Dreaming of the color green: What meanings?

Dreaming of the color green: What meanings?

In addition to red and blue, green is one of the basic colors in the color mix. Due to the decreasing and subtractive mixing of colors, green can also be obtained by mixing cyan and yellow. The complementary color of green is magenta: it is the exact opposite of green in the color wheel.

In addition to the other colors, green is also depicted as a dream image in the dream world and is found there quite frequently as well. Sometimes it also only appears indirectly through green-colored objects such as green hops, which, however, must definitely be taken into account in the interpretation of dreams of the color green.


Dreaming about the color green: The general interpretation

Dream research interprets the color green as a symbol of hope as well as feelings and spring. Often the happiness to come in love is also shown through this color. Often, green also announces wealth and joy. Therefore, in most cases, green is auspicious when it can be seen in the dream world.

However, when interpreting dreams, you need to pay special attention to the shade of green. If it is a toxic green, it means a negative sign for the future. Toxic green is also often interpreted as the color of the devil or it indicates something toxic or worthless.

Green is primarily associated with plants, such as the yucca palm, and the growth of nature. Sometimes it also symbolizes unspoiled nature. A green almond tree in a dream can indicate that you can shape your future according to your own wishes.

If the dreamer sees green eyes in the dream world, then they should be a clue to loyal friends. However, if it is a green face that the dreamer sees in his sleep, then soon he will have to take care of a sick person.

Green water, a sign of good development in the waking world, is also interpreted positively. Happiness is often announced by the dreamer wearing a green dress or generally green clothes in the dream world.

If the silver-green banner of the House of Slytherin from the Harry Potter novels appears to you in a dream, then you are often very reckless in the implementation of your ambition.

The bright green traffic light signals as a dream symbol: You absolutely must put your plans into practice now and have the courage to do so. Those who now jump over their own shadow will notice a positive development.


The psychological interpretation

The color green is interpreted in the psychological interpretation of dreams as a symbol of the connection between dream and reality. Sometimes the color also serves as an invitation to dream to face reality more.

Since green is also the color of spring, this color is also often associated with growth and new life in dream research. If the dream world turns green, then there will be new developments in the waking world, most of which have a positive trend.

Depending on the action of the dream and the situation of the dream in waking life, the dreamed green can in some cases also be understood as a symbol of immaturity in the dream.

Green animals can also appear in dreams. It is usually a green grass frog, a grasshopper, and sometimes even a rare praying mantis. Consult our large lexicon of dream symbols to see what these animals can symbolize. You can find the search for it at the top of this page.


spiritual interpretation

In the interpretation of spiritual dreams, the color green is interpreted as a sign of hope.


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