Dreaming of Sheep: What Meanings?

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Dreaming of Sheep: What Meanings?

Dreaming of sheep seems like the most typical thing in the world: after all, there is an ancient belief that for people who have trouble sleeping, the best thing to do is to count sheep to fall asleep. The origin of this custom, by the way, goes back to an ancient endless tale in which a shepherd had to lead his flock over a bridge one by one.

Beyond counting sheep, the truth is that dreaming of these animals has a whole other meaning, which has more to do with how this fluffy animal is than with the tradition of counting the heads of cattle before going. sleep. Thus, it will be necessary to take into account the connotations that the sheep has in our culture to decipher its meaning.



Dreaming of sheep: What you need to know

When you dream of sheep, notice everything surrounding the dream. It will be good if you remember as many details as possible, which will give you clues as to their meaning: were there many sheep? Were they shooting or were they silent? As they were? Were you afraid, did you feel like one of them, or were you the pastor?


  1. Dreaming of sheep: general meaning

Dreaming about sheep has many meanings that will depend on both the details surrounding the dream and how you are feeling, which can sometimes seem totally contradictory.

For example, sheep in dreams may symbolize a full and rich life, with children and financially prosperous. The dream can be related to a particularly prosperous time, since, as you can see, it refers to both family life and business.

This symbolism is directly related to the times of old, when one of the ways to measure a person's wealth came from the animals they owned.

However, the sheep has a more negative connotation, more related to the character of this shy animal. In these cases, it can be a soft person, without personality, who gets lost among others and who has difficulty in taking on new things or who has no initiative, who tends to go where others.

As we said, the feelings you experienced during the dream will determine either meaning. However, it is interesting to note that the two dreams have one thing in common, since they follow what we are supposed to do: to have a successful business, family and children, to be part of the herd. 


  1. Dream about a lying sheep

This dream reinforces the idea that you are not a born leader, but rather that you you let yourself be carried away by what others are doing.


  1. Dreaming of a lamb

Lambs and young sheep have another connotation, as they are a symbol of innocence and, curiously, they can also refer to the fact that you are not like the others and that you will find your way, although possibly with the help of others, another way.

A lamb can also symbolize that although at first glance you seem a tough person, inside you is a piece of bread, or that you trust others too much.

If what you see in the dream is a mother sheep with her lambs, it can mean that you are going to have a child soon or you want one.

Finally, if the wolves are attacking the lambs, it may mean that there is someone around you who you don't trust and who you think is going to betray you in some way. .

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  1. Dreaming of a dead sheep

A dead sheep in the dream is not a very good omen, as it may mean that you have afraid of taking new steps that won't improve your life, or that someone has betrayed you. It can also mean that there is something that worries you a lot and does not let you live, or that you have suffered a very important loss.

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  1. White or black sheep dream

The color of the sheep in the dream can also give us clues to its meaning. Thus, white sheep symbolize all the positive we have seen before: comfort, fortune, a good family relationship.

As you can imagine, the poor black sheep symbolizes the opposite, and more so, as a temptation, opinions that you have not expressed or even consider that others see you as a black sheep.



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