Dreaming of your mother: What meanings?

Dreaming of your mother: What meanings?

Dreaming of one's mother has extensive and very significant symbology. The mother is a sacred being and is highly respected in different cultures and religious rituals. Additionally, the mother represents protection, fertility, love, affection, affection, nourishment, and responsibility.

According to spiritualism, we are powerfully connected to our mother until the age of seven. During this period, we are nourished by the thoughts and intentions of the mother. Which can affect us positively or negatively.

As soon as we begin and create our individuality, we begin to loosen the maternal ties to create our own personality. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, the mother's excessive protection can harm the maturation and development of the child during adolescence.

As a result, it is common to have a multitude of dreams involving one's mother. And this can happen for the most diverse reasons. It is usually associated with an aspect of yourself that needs adjustment.

Finally, to arrive at an adequate interpretation, it is necessary to identify the details of each dream. So keep reading and find out what it means to dream of a mother according to the details of the dream.


Dreaming about his mother who died

According to spiritualism, being a mother means protecting, loving, correcting and educating. And when we dream of our mothers, an important message is conveyed.

This is especially relevant if you lead your life recklessly and impulsively. In this case, the dream of his mother symbolizes your mother's discomfort for not properly guiding you in the right direction. This can strongly affect your free will in waking life.

In this case, dreaming of a deceased mother signifies that you should pray for your mother to move forward in her spiritual journey and let you lead your life naturally with your mistakes and learning.

On the other hand, if your bond of affinity with your mother was pleasant and loving, then the dream reveals that your mother is always by your side to guide you. However, in a healthy way and without influencing your free will.


Dream about arguing with your mother

Do you have a habit of raising your voice when you're not taken seriously? When someone attacks you, do you fight with fury? Do you feel impatient in certain situations?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, it's time for a change. To dream that you are arguing with your mother symbolizes discomfort and impatience with waking life events.

It is important to emphasize that impatience is a behavior learned by example. In fact, it is very likely that you have integrated it into the family environment. However, it demonstrates weakness and fragility.

When we are influenced by external factors, we lose our identity as spiritual beings.

We are all bombarded with situations and events that test us on a daily basis. However, you have to let all that energy density hitting you simply dissipate into space. Absorb only the good things for you, don't let the rest take hold of you.

This dream demonstrates that you need to cultivate your patience and strengthen your self-control with a lucid and wise temperament.



Dream that his mother is sick

To see your sick mother in your dream shows that you are not trying hard enough to please her. Perhaps you have moved to another city or another country and are neglecting affection with your dear mother.

In this case, the dream manifests as a warning about the weakening of maternal ties. In addition, dreaming of a sick mother also indicates that you place more value on your friends and acquaintances, instead of maintaining good relations with family members and, in particular, with your mother.

On the other hand, if your mother is already deceased and you see her sick during the dream, it indicates that you have forgotten the values ​​and the education your mother received. The dream is a reflection of your choices in waking life. Perhaps you have forgotten the family qualities acquired in childhood and lead your life impulsively and recklessly.

In this type of dream, the deceased mother crying means that you have to be the careful person that you have always been. Make choices in your waking life wisely and thoughtfully.


Dream that his deceased mother is smiling in the dream

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming of an already dead mother with an expression of happiness and showing a beautiful smile during the dream is very positive. This is especially relevant if you are going through a difficult time in your waking life.

So, the dream reveals that life experiences are for your own progress and learning. Thus, the smile and happiness shown by his mother during the dream, serve as comfort and hope.

This dream fills with joy and contentment. And that's exactly how you should live your life, smiling, happy and with a lot of hope. Your mother is with you and knows very well what you need. Just keep your hope alive and everything will be on the right track.


Dream that his mother is angry

This dream has certainly intrigued you. In some cases, you may feel immense discomfort upon waking up. And it's no coincidence, because dreaming of an angry mother means that you lead your life impulsively.

The lack of planning and goals during waking life ignites an unconscious light that manifests with the mother's name during a dream.

Therefore, you need to think about your intentions in waking life. Would your current attitudes and choices make your mother proud?



Dream about your mother crying

A multitude of stimuli can form this dream. A mother's cry can happen for a variety of reasons. See the most common:

  • sadness and pain
  • Happiness
  • L'amour ça brûle
  • Compassion
  • Lack of attention
  • Despair

Many reasons can make a mother cry. While dreaming of your crying hand, you certainly recognized or felt the emotional causes that originated in your mother's tears in the dream life. Understanding the reason is important to understanding the meaning.

If the crying was due to pain, sadness or pain, the dream indicates that you are not appreciating your family members and even your life. In this regard, you need to think about your current driving.

On the other hand, if your mother was crying for love, joy or something noble, it means you are going in the right direction on your life path. You have certainly made wise choices about your life and your future.


To dream that his mother is alive

Although it is possible that your mother is missing, the living mother in this case presupposes that your mother is already dead and that you saw her during the dream as if she were alive.

In this case, dreaming of the living mother symbolizes the hopes you have for your future waking life. This hope is very positive for your health, it is what keeps you strong and determined in your goals.

Therefore, this dream demonstrates that you are going in the direction of the expected. You must continue to feed your hope and your positive thoughts. The symbolism of the living mother in the dream shows that everything will go as planned. Just keep good intentions and good thoughts.


Dream that your mother is pregnant

Do you find yourself isolated? Do you feel shrunken inside? Do you realize that your relationships are always superficial?

To dream of a pregnant mother signifies living in a phase of weaning and the inability to form more intimate bonds. However, you understand and know very well the causes of this blockage. Therefore, dreaming of a pregnant mother reveals her need for dialogue and companionship.

The mother's pregnancy in this case symbolizes the affection that only a sibling can give you. Subconsciously, you know that such a bond of intimacy can release your daily difficulties and thus make you feel more free and human.


To dream that his mother is the virgin

To dream of the mother of Jesus, also known as Mary of Nazareth and referred to by Catholics as Our Lady, signifies that you feel an immense need for transformation and inner maturation.

When we feel immature or stuck in the evolutionary cycle, it is normal for us to have the impulse to receive divine intervention to guide us. Thus, this dream reveals, in a way, a spiritual awakening.

When our higher self awakens, the feeling that life has lost its meaning and everything has become unimportant. The people, friends, and entertainment you loved to do have certainly lost all grace. You wonder every day what your destiny will be and how it will all end.

Although it is a time of many questions and depressions, dreaming of the mother of Jesus is a great omen. You are about to step into a new reality with many experiences and learnings. Just be receptive and welcome new events with open arms. 

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