Dreaming of someone you like: What meanings?

Dreaming of someone you like: What meanings?

Dreaming of someone you like: What meanings?

Dreams reveal certain aspects of our life. That is to say, behind everything we dream, there is a close relationship with the situation in which we find ourselves at that moment.

Thus, dreaming of someone we like is a reflection of a motivation, an illusion or a desire. If you had this dream manifestation, you are probably thinking of a person who attracts you.

Your fixation on the person who catches your eye will cause your dream to repeat itself over and over again. This causes your subconscious to take center stage and reflect it into sleep. This dream does not guarantee that it will come to you, nor that you will not be able to envisage anything. He just tells you how attracted you are to him.

It is important to learn to separate reality from dreams. The truth is that often what we think is possible will never happen. We must therefore learn to differentiate dream and reality. Take full advantage of this experience when you sleep and enjoy all the desire you feel for the person you love.

In this article, I show you all the meanings of this dream.


Dreaming of someone you like: Pleasant dreams


To dream that the person surrounds us

This is not an auspicious dream, it tells you that you need to be very careful in the coming days. This indicates that you may be going through something very delicate, an accident or a health problem.

If you can let go, on the contrary, it means triumph and freedom. You will feel better, you will have a deep peace. The dream then indicates a lot of well-being.


Dream about the person saying they love you

It is one of the most awaited dreams of a person in love, excited, passionate. When you wake up from this wonderful dream, you will not be able to forget it for a long time, it will remain in your mind and you can change your day in a very special way. It is a reason for hope and excitement for life, love, fun and excitement.

But on the other hand, it may not be very good. Your partner may be about to tell you that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. The dream predicts the break, the end, the death of a relationship. You need to be aware of what may happen in the days to come, be prepared for what may happen in your relationship.


Dream about the person kissing you

This is a very comforting dream, its meaning is positive, but at the same time it will depend on the kiss, whether it is gentle or unpleasant. If you liked it, you receive very encouraging news, you will experience joy, well-being and success in the coming days.

Alternatively, if the kiss you received from the person you love in your dream was unpleasant, it may indicate that the news can be very disheartening.

Also, it evokes the dream, that great longing you feel for that person. Your passion is at a very high level. You are able to do unimaginable things to fight for this being who awakens your desire to live and to feel loved.


To dream that the person is dancing with you

The meaning of this dream indicates happiness, pleasure. Bring good wishes into your life, it's a time of total balance and great opportunities. It usually means you're in for an amazing time, both personally and professionally. (See Dreaming of Dancing).

Your desire has begun to bear fruit, the days of uncertainty and turmoil are behind you, all is calm. But you need to be careful, because if you are tired or tripping over it, the dream might indicate that your finances will be affected very soon. You will not do well, if you have a business, you can go through a crisis that will encourage you to seek additional credit or mortgages to meet your commitments.

Be very careful, think carefully about what you are doing, this is not the time to take decisions lightly, to stop and observe and analyze what really suits you. Ask for help from your friends or relatives, they will surely help you.


Dream that the person invites you on a date

The dream is likely to indicate that you need to change your way of seeing things, that your life needs to change course quickly. You must do something positive for yourself, you are probably in a state of abandonment before life. The dream tells you that you need to do something urgent, go out, study, meet new friends.

The important thing about sleep is that your subconscious is trying to experience new sensations and get out of that state of lethargy and laziness that is not allowing you to move forward. You have not noticed it, but this state does not favor you at all.



Dreaming of someone you like: Unpleasant dreams


Dream that the person you are attracted to has another partner

When you dream of the person you desire, you experience untold joy. It is a satisfaction that invades your whole body and makes you feel very active, happiness helps you face many adversities and trials. Everything seems to fit together like a puzzle game. But if in the dream you make the person to another partner, it becomes very unpleasant.

This dream indicates that you will soon come out of all your family or financial problems. It is a dream that signifies evolution or transformation.

On the other hand, it denotes insecurity, your self-esteem is very low and you are afraid of losing. The best thing to do is to analyze yourself internally and understand that the trust you place in yourself will generate many positive changes in your life.


Dream that the person avoids you

Things have not gone well for you, your energies are weakened by not being able to achieve the balance of life that surrounds you at the moment, by discomfort with your partner, your family and even in the office.

When you wake up, you will probably do it in the worst way, be sad and feel like you don't have the courage you deserve from others. On the other hand, you have to be very careful, because sleep can warn of certain problems that may arise that have nothing to do with love.

Low self-esteem, insecurity, low tolerance and frustration . You think you are not capable of making someone else happy, that you are not good enough to be loved… Be careful! It's in your mind, don't forget to give yourself the courage you have.


Dream about the person falling

This is not a very encouraging dream, one should be aware of loved ones, who may suffer from severe discomfort, serious illness or fatal accidents. If possible, try to deal with it in the next few days. (See Dreaming of Falling).

This dream has a clear meaning of worry, maybe you are very worried because your finances are at a very low level, you feel that your economic recession is not perishable.

Also, it's a time of miscommunication with your partner and there's a fear that that little thread that holds you together could snap and cause an irreparable separation. You don't want to get stuck in your relationship, your desire is to move forward and give everything to solidify this union.


Dreaming about arguing strongly with the person you like

In fact, dreaming about an argument is not a pleasant experience that we want to have. However, it is possible that such a person does not know our feelings towards him. In this sense, our subconscious creates defense mechanisms against our fears.

Our feelings are so intense that there is something inside us that prevents us from expressing ourselves, and this is precisely the interpretation of such a dream. We worry about what that person we love might think, and we even worry that he might distance himself from us because of something he might assume.


Dreaming of someone you like: What meanings?


Other types of dreams


Dream about telling a secret to the person you love

This indicates that iThere is something in your mind that you need to express that is tormenting you and not allowing you to be at peace. You probably have something undercover, a clandestine relationship with another person and you need to reveal the situation to your partner. The remorse grows stronger and stronger.

But on the other hand, it can also indicate that you are very afraid that she knows details of your life that will probably separate her from you, so you are afraid to tell her about your life experiences, to prevent her from get away from you. 

In the dream, you have the courage and the strength to reveal your secret to the person you love, trying to be accepted as you are, with your past, your fears and your mistakes.

You may be afraid to speak and your subconscious uses this dream to make you speak.


Dream about the person getting you pregnant

This is a very promising dream, pregnancy refers to a new life due to changes. This is very positive, because it portends a profound change in plans, most likely you will achieve the goals you set for yourself a long time ago. This is the time, get ready to receive many joys, well-being and stability.

If you have a partner and you have been a little distant, all this discomfort will soon change, an unexpected detail between the two will cause passion and love to explode.

As you can see, this dream has nothing to do with pregnancy, it refers to the beginning, evolution, transformation and success. Well done, you will soon enjoy some very good things!


Dreaming about someone you loved a long time ago

You may have dreamed of an ex-partner or someone you dated at some point in your life. If the dream brings you back to this moment, it means that you were unable to resolve an aspect of your lifee, something you buried without being able to research the possible facts that led you to make this decision. It is time for you to reflect deeply, so that you can analyze what has happened and give an answer to what afflicts you so much.

You need to leave as soon as possible this torment that does not allow you to be calm and affects your entire environment. Why do you stay angry, thoughtful and engrossed in your ideas.

On the other hand, traveling to the past through dreams means that you feel an immense need to heal your wounds and your sufferings in order to start over. Do not think that everything is negative, learn from the mistakes you have made and you will see that life will smile at you.

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