Dreaming of rice: What meanings?

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Dreaming of rice: What meanings?

To dream of rice signifies positive omens related to work and love. It is a sign that you will have an abundant life and negative things will turn away from you.

If you have dreamed of eating rice, you will experience a romantic and happy phase. Seeing or cooking this food means someone unpleasant will get out of your way.

If you were picking rice, you will have a fruitful conversation with a superior. When in a dream rice is thrown at the newlyweds, it is a harbinger not to turn a deaf ear to the calls of fortune or it will escape you.

Planting rice, a happy outcome in some affairs, and seeing a planting of this grain is an indication of much abundance and happiness.


One of the most consumed foods in the world indicates, in general terms, that the basic needs of the dreamer will be met. Just as rice is always served with some sort of accompaniment, rest assured that when you dream of rice, your primary needs are guaranteed, but something more will come with them.



Dreaming of rice: What you need to know


Rice is not only a cereal rich in nutrients and vitamins, but it also carries many meanings from culture to culture. Prosperity, happiness, love, fertility, abundance and even the peace that we so need to live with us and in society.



To begin with, dreaming that you are eating rice is a symbol of romance in your life. If you can't wait to have a baby soon, this could be the green light you've been waiting for from heaven. The family is about to grow and prosper.


Dream about cooking rice

Whoever cooks knows the attention and patience necessary to carry out the activity with quality. To dream that you are cooking rice shows that you are paving the way to your own happiness. By cooking, your future is represented by the affection and love you have while cooking.


Dream that to prepare rice 

If you are in a romantic relationship, or if you are looking for that special someone, rejoice, the fruits of this love will be beautiful and healthy. Always do your best to see that love blossom as you've always dreamed.


Dreaming of white rice 

As we know, white is the color of purity, innocence and peace. When you dream of white rice, rest assured that all areas of your life are entering a time of abundance and full happiness, free from harm and negativity. Purity represents the lightness and sincerity of future events.


Dream of burnt rice

To dream of burnt rice is a sign of wisdom and insight. The prosperous life you long for is on its way, but be careful in your relationships, don't go out and say what your plans are.


Dreaming of rice pudding

 On the other hand, dreaming of rice pudding shows that your life will be even better than you dreamed. Everything will taste even sweeter than you ever imagined. Continue on this path and always be humble, and this way you will get more than you wanted.


Dreaming of raw rice 

It's a simple warning, but full of power. Dreaming of raw rice shows you that it's time to strategize to get what you want. You can be calm and patient, and cook everything at the right time, with the necessary care and attention, and you will get the result you expect. Or, if you're too reckless and in a hurry, you can end up with burnt rice and lots of frustration.



Dream that you are planting rice

The flooded plain and the hard work that rice farmers face are not easy. But it will be necessary in the future to harvest what is expected. To dream that you are planting rice is an indication that at first your path will not be easy, but if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity, you will achieve good results. Dedicate yourself body and soul.



Dream about harvesting rice

Along the same line as the dream above, once the planting time is carefully done, it's time to see the quality of the production. To dream that you are harvesting rice is the perfect symbology to show that your harvest is near, that the quantity and quality of fruit will soon be seen and felt. What have you been growing lately?



Dream about planting rice


Abundance and happiness to come. If you have ever had the opportunity to see the green fields of a paddy field, you will know the wonder of this beautiful image. Dreaming of rice paddies is a way forward to make you feel soothing and happy feeling knowing that your destiny will be prosperous and peaceful. Congratulations, you have done a good job so far.



Dream of throwing rice at a wedding

The main symbol of the most sincere wishes to the couple can tell you that when you dream that you are throwing rice at a wedding, you should not turn a blind eye to luck.

It's closer than expected and it can come from anywhere, by anyone. Stay alert, because once you've emanated good energy, it's time for the universe to repay you with more of the same and double!



Dreaming of yellow rice

Time is running out and you have to make a decision on a subject that you have been covering up for a long time. Dreaming of yellow rice says that if you don't fix it now, it might be too late to fix it later. Courage, take advantage of the signal and leave nothing for later.

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