Dreaming of Storm: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Storm: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Storm: What Meanings?

Dreaming of a storm is not exactly a harmonious dream and for many it is a nightmare. However, the meaning of dreaming of storms of all kinds will generally depend on your perception of this type of event.

For farmers or people dedicated to animal husbandry, the dream of storms, prosperity and an ideal time for crops, sowing time and a future harvest is coming. But for people removed from this world, thunder and lightning make them nervous and this anxiety translates into fear of destruction, fear of nature and all the instability that represents.

In this storm dream meaning, we will be focusing on the second type of people. We will try to describe the main situations in which wind, sand and even sea storms occur, since for each of these episodes we will have a different meaning.

If you dreamed of a storm, then you are going through a critical moment in your life which is about to become a big problem, as long as you fulfill certain conditions which we will discuss later. If you dreamed of a storm and you are going through a good stage, then future troubles are closer than expected.


What does it mean to dream of a storm?

Dreaming of a storm predicts bad times and general destruction. You may be going through a bad time and believe that this dream will only make things worse, but remember that after the storm there is always calm and the dream predictions only serve to make you ready to deal with each problem and know which tools to use.

The meaning of dreaming of a storm of any kind is destructive, but inviting renewal and taking the opportunity to change the dreamer's way of thinking or acting. Below are the different meanings of dreaming about a storm.


Dreaming about an electric storm

This is the most common dream people have. To dream of an electrical storm is to approach trouble, but it will depend on the intensity of the storm to know what you are facing and, above all, where all these electrical forces are directed.

If you dreamed of thunderstorms and were with family, it indicates the arrival of family discussions where you will be directly involved; So be prepared to face any situation and arm yourself with arguments to defend yourself. Usually the dreamer is aware of possible family troubles awaiting him, and such a dream is only predictive.

If you dreamed of being trapped in a storm, you are about to reveal a secret, problem or situation that has been hidden for a while, but to end this situation it was time to emerge.

At worst, you catch yourself dreaming of a storm falling on you. Such a dream predicts the arrival of many problems one after another, and you will eventually get sick because of this situation.


Dreaming of a sandstorm

It is a rare dream, but with a high probability rating. Dreaming of a sandstorm predicts disorientation, confusion, sadness, and even pain. The dreamer goes through a phase where he is disoriented and does not know the true path to follow. You are probably looking for help, but so far you haven't found anyone willing to help you.

Dreams of recurring sandstorms can increase the dreamer's stress level. It is advisable to take a break in solitude to analyze the situation. The dream invites the dreamer to rethink the way forward and even to run away if trouble is needed.

In general, these sandstorm dreams are represented by the difficulty people have when this natural event occurs. Thus, he predicts that it is impossible to see the way out of the person's current situation, but it is recognized that there is a will to run away from problems, because no sane person would seek to be caught in a storm.


Dreaming of a storm at sea

To dream of a storm at sea signifies the arrival of small problems, one after another. That is, they will be solved by the dreamer, but new ones will come every day until the bad streak ends. If you dreamed of storms at sea, predict that you have to be well contained so as not to fall into the water.

In other words, you must be ready to face any conflict that comes your way. If you repeatedly dream of a storm at sea, it is likely that your energies are running out and you need to rest. Therefore, you should look for satisfying activities to reduce stress and anxiety levels in your home, work, or school.


Dreaming of a snowstorm

This is one of the unusual dreams. To dream of a snowstorm signifies repressed feelings and lack of freedom to express them. You are at a stage where your energies are quickly draining and you want to express your feelings to someone else, but you dare not take these important steps.

When you dream of a snowstorm, predict that you are ready to heal old wounds and start a new productive stage. That is to say, the end of an illness, an argument, a job that does not satisfy you or a conflicting relationship has come. It's a step to start making changes, but you feel a natural fear of taking on challenges.

However, if you constantly dream of snowstorms, you are ready to take important steps in your life and improve the conditions in which you live as a person. By overcoming fears and using common sense, you will improve your quality of life and leave the past behind.


Dreaming of a windstorm

Dreaming of a windstorm brings important changes, especially at a time when there is no control between the economic, the family and the social. Windstorm dreams foretell problems moving away from our lives, but this will only happen in the future.

For now, you have to face them and try to stay calm to solve them. If you dreamed of a windstorm, you would certainly hide behind something so that the wind does not take you away, it means that we will try to seek financial or family support, depending on the problem, to solve our daily conflicts.

Additionally, you will look for ways to preserve common sense when making important decisions, especially when they affect others. When you dream of a storm of wind and rain, it portends disorientation and it is necessary to go back to the past to solve the problems of the present.


Dreaming of a water storm

Have you dreamed of a water storm? So you have repressed feelings within you that seek to harm someone. Also, you are constantly looking for other people to suffer some kind of harm in order to satisfy you as a person, but you begin to realize that these feelings are not right.

Dreaming of a water storm portends a drowning of emotions. A moment when you begin to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, then your feelings want to clarify those doubts. In dreams of water storms, the main fear is of completely drowning and this is exactly what you will try to avoid when you wake up.


Dreaming of a rainstorm

Storms don't let you see who's trapped. Dreaming of a rainstorm foretells a lack of personal choice, causing you to not find the path we need to escape from problems.

Usually this dream situation frightens the dreamer with the feeling of drowning. Dreams about rainstorms predict emotional drowning, but with the firm intention to avoid falling into this situation. That is, this dream warns you that it is time to escape the storm and solve all your problems so that you do not drown.


Earth storm dream

Dreaming of an earth storm predicts excessive stress in your life which may end up making you sick and making bad decisions. Precisely, it is the wrong decisions that disorient the life of the dreamer, seeking to lead him away from a clear path full of moments of joy for his own life.

In other words, when you dream of earth storms, not only are you caught up in bad decisions, but you drift away from your goals, wasting precious time reconsidering whether you should be part of a change or remain immersed in stress.


Dream of water storm and wind

When you dream of a storm of water and wind, two problems arise in your life. Bad decisions and stress will trigger all the worries that now exist. That is, a stressed dreamer will take wrong paths, which will cause him to regret or come back, which creates stress and a lot of fear.

In these situations, the ideal is to stop along the way. Sit down alone, with paper and pencil, make a list of situations you want to avoid and good ways to avoid reaching those levels of stress and anxiety that will eventually make you sick. Dreaming of a storm of water and wind predicts problems, but they can always be solved.


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