How to eliminate ptosis?

How to eliminate ptosis?

How to eliminate ptosis?

Among the most annoying and complex imperfections in the area related to the gaze, the problem of ptosis (or ptosis) of the eyelids, commonly known as "droopy eyelid", stands out, especially with age.

In addition to representing an undesirable aesthetic defect, this problem also affects vision, compromising the visual field and making the patient's daily life very difficult. Indeed, the lowering of the eyelid prevents the proper development of the visual function, which can be permanently compromised, especially if the ptosis was present from birth.

It is very important to emphasize that this pathology affects both men and women and, as we will see, it is not only determined by aging . Here's how to get rid of ptosis.


Eyelid ptosis: remedies for mild cases

When the problem of droopy eyelids has not yet reached an advanced stage and is not determined by more serious or congenital pathologies, it is possible to try to solve it by means of certain non-surgical remedies, capable of improving or to hide this annoying imperfection.


Facial gymnastics: the levator muscle can be strengthened through constant, daily training, characterized by specific exercises: very useful, for example, is the one that consists of repeatedly blinking the eyelids, then keeping the eyes closed for twenty seconds and finally closing them. keep wide open for the other 20.

Adhesive strips: it is a cosmetic product specially designed for this purpose and which has an immediate lifting effect. Its effect, however, is only 24 hours.

Mask with gel: one of the most effective remedies for restoring vigor and strength to the levator muscle is contact with a cold external agent: before going to bed, apply a gel mask to your eyelids, previously stored in the refrigerator. If used consistently and included in your makeup routine, it could turn out to be the winning streak.

The best choice, even for the most benign cases, is always the surgical route: thanks to minimally invasive transconjunctival surgery, that is, without external skin scars, the oculoplastic doctor is able to definitively solve the problem. , obtaining an excellent aesthetic result .

Even if it is very light, this ptosis which has tired the eyes will completely disappear and your face will regain its harmony.


When, on the other hand, is eyelid ptosis determined by more complex causes?

Often, however, eyelid ptosis is already at a very advanced stage and is determined by more complex causes, caused by specific conditions and pathologies:


  • One of them is attributable to the detachment of the muscle tendon of the upper eyelid. A condition very often found over the years.

  • Added to this are degenerative processes of the levator muscle, which loses its functionality in the eye opening.

  • Then there is congenital ptosis which occurs from birth and is caused by a genetic predisposition.

  • Finally, there are certain pathologies to consider as directly responsible for the aggravation of ptosis: among these also diabetes and muscular dystrophy.

In these cases, the ptosis of the eyelids can only be solved by oculoplastic surgery: a specialized doctor will intervene to correct it once and for all.


The benefits of oculoplastic surgery

The objective of the correction of the palpebral ptosis is to reinforce the action of the levator muscle, by its reinsertion or its shortening.

In cases where the levator muscle cannot be strengthened, due to the severity of the ptosis, the oculoplastic physician will perform suspension surgery: that is, the elevation of the eyelid using the replacing action of the frontalis muscle.

This suspension can be made with material taken from the same patient or synthetic.

The correction of eyelid ptosis is undoubtedly one of the most advanced practices of oculoplasty: the incisions will not be visible because they are made in the natural folds of the face or inside the eyelid itself (transconjunctival )

Thus, in addition to having restored the normal position of the upper eyelids, which will make you regain possession of the entire visual field, your appearance will also benefit: you will no longer have visible scars and your eyes will become bright and lively again.

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