Dreaming of water: What meanings?

Dreaming of water: What meanings?

Dreaming about water can mean different things depending on how the water appears in the dream. To dream of water can express a moment of tranquility and harmony; indicate that you will have challenges to overcome or warn you to avoid the problems that are coming.

It is a dream in which the interpretation will be related to the details and actions present in the dream. Clear, calm water relates to the tranquility of the present moment, while murky water denotes difficulties in overcoming obstacles. 

Dreaming of clean water

Dreaming of clean water indicates that you will be very successful in your professional life. If the dream refers to your personal life, clean water shows that you will be surrounded by good people, and eventually you will be able to find your beloved, if you do not already have him by your side.


Dreaming of crystal clear water

To dream of crystal clear water represents lightness and emotional tranquility. This means that your health is in good condition and you are not liable for anything. If you bathe in a crystal clear lake, you are purified.

Dreaming of running water

Dreaming of running water is an omen that new events will happen in your life, and it is also a very auspicious dream. If you are waiting for a response for a job, project or business, there are great possibilities for success. 

Be careful, however, if the running water is yellowish or dark: this indicates that although the dream is favorable, you will still encounter an obstacle before getting what you want.

Dream of drinking water

Dreaming of drinking water can have several meanings. If you or someone in your family is sick and you dreamed that you were drinking water from a crystal glass, it is a sign of healing and well-being for the sick person. 

If you dream that you are drinking water from a spring, it indicates that something in your past still has too much influence on your behavior in the present. If you feel attracted to someone, drinking water in a dream means feeling the same emotion with the person and it can be a sign of a lasting relationship.


Dreaming of dirty water

Dreaming of dirty water warns you to beware of future difficulties. Water is a symbol of life, as we have already said, and nothing indicates that you will be defeated, quite the contrary. 

When you dream of dirty water, it indicates that you need to be careful and make decisions, thinking rationally before solving what you need. The difficulties that will arise can be both emotional and financial.

Dreaming of swimming pool water

Dreaming of swimming pool water can also have different meanings, and it depends on the quality of the water. If the swimming pool in your dream has clean water, then this is a sign that you will soon have pleasant surprises in your financial life and possibly earn a lot of money. 

If the pool water is dirty or muddy, beware of false friends around you. It's better to know who your true friends are and push away those who might hurt you. In love life, a pool of muddy or dirty water can also mean betrayal.

Dreaming of sea water

Dreaming of sea water, in general, is a sign that you are going to have changes in your life. The waters of the sea are always moving through the waves and you will have changes in your life, fulfilling old dreams, reuniting with friends or someone you loved very much in the past. 

If the sea is rough in your dream, it could be a sign that some changes will happen abruptly, suddenly, and could create an emotional change. If the waters of the sea in your dream are calm, everything should go normally, keeping your serenity and emotional well-being. See Dreaming of the Sea.


Dreaming of river water

Dreaming of river water is always indicative of something at work or in personal life. If the river you dreamed of has clean and calm waters, then you will benefit from it both in your family life and in your professional life. If you dream of a river with waterfalls, be careful with certain aspects of your life that will require your attention.

Dreaming of muddy water

Dreaming of muddy water always means a setback in your life, but nothing you cannot overcome. Water is always a good warning, and when you dream of muddy water, your subconscious is alerting you to a concern brought by others, which needs to be analyzed and resolved without your direct involvement.

Dreaming of rainwater

Dreaming of rainwater is an indication of renewal in your life, of spiritual cleansing. Rain, falling from the sky, cleans everything in nature, and if you dreamed of rain, you can be sure that your life will have a very calm period.


Dream of water leak

What does it really mean to dream of flood water? Any form of dream escape is a warning not to waste time and energy on what is not worth it. 

Dreaming of a water leak is a sign that youou will go through times and situations where, like flight, you will have many difficulties to master. 

These times are likely to be professional times, where you will witness many things done wrong, but you will have your hands tied, unable to do anything. Beware of these impending events and try to be prepared.

Dream that you are drinking contaminated water

To dream that you are drinking contaminated water shows that you have to be very careful with people who don't bring you good energy. The fact that you drink contaminated water in a dream indicates that these people can contaminate your mind, either with bad news, gossip or swearing from others.

Dreaming of bleach

To dream of bleach is a representation of existing need to get rid of what is already superfluous in your life.. Give importance only to what concerns you and completes you. Worry about yourself more and stop trying to please everyone.

Dreaming of hot water

What is dreaming of hot water? It may be a representation of hardware problems ; the meaning of dreaming of cold water is luck and prosperity.

Dream about drowning

When a person drowns in dreams, the omens are favorable, with victories in the legal field, but beware, do not underestimate the adversary. 

If you see another person drowning in a dream, it means you need to be vigilant about finances; however if someone is saved from drowning by one who dreams, wait, soon he will receive help from those who least expect it and if you are saved, indication and reconciliation.

Dreaming of an aquarium

Seeing an empty aquarium predicts a decline in finances. If the aquarium had only water, then you can hope for better luck in the near future, but if there were fish, this is a harbinger of love and financial progress. If you have purchased an aquarium, get ready to start new activities. If you have broken an aquarium, beware of people who are treacherous.


Dreaming of lake

Seeing a lake in a dream is a good omen for love. If you took a boat on a lake, it is a sign that you will soon find the person you love or confirm a great love. 

Swimming or fishing in a lake is a warning not to risk your money at stake; however, if another person has swum in a lake, beware of betrayal. 

Swimming in a forbidden place is a warning, do not act like an irresponsible person, it will be bad, especially for you.

Dream of diving

Diving in clear and calm waters is a sign of prosperity and joy ; if the water was cloudy or muddy, expect difficulties in the professional sector. If you've seen other people diving, that's a harbinger of a family party.
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