dream of the gray pigeon is another one that expresses the feeling of a dreamer. In this case, it is conflicting feelings that indicate a lot of confusion. Moments of indecision will come, so it's worth the help of your trusted friend, but be sure to trust your instincts to make the right choice.


Dreaming of black pigeon

Another dream that has a negative meaning. Dreaming of a black pigeon is a warning that the dreamer will go through difficulties and conflicts. This is the time to prepare yourself physically and psychologically to face possible problems that will require a lot of attention and care.


Dreaming of blue pigeon

Dreaming of a blue pigeon may be strange at first. However, its meaning is very important so that you can organize your mind and desires. The blue pigeon indicates that you should express your wishes to the people around you. Do not hesitate to chat and ask for their help, as they can help you achieve your goals.


Dreaming of many pigeons

Many pigeons are a sign of good things! This kind of dream indicates good news is coming. And, they can be in various areas of the dreamer's life, such as financial, personal, and romantic.

According to the color of the pigeons, it is possible to find out in which area of ​​​​your life this improvement will appear. If it's gray, for example, it's good news in love or business.


Dreaming of pigeon at the window

Just like the dream with many pigeons, the one with the pigeon in the window is also auspicious. However, in this case, the dream message is more specific and direct. It means that good news will arrive in your financial life. It could be a good new job or some money you hoped for or badly wanted. So get ready!


Dream about injured pigeon

Here we have another dream which serves as a warning to the dreamer. If you dreamed of an injured pigeon, it's time to pay attention. These dreams indicate that there is something or someone disturbing your life and taking your peace.

With this dream, it is essential to reflect and try to find out what or who is hurting you. In this way, you can quickly get rid of this problem.


Dream about dead pigeon

Ending the list of dreams with pigeons, we have another warning dream. But in this case, it's related to your friendships. Dreaming about a dead pigeon can indicate something bad, because this dream wants to show that there are fake friends around you. (See Dreaming of Death)

This lie can come from other people in your life who are not your closest friends. Either way, stay tuned and try to find out who isn't telling the truth with you.


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