How to clean cat urine from mattress?

How to clean cat urine from mattress?

How to clean cat urine from mattress?

If you have a pet at home, you know that it's normal, especially for kittens, to occasionally pee in different places. Typically, these places are the mattress where you sleep and the sofa, where you spend time every day.

It is common to see people cleaning the mattress with conventional cleaning methods without much result. It is also known that urine on mattresses, when not cleaned properly, can cause more serious problems for the mattress and even for the health of those who use it.

If you have any questions about how to clean mattresses dirty from cat or dog urine, this article is for you.


It is not always possible to clean in time

Many cat owners are away from home during the day for work, and the pet may urinate on the mattress while they are away. In addition to the mattress, carpets and sofas are also very suitable places for your pet to pee.

If you are at home and witness the scene, it makes sense that you immediately take action and clean up the area, using whatever cleaning utensils and materials are available at home.

It is necessary to be aware that conventional products, as well as homemade recipes, cannot complete deep cleaning, eliminating the smell and traces of urine.


You have to know how to clean a mattress soiled with urine

It is known that sofas, rugs, carpets and mattresses are the favorite places for dust mites in general. Imagine if your mattress was soiled by your cat's urine and the cleaning was only done on the visible part. It will likely be stained and smell strongly of pee, and may even compromise the fabric in the future.

The cleaning must be complete, meticulous and with the products indicated for this purpose. Cleaning your mattress in any way or with any product can have serious consequences on its lifespan and on the health of those who use it.

After all, strong odors, mold and other fungi are harmful to health. The ideal is the use of professional equipment and products.

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