Dreaming of someone: What does it mean?

Dreaming of someone: What does it mean?

What does it mean to dream of a person, dead or alive? In the world of dreams, it may happen that we dream of people we do not know, they are probably people we have seen or who have similar traits to people existing in our life. In other cases, they represent certain aspects of our personality, which we do not know or accept.


Dreaming of a faceless person

It can be quite disturbing, it can reflect an aspect of our reality that escapes us. This type of dream could also represent people, whom we know, but cannot decipher much about in everyday life.

Dreaming of an unknown person  

In the dream world it can symbolize an aspect of ourselves that we have yet to find, in other cases it can represent anxiety or fear of something we don't know. 


Dreaming of unknown people

To dream of more unknown people, in dreams, is a kind of warning from the people around us who probably tend to cause us trouble and trouble in the most subtle way.


Dream of many people

In the dream world, dreaming of many people without causing us discomfort, can detect the desire to have a more intense social life, meet new people and make new friends which you obviously need, otherwise dream of so many people brings you a feeling of awkwardness, maybe it's time to be a little quiet and take a break from all the people around you, who you probably feel oppressed by.




Dreaming of people in the house

In dreams the house certainly represents an important part of yourself, which represents you in part, dreaming of having a lot of people in the house can make you feel like your privacy is being violated, obviously in reality it there is a factor that bothers you, if on the contrary you have positive feelings, you obviously need to share your spaces more.


Dreaming of a pregnant person 

In the dream world, this may mean that there is a project in the works, which we cannot however concentrate on yet.


Dreaming of dead loved ones

Dreaming of loved ones who are no longer there is quite common, the dream symbolizes your difficulty in accepting what has happened or in any case the lack you feel of their absence.


Dream about people vomiting

In dreams it could reflect yourself and your mindset towards something that happened that you haven't 'digested' and you 'reject' it, in dreams.


Dreaming of people dressed in black ou dream of a person dressed in black 

It's not exactly what you can call an auspicious dream, probably an unexpected negative change lurks.


Dreaming of a person in black

It can probably be associated with someone we have seen or met, or who in any case has aroused our interest.


Dreaming of famous people

We are surrounded all day by advertisements, magazines, television, cinema, which is more than normal to have a fantasy about our heroines or television heroes.


Dream about a person without teeth

In the dream world, teeth are a symbol of not only figurative but also physical aggression. Having no teeth therefore indicates a strong weakness, probably this person represents you or perhaps someone you know who may be in trouble.




Dreaming of a person who seizes yourre in his arms 

In dreams, probably represents your desire for affection and warmth from someone, obviously in this period you feel quite alone.

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Dreaming of the person we love 

It is quite common in the dreams of each of us, it is normal to see in dreams people we love and who are part of our life, in other cases it represents the desire to be with that person , which is always in our thoughts and we probably can't have.


Dreaming of old people

Dreaming of an elderly man can have two types of interpretations in particular. In the first case, we associate the aged male figure with fatigue. If we are going through a very chaotic time in our lives, this could be a sign to calm down and relax a bit, to detach from our rushed pace. Often, however, the old man is associated with the figure of the sage. We must be very attentive to the words and actions of this man, because he could give us indications that can be useful to face a particular situation or give us advice on something that is bothering us.


Dreaming of a fat person

The physical characteristics of dreams tend to be associated with an individual's health. Our physical appearance is determined by how we eat and how we take care of our bodies. To dream of a man that we know is fat or has gained weight can indicate our concern for someone and their lifestyle. However, if we dream of a fat man we don't know, it can also refer to our fear - usually we tend to associate fat with something negative, a quality we would never want in a partner. .


Dream about a person without hair 

In the world of dreams, there is probably an issue of trust at the base, probably towards others or towards yourself.


Dreaming of people being killed

In dreams it represents repressed anger and your inner sadness, you are obviously going through a negative time in your life.


Dreaming of a headless person

The head in the dream world and in reality, symbolizes the most important and best part of a person, dreaming of a headless person could symbolize that this image reflects you and probably the difficult time you are going through, you are unable to recognize yourself, you are unable to clear your mind and get up.


Dreaming of drunk people 

in the dream world, it could reflect your joyful spirit, full of yearning for carelessness and youthfulness.


Dreaming of distant people

To dream of distant people in dreams can be completely normal, this type of dream definitely represents the lack and longing you have towards these people, probably a blast from the past and your memories.



Dreaming of a person from the past 

In dreams it is very easy to dream of people we are interested in, people we may have only seen a few times, so dreaming of someone from the past, whom we may not have seen for a long time can be quite common, maybe we miss them or we just thought of that person for something that happened and brought up old memories.


Dreaming of dwarfs

In dreams it could reflect feeling superior to others or someone in particular. We don't mean to offend anyone, but according to tradition, dwarves bring good luck; will it be the same for you?


Dreaming of similar people

In dreams, it could represent that the person you see, if known, might have a split personality, or maybe it reflects a desire to emerge and not be the same as everyone else.


Dreaming of living dead

In the dream world, it expresses our desire to want these people still among us, dreams driven by feelings of sadness and longing.


Dreaming of living dead 

It usually brings good, in the dream world, having this type of dream means that you are afraid of detaching yourself from this / these people or that you are afraid for their life.

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Dreaming of people who are no longer there  

This dream could stem from a suggestion that inspired you during the past day or from your desire. It clearly depends on the cases, the people and the situations. Dreaming about a person dying in a dream can be quite disturbing, this type of dream can derive from our anxieties and worries in life that torment us every day. In the most insignificant cases, you are afraid of death or what it represents. 


Dreaming of a dead or dying person  

It's a pretty weird dream, you probably still don't rationalize the disappearance of this person and therefore you can't accept his death. 


Dreaming of a crying dead

In the dream world, dreaming of a dead person crying is quite a disturbing dream, especially if you know the person you are dreaming of, in which case there is probably something unresolved between you and the dead person. If you don't know the person who is crying, you are probably going through a period of great upheaval, you have probably experienced severe shock or serious grief.


Dream about a person committing suicide

This is a very rare dream, it could symbolize yourself and the fear of not being able to cope with life's obstacles and problems, to the point of wishing for death. If you know the person you see committing suicide, you probably view them as weak or in other cases fear for their safety.


Dreaming of a hanged man or dreaming of a hanged man

In the world of dreams, the figure of the hanged man is a recurring figure in the world of symbolism, not only in that of dreams. In general, positive signs are not associated with the figure of a hanged person; it is often associated with a difficult period or a period full of sacrifices.


Dreaming of sick people

This unfortunatly  could represent your fear-phobia, towards sick and contagious people, or maybe you are influenced by something or someone you have seen.


To dream that a person has a tumor 

In dreams it could be from fear of having deadly diseases, maybe you are afraid that someone around you might get sick or maybe you, in other cases it could be read in another key, a tumor, understood as an inner evil, maybe in this image you see yourself.


Dreaming of a sad person 

In a dream, it may simply reflect your state of mind.

Seeing a person crying in a dream could be a warning for the conduct of your life.


Dreaming of injured people

In dreams it may reflect feeling 'mistreated', 'hurt' by someone, obviously in a mental way.


Dream about a person falling 

In dreams it can symbolize that you are afraid of failing in something you are doing, maybe something you heard influenced you and therefore you feel helpless and scared.


Dreaming of a person dressed in white

In the dream world, dreaming of a person dressed in white undoubtedly symbolizes purity and innocence, perhaps this image reflects ourselves or our personality. which means that the people around you bring you a great sense of tranquility and security.


Dream about a person getting married

In the dream world, the image of someone getting married may contain a desire for marriage that you probably still see very far away, so much so that you see someone else taking that step. In other cases, it could represent the hope of completing any project that is close to your heart.


Dream about a possessed person

In the dream world dreaming of someone being possessed or otherwise possessed could highlight some dark aspects of the person you are dreaming of, in other cases it could be an expression of an unresolved issue with yourself To dream of possessed people may reflect your lack of trust in other people, you are probably afraid that the people around you don't really appear for who they are.


Dream about a person laughing 

In dreams this can often happen, obviously laughter must also be contextualized and above all you must understand the sensations it causes you, it can be a laugh of joy, a nervous laugh or perhaps a way of making a fool of yourself.

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