Dreaming of several cats: What meanings?

Dreaming of several cats: What meanings?

Dreaming of several cats: What meanings?

Have you dreamed of several cats and want to find out their meaning? The cat, a cunning animal with sinuous movements, elegant but also playful, lively and dynamic, often makes humans dream.

Dreaming of cats can have many meanings, whether it is small or big cats, here are the main meanings of this dream.

History teaches us that in the past, this pet was often the object of veneration as in ancient Egypt (goddess Bastet), but also a symbol of satanic ceremonies, as in the Middle Ages.

These felines were even persecuted because they were considered friends of witches and even today the superstition still exists that black cats bring bad luck.

With this article we want to explain what can be the meanings that accompany cats in dreams and what cats represent in different cases.



Dreaming of several cats of different colors

In the world of dreams it can happen to dream of several cats with different coat colors, depending on the colors indeed each of them takes on a different meaning:

Gray cat - a symbol of wisdom and tranquility. It is therefore an auspicious symbol.

Black cat: need for independence, rejection of stifling impositions. Often he also speaks of mystery and introspection in his own unconscious.

White cat: purity, tenderness and in some cases, news on the way. Dreaming of white cats is a positive sign but also indicates fear on the part of those who dream of sudden novelties.

Ginger or orange cat: the person who dreams needs pleasure, carelessness, but also sensuality, a desire for freedom and autonomy. It may indicate striving to fulfill one's wishes.

Multicolored chat: with the work group or family you are close to the desired goal.


Dream of several kittens meowing

When you dream of several meowing kittens, in this case the dreamer's unconscious is trying to tell him something. Kittens in a dream are equivalent to listening to yourself, in order to give audience to the truest and most hidden needs.

For example, even dreaming of eating cat food signifies that there is something inside of us that has been repressed and instead we need to face it to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from improving ourselves.


Dreaming of cats entering the house

If you have ever dreamed of cats entering your home, the meaning is not the best because it represents a subtraction of something personal, especially if the cat manages to enter. Unfortunately, unlike dog dreams, cats in dreams often represent infidelity and lying. (See dreaming of house).


Dream of scratching cats

To dream of one or more cats scratching themselves may symbolize outside threats. It may also indicate genuine concerns about the safety and security of our assets. In fact, let's not forget that the cat is one of the most unpredictable animals. The dream representation of a cat attacking us represents our enemies. It is obvious that if we emerge victorious from this confrontation, it means that we will be able to overcome the obstacle that will come before us, otherwise these obstacles may represent bad luck or loss of money.


Dreaming of calm and curvy cats

The cat in dreams can symbolize femininity, especially if it is clean and neat. According to Freud, we can also refer to a female sexuality seen as oppressive towards the man, almost castrating. The cat's urge to purr can symbolize strong sexual energy.


Dreaming of domestic cats

If in a dream we are looking for a cat for your home, most likely we are looking for a huge state of independence (and for those who want it, we always recommend adopting a cat ).

It denotes our desire to be a little misguided and to break the mould.

Dreaming of your own domestic cat, on the other hand, can symbolize the dreamer himself or someone dear to him.

In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the sensations experienced during the dream.

To dream of holding a cat in your arms is tantamount to a feeling of security and control in achieving your goals.

To dream of losing your cat indicates the need for more freedom and independence.

On the other hand, dreaming about your deceased cat in reality can be a very positive and encouraging sign.


What does it mean to dream of a herd of cats

Dreaming of a pack of cats can mean that in our life we ​​have many thoughts and worries, so many that they obscure our ideas until we lose sight of the most important things.

What really matters is taking time for yourself and concentrating on prioritizing the things that seem most important to us! To dream of feeding cats is to feel a feeling of devalued superiority, therefore an excessive demonstration of power and rigor.


Dreaming of pregnant cats

When dreaming of pregnant cats, the reference is absolutely positive. This type of dream symbolizes carelessness, the desire to become a child again. This very positive scenario, when dreamed by pregnant women, is therefore a sweet reference to the future role of mother, symbolized by the waiting cat, because it symbolizes the arrival of the unborn child. While for a man, dreaming of small cats can indicate the desire for a stable relationship, the desire to start a family, or simply the desire for affection.



Dreaming of cats - the psychological meaning

According to different points of view, dreaming of a cat can have a positive or negative meaning. First, of course, the difference is believed to be due to whether the person likes these felines or not.

According to psychoanalyst Carl Jung, cats in dreams indicate an internal imbalance. Specifically, to embrace the typical elements of femininity and unite the masculine and feminine parts present in each of us. This is why he associates this type of dreams with negativity.

For Sigmund Freud, on the other hand, dreaming of cats could also have a positive interpretation, since they are associated with libido and sexual drive, thus becoming a true symbol of vitality and fertility.

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