Dreaming of violence: What meanings?

Dreaming of violence: What meanings?

Dreaming of violence: What meanings?

Dreaming of violence is quite common. If you dream of attacking or defending yourself against another person, aggression usually represents the same idea from different perspectives. This dream represents an obstacle present in your life.

At some point, probably in the near future, an obstacle will arise that will need to be resolved. And he has already realized that.

Depending on who the abuser is and who is being abused, the meaning of the dream can have many permutations which are usually straightforward.

Aggression in dreams is often a symbol of your own inner revolt. Maybe you are going through a period where you have terrible mood swings.

Maybe it mixed up accumulated emotions and resentments.

These dreams also symbolize daily struggles. If your job is very demanding, the dream could represent it.



  • If in your dream you do not stop the aggression, it means your unconscious fear for one of the people involved.
  • The dream in which you are attacked means that you do not trust security. You are afraid of something in your life and you are anticipating something bad.
  • Provoking someone to be violent means that you are tired of countless problems. This is a warning of irrefutable actions.
  • Being around aggressive people is a reflection of violence in dreams.

Aggression is a symbol of fear, anxiety, fatigue and the accumulation of a large number of problems, haste and hasty conclusions.

Many people dream about it very often. The excitement that occurs after waking up from this dream is understandable and not without concern.

She is seen in a dream does not predict very positive emotions and actions, but it has a different meaning from battle dreams.


Symbolism of the dream of aggression and physical violence

Dreams about aggression can portend an argument, fight, intrigue or even disunity, but they will be fleeting.

It means that you have a great desire to reveal a secret that is tormenting you in some way.

This is an important sign that you are facing some kind of conflict in your life.

You may have suppressed aggression in a particular situation and need to release it.

Your subconscious may be telling you that you need to be more aggressive or just face your aggression and deal with it.

If in your dream you are the aggressor, and in real life you are involved in some process, then don't worry, you will win this process.

Be careful in the relationship with your friends and/or relatives, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

To dream of someone being aggressive represents feelings of being in danger.

There may be a situation in your personal life or at work where you are at risk of aggression or are already a victim of it.

Believe in the luck around you, because if you dreamed that you witnessed an attack, or even that you were the person attacked, you should interpret this dream as a sign that your trust in people is shaken.

It is also possible that you have experienced a conflict with someone dear to you, and that is why you feel a little disappointed.

On the other hand, if in your dream you are attacking someone, it is a warning for you to control yourself in real life.


Examples of Violent Dreams

Dreaming about being aggressive towards strangers, or them towards you, such a dream might indicate having inner conflict about some problem you have been facing recently. Here are the most common violent dreams:


Dream about being attacked by people you know

If you dreamed about someone you know being aggressive or attacking someone you know, such a dream might be a reflection of your relationship with that person, filled with tension and feelings of anger.


Dream about being attacked

If you were violent towards yourself in a dream, it could indicate feelings of vulnerability, self-punishment, guilt and helplessness you have been feeling lately.


Dreaming of aggression and violence

When you see aggression in dreams, it represents a reflection of bad memories and traumas you have had in the past.


dream of a fight

If you observed violence in a fight in your dream, it might indicate your ability to help others reconcile.


Dream of loving violence

If in the dream you enjoyed observing aggression and violence in general, it could represent your willingness to deal with some issues in your life.

This dream could also be a sign of your attempts to overcome some negativity.

Sometimes this dream signifies your sadistic and aggressive personality.


Dreaming of winning a violent and aggressive conflict

When you emerged victorious from a conflict full of violence and aggression, such dream is a good sign, indicating that you managed to overcome some negative habits or thoughts you had.

Sometimes such a dream is a sign of success in solving some problem.


Dreaming about losing a violent and aggressive conflict

If you dreamed about losing a conflict filled with violence, such dream is a bad sign and indicates the possibility of your decisions being influenced by your negative thoughts or habits.

Sometimes this dream indicates some problem you have, which is very daunting to try to solve.


Dreaming of violence on the battlefield

To dream of blows and fights in a battlefield and witnessing extreme violence, this dream could signify being attacked by one of your enemies. Fortunately, you can defend yourself.


Dreaming about violence in your family

If some of your family members were victims of violence and assault in your dream, it could represent concerns for your family.

These dreams might also indicate some losses and problems in family affairs in the near future.


Dreaming about violence with your children

If your child or children were abused by someone in a dream, it could indicate your feelings of hopelessness at not being able to change some situation in your real life.


Dream about violence against animals

If you dreamed about acting violently towards animals or seeing someone behaving that way, such dream might indicate harboring some negativity recently and maybe behaving aggressively.

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