Dreaming of witchcraft: What meanings?

Dreaming of witchcraft: What meanings?

Dreaming of witchcraft: What meanings?

Witchcraft is associated with black magic, so when we dream of this concept, we can think that its interpretation is totally negative. However, dreaming of witchcraft also has positive connotations.

Being a rather broad subject, the context of the dream is important to interpret it, but if it is necessary to give a general meaning, the interpreters of dreams agree on a desire to achieve by all means things that we probably do not deserve. not .

It will be time to perform an analysis to find out if we are acting in the right way to achieve a goal or objective. It is like a wake-up call from the subconscious to correct the path which, although it can be very complicated, the satisfaction of seeing the effort materialized will be worth it.

Another interpretation is directly related to our childhood. According to the Soñar.com website, it is a reflection of those horror stories that scared you when you were a child.


Positive meanings of dreaming about witchcraft

To have an interpretation as accurate as possible, experts in the field suggest observing the context of the dream. In this sense, there are some that could have a positive connotation, for example, if you dream that they are doing witchcraft on you, it indicates that your soul is asking to make changes to have a more pleasant life or, if you start a project, it is an auspicious sign. However, the key here is to be patient.

If demons were involved in your witchcraft dream, it means you might have some great job offers or a promotion. Evil entities, in this context, might be a reflection of people who may not like your growth, but they won't affect you.

When you see witchcraft symbols in your dream, it could be a good omen if you perceive it to be white magic like colored candles, images of saints, rosaries, quartz, amulets, etc.


Negative meanings of dreaming about witchcraft

If you dream of a witchcraft altar, it means that difficult and tense times may arise in your life. In this case, you should try to clear things up so that everything goes positively.

When you dream that your partner is doing witchcraft, it is a sign that your relationship may not have a future, so it would be common to present it when there are arguments, fights and lack. of affection in your courtship or marriage.

If witchcraft objects related to black magic appear in your dream, such as dead animals, head crosses, pentagrams, etc., it means that you should be prepared because there might be a sudden failure.

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