Dreaming of stairs: What meanings?

Dreaming of stairs: What meanings?

Dreaming of stairs: What meanings?

Stairs have always been an important element for man. They allow us to go up and down for one floor. It has an origin before the age of man, in the abode of God. This is confirmed in a biblical story where the stairs in heaven are mentioned. Then a question arises, what meaning will the dream of stairs haves ? Is it a divine message? Does this bring good or bad news?

In fact, the dream of stairs is more related to our attitudes and characteristics than to future events . In dreams, this instrument is a complement to achieve a goal. And over time they have evolved, we find them in wood, electrical and mechanical. This aspect is important to take into account, since each material has a different representation. Which?


What does it mean to dream of stairs?

The stairs give us access to reach a level, therefore, dream of stairs can mean an ascent . It could be recognition in the family environment, a successful romance, a salary increase, among others. However, stairs are also used to descend floors. This means that our achievements may decrease and the amount of money we have will gradually disappear.

The meaning of dreaming of stairs will have a positive definition as long as we respond well to its signals. For example, if you dream that you are climbing, it may represent that path to greatness. However, if you stop working to achieve this greatness, the dream will have no value. That is why we conclude that dreams with stairs are emphasized more in our attitude than in things to come.

Next, let's see a detailed list of the meanings of dreams with stairs.


What does it mean to dream of going down stairs?

This dream represents that you have a high position and you walk to a lower position. That is to say, it reminds us of an important factor not to continue to fall. You must not lose the ability to perceive bad things. You have to be judicious and this skill will prepare you for any difficulty. In this way, you will change course, and you will go up the stairs.


What does it mean to dream of climbing stairs?

The interpretation of this dream is clear and obvious. you rise, that is to say, you come from an inferior state, be it economic, spiritual or social, to reach a better one. The dream reveals that you have to be patient, you cannot climb all the steps at once. It takes patience to mount them one by one. However, triumph and success are certain.

To dream of climbing stairs with other people means that you are moving in the professional and family sphere. You feel comfortable with your friends and your social standing will continue to rise.


Dream about very long and endless stairs

To dream of extremely long stairs means that you are not achieving your goals. What is happening? Why don't you get what you want so much? This type of dream gives you a message about what to do. 

You need to find someone close to assess and advise you. In this way, you will be able to rectify the flaws, and you will be able to see what your eye does not see, ask a friend for help.

If you follow this suggestion, your next dream will be: to be on the highest part of the ladder, that is, on the first step.


Dream about incomplete stairs

An incomplete climber means that everything gets shorter. Like, for example, you don't have enough money to pay for household services or food to survive. It could also represent that someone has made a complaint to you and it doesn't correspond to reality. How to take it to the next level with an incomplete scale?

You will have to rebuild the missing portions. For that, we need to cut spending on things that are not so necessary. And we must not forget that effort is the key to achieving this. 

Maybe you should offer to work overtime, plus family members are always there to help. By putting these actions into practice, your ladder will be complete in less time than you think.


Dream of spiral staircases

The spiral staircases warn us of a problem you are experiencing: you cannot find a way out of a problem.

It is the same as the person who asks for a loan and when he finally pays, he goes into debt again. There is a solution ? Of course, yes. Change up your routine and the changes will be quick.

To dream of going up the stairs, but you come back without having reached the top, returning after being near the highest level, is a symbol of dissatisfaction with sex. Represents the inability to maintain a complacent sexual relationship. To improve erotic activity, it is necessary to turn to a professional doctor, who specializes in this area.


Dream about escalators

It symbolizes that your progress in life is advancing rapidly. Therefore, if you suffer from any disease, you will recover in no time. The same will happen with your monetary funds, they will increase.


Dreaming of a wooden ladder

Surely you have a very conservative personality. On the wooden stairs in the dream, the meaning is that you are a person who does not rush into situations. 

But it's not retarded enough either. For example, when you go to work, you do not speed up the steps to avoid stress. You don't select your friends quickly, but prefer to let a cautious time pass until your trust and favor are earned. And you use this model in all aspects of your life.


Dream about falling down stairs

Represents an alert message. This is one of the warnings that we must consider the most. It means that you risk losing everything you have built, such as your family, business and friends.


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