Dreaming of unicorn: What meanings?

Dreaming of unicorn: What meanings?

Dreaming of a unicorn can symbolize a fantasy or something that is unattainable in life. Therefore, it could mean that the dreamer is living in a fantasy world and needs to come back to earth and be more realistic.

Unicorns in dreams indicate that the dreamer has high hopes for himself and his life. However, it can also mean that even though you have a lot of talent, you don't explore it and put your dreams aside.

To dream of a unicorn is usually good and represents innermost feelings and hidden emotions. Unicorns in dreams symbolize both mystery and luck and suggest good times are coming.


Dreaming of a white unicorn

In dreams, white unicorns are associated with symbols of purity and virginity. Perhaps the dreamer found someone or something that reminded him of his innocence.

If the dreamer feels happy and excited seeing the unicorn in the dream, it could also suggest that some new emotions are about to enter their life.


Dreaming of a black unicorn

Dreaming of a black unicorn suggests that the dreamer has lost some part of their innocence that they will never be able to regain.


Dreaming of a blue unicorn

Dreams about blue unicorns mean that the dreamer's partner will be faithful, which will bring prosperity and pleasure to his life.


Dreaming of a pink unicorn

The meaning of dreaming of a pink unicorn means that the dreamer is in love. It can also represent a feminist attitude.


Dreaming of a golden or rainbow unicorn

Finding golden or rainbow unicorns in dreams is a sure sign of success. The dreamer can expect great benefits from his efforts.


Dreaming of baby unicorns

Baby unicorns in dreams are a sign that you need to be alert to opportunities that arise. The dreamer must keep his ideas in mind and be observant or he might lose something important.

It could also be related to the proper care of dependent children. The dream indicates that you have to be very careful to preserve innocence.


Dream about flying on a unicorn

Flying on a unicorn in a dream is connected with new relationships and travel plans to distant places. Perhaps the dreamer starts a relationship, becomes engaged in marriage, or is invited to a relative's wedding in a foreign country.

The dream foretells that the dreamer should seize the opportunities and enjoy the moments of pleasure ahead.


Dreaming of the unicorn horn

To dream of a self-cut unicorn horn suggests that someone the dreamer knows may be in serious danger.


Dream of riding a unicorn

Riding a unicorn in dreams suggests that the dreamer will be good at whatever they choose to do. It indicates prosperity and a comfortable life through good work.

However, the dream indicates that you need to be more focused on the journey than on the final destination. Enjoy the journey and the work more than the final rewards to be reaped.


Dream about attacking or being attacked by a unicorn

Having hostile actions against unicorns in dreams is a harbinger that difficulties will appear in the dreamer's path.

Problems can arise with people who until now seemed harmless and innocent. The dreamer should take care not to be betrayed by someone from his close circle of trust.


Dream about capturing a unicorn

To capture and put a unicorn in a cage in a dream, reflects that the dreamer's selfishness keeps him away from the people he loves. Maybe you should give more freedom and trust to your loved ones, because you risk putting your relationship with them in danger.


Dream about talking to a unicorn

To dream of talking to a unicorn means that the dreamer feels happy and has not given up, although he has gone through terrible problems in life.


Dream of chasing a unicorn

Chasing a unicorn in a dream means that you need to be careful about the decisions that are going to be made soon.

It is also a warning that one must have control over one's temper, since the dreamer's patience will be tested mainly in his personal life.

This dream, in general, is considered to have warning connotations.


Dream about feeding a unicorn

Feeding a unicorn in a dream means that the dreamer's wishes regarding some aspect of his personal life will come true. They will arrive soon despite some obstacles along the way.


Dreaming about a unicorn running away

To dream of a unicorn running away signifies that the dreamer has lost some of their innocence. Losing one's innocence is a natural part of coming of age and for this reason unicorns are a symbol of childhood.


Dreaming about being a unicorn in a race

To dream that you are a unicorn in a race signifies prosperity and joy of life.



Dreaming of a unicorn - the general interpretation

In general, the "unicorn" dream symbol can be interpreted as a symbol of innocence, virtue, and childlike ignorance. The sight of a unicorn in a dream often refers to burdens that have their causes in lies.

A unicorn dream can also indicate exciting experiences, which can manifest during a great trip or romantic adventures. Anyone who meets a unicorn in the forest while sleeping can expect happy times and favorable opportunities, according to general dream analysis.

If the sleeping person is allowed to touch a unicorn in their dream or even ride on it, they will experience inner healing and purification in the watch world. If you followed a confident unicorn in a dream, you will be rewarded for something good in waking life. In addition, the sleeping person must be aware that his efforts are worth it for a higher goal.

If a girl or another person draws a unicorn in a dream, positive and pleasant changes should be expected . According to the general dream interpretation, a unicorn tattoo as a dream image can indicate that the dream should trust your feelings more. Because these will guide him on the right path.


Dreaming of a unicorn - the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream image of the unicorn as a sign of chastity and decency. Also, it can symbolize the ability to reconcile opposites. The unicorn as a dream symbol can also indicate the feminine principle of instinct and reception.

According to psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the dream symbol "unicorn" represents the dreamer's self, which the affected person should face more closely in waking life. But we must not neglect the reality either, otherwise we only hurt ourselves.

If the unicorn appears in the dream as a guide to hidden treasure, the sleeper receives an indication of his spiritual or tangible abilities, which reside within himself.

A unicorn with a rainbow mane or tail as a dream symbol wants to draw the dreamer's attention to their creative side. He may have hidden them too much in his previous life. The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the sight of a unicorn at midnight while sleeping as a sign of mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.


Dreaming of a unicorn - The spiritual interpretation

At the transcendent level of dream analysis, the unicorn in the dream embodies love, which asks for no conditions or limitations.

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